A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, May 10, 2013

Crazy Life

It just never stops happening. I guess that would be a good thing LOL
So where was I? Do you want to hear about health problems, family issues and all the drama that has become my life lately. Or would you rather see what I do in ALL my spare time?
I thought so....
You all may have heard about the Flat Stanley project. They did it in grade schools all over the country. Kids made flat Stanley dolls and then sent him to all different schools for a "visit". I came up with the brain child of doing that in one of my groups. We made Flat Selves and then sent them on there way to visit  around the country. My doll is having a ball and I think I should start posting pictures of her and the other dolls, but let me first bring you all up to date. So first, this is ME...Flat and sort of my alter personality LOL
Oh stop laughing. She is adorable LOL..we also had a Secret Garden swap in another group. It was a 4X4 so I decided to make Teabag fold flowers and hide all sorts of fun things under the petals.

Lots of sparkle and some cool little bugs hiding.
I also got a beautiful tin made by Debbie from the CDA swap. Butterfly and all.

Ain't  that purdy? So then I had to come up with a gift idea for my Paducah girls. Every year we each make something special and hand it out when we meet at the cabin. Of the million things I could have made, I decided  I wanted to make birds.....
Yes, I know what your thinking and I'm sure most people would agree...LOL Wanna laugh even more? I made 3 of them in different colors.
As I sit in my studio working on swaps I ponder if I should take a break, drop out, so I can just work on gifts. So many people do such nice things for me and I never seem to have the time to give back.
For instance...look what my friend Norma made for me...she sent it along with all sorts of things she knew I would like..including a metal bird cage that I've been looking for...But this gift was made by Norma, who has even less time then I have.
Happy Birthday to me!!! Then I get this package in the mail from Patricia. A sweetheart that belongs to 2 of my groups. She made this for me to thank me, imagine that, for all I do. I think it is I who should be thankful.

Isn't she pretty? She went to Paducah :-) I've gotten some more pretties that I will have to show off after I take pictures. There is so much I'd like to make for so many people. I thought retirement would be a slower paced life. BOY!! was I wrong...Oh, remember that wooden "M" that I worked on for hours and hours sorting through just the right stuff to make it look stunning and to make Mary happy? Mary loved it, I mean really loved it. She wrote me a beautiful letter...she was NOT the person who had to send to me.
This is the  letter I got...the one that was supposed to be made of wood, or so I was told. Mine was made of paper...

So I sit and I ponder....perhaps I should give up swapping and just make gifts for people I love and appreciate and who appreciate me.
Stay tuned for the adventures of the FLAT ladies and more beautiful gifts...I love happy mail! Yes, I do believe that giving is far more rewarding then getting (at times it is a real good thing I feel that way LOL) but I would lie if I said that I don't love the Happy Mail I get from people who think of me and take the time to put together some of the beautiful things I've received over the years. You are all a treasure to me....

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  1. So happy you got lovely gifts on your birthday.
    That tin is lovely and that bird is so cute. Love him too. LOL
    Love the pin that Patricia made for you too.
    Hugs and I just added more art to my blog.