A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, December 13, 2014


You do not realize just how quiet your world is until the being that brought life into your space is no longer there. For me it was intolerable. There were many underlying reasons  but ya know what? Today is a new day and what happened last month, several months ago is in the past and there is no rewind button to life...only forward or stop.
Since I don't plan to stop anytime soon, I had to move forward. Yes there is still a deep sadness, but there is also joy at a new life in our home.
I'd like to introduce you to Mandy. She is a Pound Puppy rescued from Kentucky where the owners of her Mom and Dad were trying to create a "designer" dog..You've heard of the "Cockerlier" , the "Schnoodle", the "JUG" the "Labordoodle". They used to be called Mutts. Heinz 57. But now apparently if you take two pedigree dogs and mix them, you have a "designer" dog. We don't really care what you call her (she started life as a jewel. All her siblings were named for precious stones, she was Sapphire and that wasn't happening) We call her Mandy.
Now in case you're wondering what her "designer" breed is LOL let me introduce you to her Mom and Dad.

Dad is a Great Dane
Mom is an Australian Shepard
So what does that make Mandy? An AussieDane ? She's our Pound Puppy <gasp>and we were delighted that both Mom and Dad and all 9 pups were rescued.
You'll probably hear a lot about Mandy as weeks go by because she really is a pretty smart furbaby. (Dads looks, Moms brains) She is 12 weeks old, she was housebroken in 2 days, sits and speaks on command and we have only has her a very short time. We suspect divine intervention because we couldn't ask for a more perfect fit. I think Rosie and Punkin would have loved her.
Meanwhile I continue to inch toward Christmas. Normally I would have gifts bought and wrapped by Oct. There is not one package wrapped except for those that had to get in the mail.
My kids away, so I'm thinking Gift Cards this year and hopefully the PO will deliver them in a hurry.
While Mandy certainly did bring some smiles into the house, Christmas just won't be the same this year.
Since so many of you shared in my sorrow, I'm hoping now you can share in my joy.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Moment of Thanks

I have some of the most wonderful "on line friends". Don't get me wrong, friends have paid me visits to express their sympathy and relatives have been loving and supporting...I wouldn't trade my friends and family for the world.
On line friends are in a league all their own. They have the anonymity that the Internet affords them. They can watch you from a distance, they don't HAVE to "share" and they certainly don't have to CARE...
I can't tell you how many cards, little gifties, e-cards and calls I have received from on line friends.
All I can say to all of you is Thank you. Thank you for sharing in my loss. Thank you for your support and understanding. You've helped me through a very difficult time. You are all such a blessing in my life. Each of you brings a ray of sunshine in your own special way and I am truly a very lucky lady.
There will always be a special place in my heart, for each critter who has enriched my life with their presence. Like all of you, each had their own special "way" of touching my heart. I am thankful for my capacity to love and always find room for another.
I was feeling a bit blue today and went to visit Judy http://judithannsblog.blogspot.com.au/
I do hope she doesn't mind me sharing but this just hit my funny bone and I laughed out loud.
Thanks Judy, it's been a while since I smiled. That picture is hilarious..
Speaking of smiles, stop by and see my friend Deb http://www.paxtonvalleyfolkart.blogspot.com/
she has some surprises there you may enjoy.
I can't show what I made for my Secret Sister but I can show you what mine made for me.
She obviously checked me out. (Don't you just love when someone actually makes an effort to make something JUST for you) She saw I liked Steam punk and Fairies...so she made me a Steam punk Fairy on a tin filled with candy, including a DARK choc. bar (my favorite)
The back is as pretty as the front. She is just delightful to look at and is now on display in the living room for all to see. I just love it and feel special knowing so much time and effort went into a project just for me.
I've gotten a number of lovely things over the past few weeks and I apologize for not sharing. Life just sort of knocked me for a loop and I haven't spent a great deal of time on the computer. Each day is better then the one before and I will be back to sharing...So stay tuned and thanks again for your love and support and for stopping by. (Now go visit Judy and Deb)

Friday, December 5, 2014


On Dec 1,2014 our beloved Choc. Lab Punkin lost her battle with cancer. I am thankful for her sake that her battle was brief and she did not suffer. I am grateful for the strength it took to love her so very much that I was able to let her go, but not without much sorrow. She left a hole in my heart , but memories that death can not take away. She was an incredible companion .
Each fur baby that has ever touched my life holds a special place in my heart. None have ever been replaced. As long as I remain on this planet, I will always find time to  love another and allow it to touch me in a special way. Punkin will certainly be a hard act to follow.
It is always my desire to bring some happiness to my blog. Either with pictures of newly made items or of things I've received. A video, a tutorial or just a simple saying that may touch someones heart or mind.
But life isn't always party hats and horns. Sometimes there is no sunshine  only rain. It has always been my belief that if not for the rain, we would never know rainbows..IT is with that thought that I thank  my family and friends for their understanding and support during a stormy time in my life.
Rest assured there will be Rainbows in my future and I hope you will all be here to share them.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Thanks for stopping by......

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life Goes On

Although much of my day is taken up with caring for my Choc. Lab...Life moves on. I've made bed covers for her, I've got tons of "doggie" towels that I keep under her in case she "leaks" (the side effect of the tumor) so far she is doing well.Very contented and in no obvious pain. For now we enjoy the time we have.
Meanwhile I am a very, very lucky woman. Not only do I have local friends to lean on, I have a family that loves me and understands my extreme love for my animals and I have on line friends who have showered me with love and support and understanding.
I have a group that I have all but neglected since my worry about Punkin began. But they continue to send words of support and love. I have moderators that stepped in and left no gap in leadership. Questions still get answered and I am told everything is moving forward as planned. What a comfort.

Monday was a Happy Mail Day and could not have come at a better time. There is a great deal more going on in my life other then Punkin. I've been exhausted and feeling a bit depressed...Suddenly here are two boxes that were picked up earlier at the PO.
I opened the first ...Remember that What Do You See pattern that Norma presented to the group? WE all had to make something that we saw. Norma was my partner and this is what she saw...
I named her Rojo. Is she cute or what? All decked out for a party. Check out her Bling in her hair clip. She just made me laugh out loud and certainly brought sunshine into my day. Norma also made me a button ornament. Pic was blurred so I'll post another day.Norma has been an on line friend for a very long time and she is a treasure.
I had signed up for a Pin keep swap on a Blog that I follow Ravenwood Whimsies. The theme was "Winter"...I ended up with the sweetest partner anyone could hope for. She introduced herself immediately and it was obvious we were cut from  similar clothe....WE kidded that we both liked Halloween as well as winter and we were torn about perhaps doing our own theme.
I made a scary skull pin keep as a joke. Thought I was being cute...So when I opened the box from Carolyn, imagine my surprise when I found this:
My skull was made as a joke. This was a work of art. A spider top hat with a ride along friend LOL whats really funny is that both of us made Bat straight pin (Hers are much cuter then mine)
Of course the "REAL" prize is the  "Winter" themed pin keep:
Both of us made snow people. You'll recall my Snow baby..This cutie was made on a bed spring and like mine, also has snowflake straight pins. Hows that for great minds thinking alike?
Carolyn has since become an active member of our group MixedMediaStudio/yahoogroups.com
and I am truly blessed not just to have had a fabulous swap partner that became a member of my group, but who also became someone I regard as a "friend". Carolyn also included two candy bars that have become an addiction...LOL Now I have to look for a Canada candy store on line .
So as you can see I am truly blessed by being surrounded by such wonderful souls.
My poor partner for several swaps, is left waiting in the wings. My Days seem to fly. I wake up caring for Punkin and before I know it, I'm ready for bed...but I have done some things in between...Life does go on and my sadness is no reason to dropout of life completely. I miss my Sunshine girls (what I call my group), but as I work in my studio, I think of them and all the beautiful things they've made and I find comfort. Hopefully soon I will find time in my day to jump on my groups and at least say "Hi" for now, I keep in touch with my moderators, try to post here when I can and work on my swaps.
Thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.... Thank you Norma and Carolyn for bringing a ray of sunshine in my day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Does it ever stop?

As some of you know I recently lost my Rosie. We were devastated but were comforted by the fact that  we still had our Punkin (choc. Lab) to come home to.
Two days ago Punkin stopped eating and appeared to be constipated. So I gave her mineral oil to try and help her. When she stopped drinking I became very concerned and brought her to the Vet.. The long and short, our beloved Punkin has a tumor that is cancerous and inoperable. Our only hope is to shrink it. She is home now but needs constant care and attention which limits my time on the computer.
I miss my group, but with Punkin, my Aunts surgery, Richards back and trying to get  obligations completed, I have very little free time.
I heard that there was a cute idea on my group that involved a french fry pocket. There was some concern about using a USED fry pocket. So if I do nothing else, perhaps this will help those who want to try the idea.
Just  right click on it, save and when you print it out, print it to the size you want. Hope that helps.
I am hoping against all hope that Punkin will continue to improve. Otherwise there is only one option left and I dread having to play God once again. I ask that you keep her in your thoughts..
I will continue to work in my studio as time permits and hope to have pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by and come again soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My pin keep partner got her package today so I can share it with you. I've been very busy but everything I am doing right now is either a swap or a gift, so I can't post what I'm doing, but I will as I send stuff out.
The Theme for this years pin keep from Ravenwood Whimsies was "Winter". Sounds easy right?
Nope, I went from a Christmas tree that brought Charlie Brown to mind, to a Santa that brought a troll to mind and finally to something I just love...
A little snow baby all snuggled up in her snowsuit , with her muff. I made some snowflake straight pins and brought in a touch of color with some felt holly and bead berries.Her base is a vintage tart pan. Along with her I sent a cigar box full of goodies I think my partner may need in the coming year.
She is a new member of  MixedMediastudio.yahoogroups.com  so she is in for a few surprises LOL
her gifts were wrapped in fabric because she is also a quilter. As an added bonus I sent her a spooky pin keep.
Oh stop laughing, it was a joke and she loved him.
I am working on some Gnomes and Elves but you will have to wait until tomorrow because under this mess, somewhere is a camera.
Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by....

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Gift of the Week

For some reason I have always believed, If I've seen it, everyone has seen it. if I can think of it, everyone can think of it. Slowly, over the years, especially when I see something I developed years ago suddenly be accepted as a "WOW!! New idea", I realize that's not true. I actually do have original idea's and there are actually people out there that may not know about something I take for granted.
This little video  for my gift of the week is not my idea, nor is it original. But, very often, even when we know about something, we forget it. This is one such item. We all have a friend who sews, quilts or maybe even wears a lot of fancy pin's. I love Pin Keeps...and this  is one of my favorites because it is so versatile. You can dress it up and make it fancy (maybe with lace wings) or make it plain and simple and Prim...
I'm sitting in a room full of goodies and can't show you one because they haven't been mailed to my partners yet. But trust me, I've been very busy in between tick bites and doctor  visits LOL
Hope you enjoy my Gift of the week and thanks for stopping by.