A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Captured Bugs

In my haste to bitch about all the work I've been doing, I forgot to mention the fun part LOL There is always a fun part to balance the stressful part..That's why I smile :-)

Okay so I told you that I found the Fem Fairy Flyaway...I took a picture of her hiding but I don't want to post pic's until Pam tells me they have reached her. They really can hide and are so difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. They hide for good reason. They are hunted buy trolls for their Ruby studded backs...but have no fear, like I said they are very difficult to find.

The Lotus Kissing Twirl-a-wing is not all that hard to find but I wouldn't dream of killing the poor things. They had a very short life span, very much like the Butterfly so the trick is to find them AFTER they have passed on. I am sure they would be delighted to know I use them. I press them along with the flowers from the magical garden (not to be confused with my own flower garden) and then fashion things, useful things from them. I will also post a pic of what became of the three I found :-)

As for the Magenta. Golden legged. Sparkling footed Araneae...Well he has grown quite comfortable knowing (at least thinking) he is safe. They are indeed a very special bug and like all bugs from the Enchanted Forest, he will freeze upon leaving. They never really die, when or if they return to the Enchanted Forest they spring back to life...but they can not allow the general population see them in action. Why you ask? Because most of the bugs in the Enchanted Forest carry either jewels or special potions. Can you imagine what would become of them if EVERYONE knew what they were and where to find them? Humans tend to over do everything and very often hunt things into extinction. That will never happen here.
So that's bringing you up to date on the Bugs.
Don't forget to watch for the paper doll fairy...One of my favorite little fairies modeled for the doll and we had fun discussing her clothes...Even more fun designing the house she will live in. Good heavens, what will I talk about when the swaps are over :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost in Neverland

While on my search for "Bugs" I tripped and fell down a Rabbit hole (okay, so it was more like I got in my car and drove) and landed in Neverland (better known as Long Island). You see, I didn't always live on my mountain with it's enchanted forest. In the earlier years of my life I lived in this....Oh I struggle to find words....this place of no peace. I spent summers in places like my magical mountain and longed to live there forever. At first the idea was to spend week-ends in the Magical Place we called "Hidden Angel" and slowly pack up a home of 30 years, sell it and move forever to our place of peace and serenity. But the beauty of the mountain, not to mention the hold of the fairies, wood spirits and such, was far greater then we expected and our idea vanished within a month. Not to worry, a friend needed a place to stay. The basement was loaded with years of running craft classes and quilting classes, but that was okay, the friend didn't mind. The gift shop was closed and left as it was and the storage shed also was abandoned for another time, which never seemed to come. The house actually was rented out to two "friends", at a loss of over $18,000 (no good deed goes unpunished)we decided it was less expensive to leave the House vacant. Not only did our kindness cost us money but we missed the window of opportunity to sell as the real estate market fell. Costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars (really, no good deed goes unpunished). The long and short, the time has come, the house must go or be rented. So I found myself, instead of playing in my Enchanted Forest, fighting off spiders and cob webs and lots of dirty dust. The house itself is livable and clean (empty), but we won't talk about the basement or attic. So instead of being home in my peaceful place, a place I love and find great comfort in, I clean by day, shower and then relax with my sewing machine at night.
My daughter-in-law who lives on the Island has been such a great help to me, I felt I had to make her a special thank you. A typical Mom of the new millennium, she needed a bag of many pockets. She absolutely loved what I came up with for her summer bag.
No , I have not forgotten my swaps or my dear friends BD, but I have fallen behind in time. Thank goodness my "Bug" was at least "found" long ago...Now I have to find my list of due dates LOL Can you tell I'm a bit disorganized at the moment ? The story of my life...Oh and to make matters even worse, it seems the people of Neverland are totally paranoid and I was unable to get a signal for my lap top (everyone is pass worded)
Thus my absence from this Blog...It's all good...keep the faith and be prepared for some more adventures.
To those who follow me...Thank you so much, I love reading your comments.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still in hiding

That special little bug is still hiding under the Moss, I check on him hourly (no I don't). I spoke to my swap partner and now realize I should have gone with my first choice...No  big deal though because the enchanted forest is full of the kinds of bugs she DOES like...so instead of just getting one, she will probably get 2 or 3. I spied one just this morning...it was camouflaging itself as a small rock, but I knew better..It's a "Fem Fairy Flyaway"...can't fool me. Do not correct my spelling..Flyaway is one word in this case.
So all I have to do now is find a "Lotus Kissing, twirl-a-wing" and  I will be all set for this Bug swap.
It really does help that I live in such a wonderful place where these things are common.
Now if you head on over to Kai's at:  http://celebratingchristmasyearround.blogspot.com/
You will find a very interesting swap going on there as well. It's a vacation in a Matchbox...Oh what fun..I've already got it all laid out in my head and I'm collecting.  Living where I live is pretty exciting when I think about it and that's not even counting the enchanted forest and all the trolls and fairies and winged critters..not to mention the beautiful flowers and four legged cuddle bugs. I really do live in a fabulous place.
Now Cindy is also contemplating another swap. Gothic dolls...yummy all set for that and pretty sure what I'm going to do. I'll post that swap as soon as she has it up or go check her out yourself.Enchanted Hollow Designs
I wish I could get my Glitter things to glitter...I'm so disappointed..this blog is not doing anything my old one did...Must be user error LOL
Oh my!! I think I just saw a "twirl-a-wing" gotta run.....