A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gosh it seems like yesterday I had an entire month ahead of me. Now it's only a little over a week and I will be on my way. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and spending time in a new environment. It is something I NEED right now.
Small favor, please whisper the names of Jodie and Bob Barnet when you say your prayers. Ask that they be healed and given some comfort during this terrible time. Give them strength.

I have decided that I should make a new BLOG just for NZ for those of you who want to tag along. Not sure how interesting my adventures will be. I keep telling people I will probably sleep for a week. They say that trip takes a while for the body to adjust to. I'll let you know.
Mean while I have been busy finishing up last minute things. Gathering up gifts for the NZ folks and bringing swaps to a close.
A friend of mine is getting married in Oct. I am sad that I will not be there to share her joy, but she had asked me to make a ring bearers pillow. So a Part of me will be there.
I think it turned out kind of pretty. I also made another set of Wind-Oh's.
I like the tree's but these twinkle nice.
I've made some charms that escaped before pictures could be taken. Last months ATC was weddings so I did a "Handfasting" one.
 I am finishing up a special tote for Ilka in NZ.
 a doll head pin for a swap in Mixed Media and also a shadow box (theme Alchemy) in another mixed media group. So I guess that will be another set of pictures I will share before I leave.
It is a busy time, that's for sure. I wish you all the same happiness I feel in my heart today....

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's been a while

I was hoping to be able to change the look of this BLOG, I finally gave up. Maybe while I am away I will have time to work on it, or maybe it will have to stay just the way it is. Lately I am lucky to get here much less move everything around.
My  own two groups keep me busy with Challenges and Swaps, then I have an ATC group plus my Charm group. I'm crazy about all of them. I had to drop out of several groups and there are two I continue to hang on too even though I am not very active at this time.
I will be leaving for New Zealand in a month and I will not be back until the end of NOV. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I am also traveling like a spoiled brat. Check out New Zealand Air space seats...and they cook for you woo hooo
So what have I been doing? Hmmmm Well we had a pendant swap. You had to make a pendant out of a found object. I found this weird shaped ice tea spoon, a watch band part and an earring I found in the road that had a fresh water pearl. This is what I made...
I have had this spooky bottle idea in my head  for a long time . One day I got a chance to play and this is what I came up with..
How spooky is that? Then we had a Challenge in our Mixed media Group to make roses out of coffee filters.
I've had many, many charm swaps since I last wrote and another altered Mouse trap....

An altered spoon and a Cone dog instead of a cone cat, because my partner likes dogs.
Thought this melon basket turned out pretty cool
I brought it to an out door party.
Here's that mouse trap "Always time to leave a note" it's a kitchen magnet. At this time I am working on Wind-Oh's which are sort of like jewelry for your windows. My first 5 are trees made with  stones the light shines through and crystal beads to make it twinkle, silver bells t make it tinkle.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll come again. There are some fun things happening in my groups. If you like Mixed media, give us a try both can be found on Yahoo. Mixed media Studio and Sharing Our Mixed Media Art. Next time I will share some very talented artist with you that happen to also be members of my group. They are amazing!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Bad?

I won't even say what a bad BLOGGER I am, why state the obvious?
It isn't that I don't want to Blog or that I don't have anything interesting going on, I just suck at time management.
We all have health problems and daily life  that gets in the way. Why whine about it. We aren't unique in that respect. But some of us also do interesting things, go to interesting places or belong to interesting groups.
Since I live somewhat isolated , my groups are my social activity and let me tell you, they keep me very busy.
I hope to find time to reconstruct this BLOG and be able to list the groups. Please note that purple button on on the left. That is OUR (mine and Cherie's) Mixed Media Studio. We are no longer a part of CDA, they have moved on to Facebook. We decided not to move our group and stay put on Yahoo, so check us out. WE have 4 challenges a year plus swaps. We also have a Paper Studio(owner-Robyn) that is part of us, but is independent with Challenges and swaps. It is a fun place to visit. No matter what you are into, we are one happy family. So click on that purple button.
I also own Sharing Our Mixed Media Art, also a yahoo group.Norma moderates that group and it is another fun place to visit. I really should get a button for that one as well.
So what have I been doing? I got a bit crazy with swaps. I can't help myself sometimes. Everyone does such fun stuff. I wanna play!!
So here is a peek at what I've been up to:

This was a mini bottle swap. We had to make them into pendants. I put the peacock bottle (yes that is a tiny peacock inside the bottle) on a chain for my partner. Seeds of Hope was sent along with a special


I received this beautiful captured fairy from Edwina (That was a swap in my SOMMA group)

My altered bottle challenge in My Mixed Media group (Purple Button) That was fun and I get to keep the bottle. Working on another spooky one.
In Art For The Creative Mind we had an Accordion card swap. This was a first for me. As I've said, I'm  not the best card maker. The theme was Roosters.

Card closed and then opened. Cool huh? It was my very best effort so I was happy with it.

ATC's from My ATC-Fun group. Theme was clocks. Loved the bling and the clocks. Hope my partner s liked them.

These ATC's went to the Netherlands. Those antique needle packs have a price of 10 cents. What a hoot!

This Altered match box went to Australia. Guess what the theme was LOL

I had a bonus

challenge in my Mixed Media Studio called Garden art. I made a tippy flower pot totem as well as one ,seen in the background, out of glass vases, goblets, bowls etc. I made two and I'm working on a third. I love them.
This was before the tippy pots were added. That's about it for now. I've made more stuff but I don't want to assault your eyes too much. You may not come back LOL As you can see, I stay busy. It keeps my mind off of other things.
I've gotten some lovely gifts in swaps that I will have to share. But for now...I have to get on with my day.
Wishing you sunshine in your heart today and aways.....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chain Stay

I have gotten a lot of request for instructions on the Chainstay I created (and hubby made).
I know there are people who would rather make things themselves then purchase one already made.
As for me, I don't mind purchasing something that is made in the USA and has some quality workmanship (not plastic from China). With this thought in mind, I end up making a lot of my own "helping tools"
This is what you will need:

a piece of wood 1X4. The one you see is 16" long because I was experimenting. The one we sell is 10 inches long.
Two pieces of one inch dowel. We use one inch for a reason, thin doweling has a tendency to bend in after a while if you hand too much weight. I want stability. The dowels you see have held weight for weeks and as you see they are as straight as an arrow. Use thinner ones if you like.

Two alligator clips. We have tried different clips, they simply do not work at holding things firmly..if you are worried about marks on a chain just wrap the chain with some tissue paper. I use this thing for more then just a chainstay, so these are the only clips I recommend.

You will need a drill the same size as your doweling . Mine is over kill. The one we sell has 3 holes, 2 to each side one in the middle, just in case you have something real short to hold. For the most part I use the two holes spaced 9" apart.
screw, do not glue your alligator clips to the top of the dowel. WE wrap the bottom of the dowel for an extra tight fit. Not necessary, I just like it better.

That's it folks. measure your board and cut, drill your holes, cut your dowel and add clips, insert dowel and you have the best chainstay. If you'd rather I make one for you, e-mail me at Kangel811@aol.com and you will have it in a couple of days. If you have any questions on making your own, just ask.
Good luck and don't forget to send me pictures of your finished project.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Crazy Life

It just never stops happening. I guess that would be a good thing LOL
So where was I? Do you want to hear about health problems, family issues and all the drama that has become my life lately. Or would you rather see what I do in ALL my spare time?
I thought so....
You all may have heard about the Flat Stanley project. They did it in grade schools all over the country. Kids made flat Stanley dolls and then sent him to all different schools for a "visit". I came up with the brain child of doing that in one of my groups. We made Flat Selves and then sent them on there way to visit  around the country. My doll is having a ball and I think I should start posting pictures of her and the other dolls, but let me first bring you all up to date. So first, this is ME...Flat and sort of my alter personality LOL
Oh stop laughing. She is adorable LOL..we also had a Secret Garden swap in another group. It was a 4X4 so I decided to make Teabag fold flowers and hide all sorts of fun things under the petals.

Lots of sparkle and some cool little bugs hiding.
I also got a beautiful tin made by Debbie from the CDA swap. Butterfly and all.

Ain't  that purdy? So then I had to come up with a gift idea for my Paducah girls. Every year we each make something special and hand it out when we meet at the cabin. Of the million things I could have made, I decided  I wanted to make birds.....
Yes, I know what your thinking and I'm sure most people would agree...LOL Wanna laugh even more? I made 3 of them in different colors.
As I sit in my studio working on swaps I ponder if I should take a break, drop out, so I can just work on gifts. So many people do such nice things for me and I never seem to have the time to give back.
For instance...look what my friend Norma made for me...she sent it along with all sorts of things she knew I would like..including a metal bird cage that I've been looking for...But this gift was made by Norma, who has even less time then I have.
Happy Birthday to me!!! Then I get this package in the mail from Patricia. A sweetheart that belongs to 2 of my groups. She made this for me to thank me, imagine that, for all I do. I think it is I who should be thankful.

Isn't she pretty? She went to Paducah :-) I've gotten some more pretties that I will have to show off after I take pictures. There is so much I'd like to make for so many people. I thought retirement would be a slower paced life. BOY!! was I wrong...Oh, remember that wooden "M" that I worked on for hours and hours sorting through just the right stuff to make it look stunning and to make Mary happy? Mary loved it, I mean really loved it. She wrote me a beautiful letter...she was NOT the person who had to send to me.
This is the  letter I got...the one that was supposed to be made of wood, or so I was told. Mine was made of paper...

So I sit and I ponder....perhaps I should give up swapping and just make gifts for people I love and appreciate and who appreciate me.
Stay tuned for the adventures of the FLAT ladies and more beautiful gifts...I love happy mail! Yes, I do believe that giving is far more rewarding then getting (at times it is a real good thing I feel that way LOL) but I would lie if I said that I don't love the Happy Mail I get from people who think of me and take the time to put together some of the beautiful things I've received over the years. You are all a treasure to me....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never Dull

Isn't that the name of a polish, It's also my life. of course if it was dull and boring I'd be complaining also. I'd much rather have a life that moves along.
Pain in my knee has been mounting, waiting for Orthovisc (Thanks Mr. Obama for your fabulous Obamacare) funny before Obamacare I got the shots when necessary about every 8 months. I got almost a year out of this last one, good thing too. First Medicare took it's time with reimbursement and the the company was all back logged because the demand increased. Unbelievable!!!

So I take my pain (shoulder and knees) and sneak into my studio where I immerse myself in my art. Creating  keeps the mind busy and allows me to focus on something other then hurting 24/7. if I were not so into self hypnosis, I'm not sure what I'd do. As always I have been busy trying to get gifts done and swaps on their way out the door. Another pet peeve of mine. Why don't swappers take what they do seriously? You sit there and take what others make and have no feeling of obligation to pay it forward? Says a lot about your character.
I happen to enjoy swapping (except that one stiff that comes along every so often) for the most part it's fun and the gals involved are great. So this is what I have been up to while I've been so quiet here.
One group has a monthly lottery card..The theme was "Chocolate" this was my submission.
Cute huh? Then we had a challenge. Raeven picked a theme of Victorian Romance Altered Jar, this was what I did for that one.

That's about as romantic as one can get..sweets and flowers <g> My guys over at "My Favorite Things" would go wild!!! Then in my group we had a little Dotee Doll in a match box swap and I made this:

also in my group, we had a Tea Bag fold ATC swap.

Those are what the group did. The black ones with the bling are mine.
Then over at CDA one of the challenges was "What's in My Garden". My first  thought was a Fairy (how predictable was that?) then came a Butterfly followed by a dragon fly..still much too predictable. I like to be different so I made L'Orange (he's French) he is a caterpillar that will never become a Butterfly, poor guy. But I like him just the way he is, living in my house plants. I move him around just to freak people out LOL

Another challenge in CDA is in the art doll studio and that is a Alice in Wonderland theme. I am not much of a paper doll person. As a kid all my friends had store bought paper dolls, I had to draw my own and make my own clothes...Looking back, it wasn't much fun. I was going to make the Tea Party in a cigar box, then shifted to the Queen of Hearts in a bottle...but wait!! Didn't Alice drink  something from a bottle that said "Drink Me" and shrink? Perfect...

Alice is indeed made of paper. 3/8ths of an inch tall..standing on a bed of posies cut thin from fimo cane.The bottle is less then an inch tall. Simple but right on....
Then in AFTCM there was an Alphabet swap. We got a partner and had to do her initial in an altered state.
I looked at my partners album. She is a fabulous painter but she had a framed piece of assemblage , she liked it but since it was over $1000 she settled for a picture. So I looked at the picture and brought it to the letter of her first name.

The letter is painted in a hammered metal finish, the front was rusted with a rusting technique and then the assemblage was done with broken jewelry, charms and watch parts. Everything having a meaning to me and some , I hope, for her.
That's it folks. In between I got a lovely gift from my friend Norma, actually it was a box of delightful surprises. I couldn't find my camera at the time so I will have to take a picture of the collage she made me and this adorable cage...along with some other goodies. She always spoils me with her packages.
I'd like to thank you all for prayers sent to Alison Bird, her Mom tells me she is doing well. recovery will be long so keep those prayers coming. Also add our friend Raeven to your thoughts and prayers, she is having a terrible time dealing with her pain.Jeannies daughters BF was involved n a terrible auto accident so save some prayers for David as well. Then sit and count your blessings....  See you on my next "Time to relax" day.....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More fun

Doesn't even pay to try and keep up with this Blog on a daily basis. Few people can. You either have very good time management skills or nothing better to do...neither works in my case. My time management sucks and I am busy all the time.
I do like to try and get here a few times a week just to bring you up to date. Once again I have been busy with CDA. My last challenge , oh and what a challenge it was.
We had to take a Saturday Evening Post New Years baby cover and do it in 3D clay. You all know how I love bubbles..I mean what adult sits up at the pond and blows bubbles? So I took 1927 as my front Cover and this is what I did.
I didn't have time to fix the bottle how I wanted it. I only had one day to complete it. Not my best work but quite the challenge.
Also in CDA we have a swap going called  a Mingle. You alter a tin and then put goodies in it...the goodies have to be kept secret for now but here are some of the tins I made.

I love the last one..so dark and spooky. The Steam punk one was fun with the ladies face trimmed in watch parts. Actually they are all different, sort of symbolic of the difference in my multiple personalities ROTFL
I also had an Easter Post card due. I usually make them out of fabric but I was in a strange mood and decided on a butterfly explosion, causing eggs to fly about and say Happy Easter...

Perhaps tomorrow I will have a chance to post some of the neat swaps I've received. So stay tuned :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pats Day

Yes it is the wearing of the Green today and of course a dinner party with Corned beef, cabbage and potato's. Not that the Irish know what corned beef is, but who cares. We decided that's the "traditional" Irish meal, so be it.
I've been busy trying to wrap up all the swaps and challenges. haven't taken all the pictures yet but I do have some stuff to share.
WE had another  "Sample Tag" swap over at Jeannies group. You know those little sample tags of Formica you get at Home Depot or if your me, from the actual manufacturer . Yup, called and told them I had this project and needed some samples. they sent me 2000. It seems they want to keep them out of the landfill.
Okay, so I haven't figured out what to do with 2000 yet but these are the pendants I made .....
They really

are much prettier in person..No really LOL I used perfect pearls to give them some shimmer and Austrian crystals that really don't show up in the photos.
Another swap we had was a  mini journal. The theme was "Collections". Those of you who know me are hysterical right now. I have more collections then anyone I know. You name it, chances are I collect it, or I have collected it in the past. It was rough to narrow it down to one thing . So I didn't LOL
I notice that some people were able to make a rather small journal (few pages) but that didn't work with me.

I wrote on tags and included pictures of my collections of Angels, Fairies and Butterflies.
Then I got this great mini book from Raeven

That's the front and back cover and one of the pocket pages..she does such beautiful work doesn't she.
We also had a St. Patricks Day ATC swap. Here are the 3 I got (I already posted the 3 I made)
I got my eye shot this week. Doc said I am doing very well. He gave me the little bottle from the shot so I can make something.OMG!! Even my doctors are turning into enablers. This shot was rough, the pressure was great and I had some bleeding which hasn't happened. Funny how each shot is so different.
There is still no word about my Orthovisc..I wish there was a way to express my feelings to Obama for that fabulous Obama Care. I sure wish he had to depend on the same system he feels works for the American public. What I wish more is that I could send this pain to him. So between the knee and the eye I can't tell you how wonderful it makes me feel to get a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from one of the gals I don't even know over at TG's group. It came at just the right time to add some sunshine to my life. So thank you Judy for this beautiful card.

If Judy can find the time to send some cheer to a stranger. So can you...Do something nice for someone today. Send a "Thinking of You " card to a friend. Drop off some cookies at a senior center, go write a letter for someone at your local Vets hospital....or do what I do. I have this angel glitter..actual little angels in gold, about a half inch .I stick them in envelopes when paying bills, or lay them on top of tip money or just leave a few on a shelf in a store..Somewhere along the line those angels will make someone smile.
You're smiling right now :-) Have a great day