A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More fun

Doesn't even pay to try and keep up with this Blog on a daily basis. Few people can. You either have very good time management skills or nothing better to do...neither works in my case. My time management sucks and I am busy all the time.
I do like to try and get here a few times a week just to bring you up to date. Once again I have been busy with CDA. My last challenge , oh and what a challenge it was.
We had to take a Saturday Evening Post New Years baby cover and do it in 3D clay. You all know how I love bubbles..I mean what adult sits up at the pond and blows bubbles? So I took 1927 as my front Cover and this is what I did.
I didn't have time to fix the bottle how I wanted it. I only had one day to complete it. Not my best work but quite the challenge.
Also in CDA we have a swap going called  a Mingle. You alter a tin and then put goodies in it...the goodies have to be kept secret for now but here are some of the tins I made.

I love the last one..so dark and spooky. The Steam punk one was fun with the ladies face trimmed in watch parts. Actually they are all different, sort of symbolic of the difference in my multiple personalities ROTFL
I also had an Easter Post card due. I usually make them out of fabric but I was in a strange mood and decided on a butterfly explosion, causing eggs to fly about and say Happy Easter...

Perhaps tomorrow I will have a chance to post some of the neat swaps I've received. So stay tuned :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pats Day

Yes it is the wearing of the Green today and of course a dinner party with Corned beef, cabbage and potato's. Not that the Irish know what corned beef is, but who cares. We decided that's the "traditional" Irish meal, so be it.
I've been busy trying to wrap up all the swaps and challenges. haven't taken all the pictures yet but I do have some stuff to share.
WE had another  "Sample Tag" swap over at Jeannies group. You know those little sample tags of Formica you get at Home Depot or if your me, from the actual manufacturer . Yup, called and told them I had this project and needed some samples. they sent me 2000. It seems they want to keep them out of the landfill.
Okay, so I haven't figured out what to do with 2000 yet but these are the pendants I made .....
They really

are much prettier in person..No really LOL I used perfect pearls to give them some shimmer and Austrian crystals that really don't show up in the photos.
Another swap we had was a  mini journal. The theme was "Collections". Those of you who know me are hysterical right now. I have more collections then anyone I know. You name it, chances are I collect it, or I have collected it in the past. It was rough to narrow it down to one thing . So I didn't LOL
I notice that some people were able to make a rather small journal (few pages) but that didn't work with me.

I wrote on tags and included pictures of my collections of Angels, Fairies and Butterflies.
Then I got this great mini book from Raeven

That's the front and back cover and one of the pocket pages..she does such beautiful work doesn't she.
We also had a St. Patricks Day ATC swap. Here are the 3 I got (I already posted the 3 I made)
I got my eye shot this week. Doc said I am doing very well. He gave me the little bottle from the shot so I can make something.OMG!! Even my doctors are turning into enablers. This shot was rough, the pressure was great and I had some bleeding which hasn't happened. Funny how each shot is so different.
There is still no word about my Orthovisc..I wish there was a way to express my feelings to Obama for that fabulous Obama Care. I sure wish he had to depend on the same system he feels works for the American public. What I wish more is that I could send this pain to him. So between the knee and the eye I can't tell you how wonderful it makes me feel to get a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from one of the gals I don't even know over at TG's group. It came at just the right time to add some sunshine to my life. So thank you Judy for this beautiful card.

If Judy can find the time to send some cheer to a stranger. So can you...Do something nice for someone today. Send a "Thinking of You " card to a friend. Drop off some cookies at a senior center, go write a letter for someone at your local Vets hospital....or do what I do. I have this angel glitter..actual little angels in gold, about a half inch .I stick them in envelopes when paying bills, or lay them on top of tip money or just leave a few on a shelf in a store..Somewhere along the line those angels will make someone smile.
You're smiling right now :-) Have a great day

Monday, March 11, 2013

Just a quickie

I start each day with meditation. It's when I take the time to be thankful for all who have touched my life. It's when I remember those who have passed, those who are sick or afraid. I pick a phrase and then meditate on how it relates to my life, how I can use it to better myself or someone else.
I recently made up an altered tin with some of my favorite words of wisdom. It was a gift well received and the person said "why don't you sell these"?
I had never given that much thought, I will now, but I did wonder why I don't share those words.
I think everyone can benefit by meditation. By a little bit of soul searching. So I think I will include "words of wisdom" in my postings from now on. I know there are many who follow this Blog. You write and tell me how you love my art or how you appreciate my honesty or my humor. I love the e-mails I get regarding this Blog. I want to give something back and I think the best way to do that is to give you something to think about. It is my hope that when you read these words you will ask yourself how they apply to you and how you can use it in your life today.
So here's the thought for today: If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.If you are at peace, you are living in the present.
Today I wish you peace.....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just keep hopin'

Yup, thats what I do. I keep hoping for more time to enjoy the things I like to do. Although I must say, I am enjoying these past two days, getting swap stuff taken care of. I'm almost there and then I can work on some babies...I feel like making some mini babies..the best kind..out of clay. They don't cry, wet themselves and best of all they don't eat. Just sit there and look "purdy". I can blame this on Kat since she has this challenge going where you make a clay kid depicting a Saturday Evening Post mag cover. I'm doing 1927...look it  up..or don't LOL
So I should have a bunch of stuff to post real soon. Mean while check this out  http://www.youtube.com/embed/Xv1tMioGgXI?rel=0
The older you are the more you'll laugh. Really check it out. Don't be lazy because you have to cut and paste it. Just do it, I promise you'll LYBO

No sense in jibber jabbing just to fill in some space here. Life is busy but nothing exciting to report , hopefully soon :-) Mean while keep laughing...it's the secret to a long life.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So much for "Tomorrow"

I guess in the broad sense of the word it is "Tomorrow"..okay so it is actually today which was yesterdays tomorrow. But I told you several days ago I'd see you tomorrow. So how does that work?
As you can see I am not in my right mind. Was I ever? I don't really think so...or perhaps it is the rest of the world and I am the only normal one. I have been spending too much time in the glue again. LOL

So what have I been doing. Well for one, I have been looking for my second batch of 100 ATC envelopes. They are missing. I am sure they will be in the last place I look, I just haven't looked there yet. I did manage to hit "Full Circle" which some of you know is my favorite junk shop. I found a bunch of old bottles which Anna, the owner, felt needed a new home. They have been there forever. She knows I like bottles and I do things to them...bad things when you consider I am about to take away their antique value. Who cares, no one wanted then as antiques anyway.
My next Challenge in  CDA has to do with bottles. I love bottles so this will be fun. I have a swap going on  which is an Altoids Tin mingle , the ladies seem to be having fun with that. One of the challenges in another studio within CDA was a New Years Baby doll. That's what I have been working on...so here she is.

My kids say she looks like me, so I named her Katie. I was going to name her Nova because my friend Cherie said that is the Hopie tribe name for  Butterfly Chaser, but then I had another doll in mind for that so Katie it is.

So while I have been doing more, I can't really show you any of it at the moment..maybe tomorrow...when ever that is...