A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finally something to share

How's that for some pretty roses. My son Rich and his wife sent them when I got out of the hospital recently. Did you ever see anything so beautiful and different?
So I had to go around my fingers to get to my thumb in order to place photo's here, but at least it's working.
I had a Banner due in one of my groups (AFTCM) The theme is Vintage Winter (which covers a very wide range) I wanted an industrial look. Sorry, but that's my comfort zone. Here's what I came up with.

Then in my charm group we had several things going. One was a color palette and Jan. was a range of pinks and reds. You had to use at least two colors. I decided to make a bead from fimo using two colors and then adding a star.
Then we had a scrabble tile to do. I covered both sides with birds or butterflies or crowns...added some turquoise  and diamond glaze and this is what I came up with:
Then, also in that group
we had a challenge box. We purchased a box with 6 months of challenges. Each thing has a month marked on it and then we got a package of embellishment's that we may or may not chose to use. We can use our own findings and wire. Jan is a glass blob...two, but we only had to use one.I decided to give it a dicrohic glass look by using gold leaf and spider web fabric, then backing with felt. Y'all know I'm not crazy about live spiders...but I do adore the look of them.
I have to admit, this was fun to do and I'd actually wear it.
For Feb. we got a wood laser cut heart, in the embellishments I found a brass flower that I colored with alcohol ink and added a crystal bead (also included) I made copper wire filigree and backed it with red felt.
In my group Mixedmediastudio.yahoo.com
we have a valentine swap...either a pin or a pendant, so I decided to add to this creation and make it sing...
right back to that industrial look.
I hope my partner likes it. I do.
Then we had some ATC's going on an Elephant swap and a Queen of Hearts.

So, as you can see, I stay busy.
and what have you been doing?

New Look

While this isn't the look I wanted, it will have to do for now until I learn a bit more about how to customize my BLOG. I see so many lovely Blogs and wonder how it's done. Now if I could just find the time to read all this stuff and then play around. I really need some time management classes LOL

I still cannot up load pictures to my blog so I'm not sure what that's about. When I can I will. For now it will just have to remain dull and uninteresting. Stop back just to see if I ever figure this out.....

Saturday, January 25, 2014


What a mess this Blog is. I have no idea what went wrong, but it is truly a disaster. Please bear with and hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to neaten it up and start the New Year with new pictures, some tutorials and hopefully some interesting links.
The end of last year was so very exciting. I spent 3 glorious months in New Zealand. I fell in love wit the country and the people and look forward to going back. The New year started with a Hospital stay, so the month of January is getting wiped off and my year will begin with February LOL Hows that?
 I consolidated my two groups into one mixed media group. There is a button linking you to the group up on the left side of this page. Please come and join us if you dare :-) We do some fun things with mixed media and we also have a paper studio, for those who would rather play with paper then clay or other mediums.

The first quarter of the Mixed Media studio started with a Challenge (due March 31) it is an altered work alarm clock. I can't wait to see what these ladies come up with. One of the Swaps is taking a broken clock and making a scene inside. People seem to be having a problem finding clocks (broken ones). That's a shame because I think this would be a fun swap. We also have a Valentine pin or pendant swap which is closed. The girls , as far as the pic's I see, have done a great job. An on going challenge is "I Dare You" each month I dare the girls to use an item and alter it in some way. January I dared them to alter a tin/aluminum can.  I tried posting a pic of what I did but as usual Google sucks.Maybe tomorrow.
I will also post a picture of my Valentine. In another group I belong to we were given challenges for each month, using what was provided. We paid for a box of 6 months  full of challenges. Ironically February's could be used for my Valentine swap so I got to kill two birds with one stone.

I'm thinking, that once I get my act together, I'd like to have a contest. I'd like to get my blog membership up to a certain # and then give away some prizes. But I have to give that some thought.
So for now I thank those of you who managed to drop in even when this Blog wasn't very active and I hope to keep up better in this new year so hang in there......