A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!

I just love it when a day goes as planned. My plan was to make a Tussie Mussie for a swap I'm in. Didn't know which way to go with this one but it's real pretty in person...I always ask myself, 'how would I feel if I got this in a swap" My answer to this was "I'd love it and probably hang it near my computer to hold stuff"..Trust me, there have been times when I ask myself that question and I have to answer "I wouldn't be very happy". When that happens, I start all over again. So this is my Tussie Mussie:
So after that was done, I wanted to finish up my tin. I did the outside of an altoid tin a few days ago. Added  my signature BLING and a semi precious stone for meaning. Then I worked on forming a little fairy for the inside. I forgot to add another signature , a butterfly so I have to do that now. I will put the butterfly on her knee. Her hair is yarn, she has a face, a small silk flower in her hair and she is sitting on real rocks. You can see  her house off to the side and  her pond behind her.

She also has tiny little golden wings. Little happy fairy in her own little Paradise. Now I'm about to start gluing some pages together of a niche in an altered book...I want to make sure it's all dry on time....At least I feel like I accomplished something besides cleaning. How about you?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Were you waiting??

To see what the surprise was?... well don't be surprised that the surprise is not finished LOL
But I also wanted to show you something surprising about the minatures that were pictured yesterday. I wanted you to FIRST realize just how small they were.
That would be a quarter in the picture. Then something else you may be wondering.....

YES!! If you were 5 and a half inches tall, you'd be able to play the game, tend the fire and cut up a salad...The knives and clever work.
Now I have to get back to work on my surprise for tomorrow...Hope you enjoyed today's

Monday, March 26, 2012

Is that a fish? How small is small?

LOL Now that I have your attention. The new group has picked up some, with new artist signing up each day. None of us are giving up our swap groups or Blogs, but the group is a better way to know quickly, whats going on. So if you have a give away going on or a special swap you might need people for, check out the new group because that's what it's there for. For busy artist that just can't check every BLOG . I know I can't and I'm not alone.
Mean while we had a swap over at Tole Grannys. Had to take a puzzle piece or pieces and do something with  it. Alter it....so...my first  thought was to do a black and white theme, puzzles changing from black to white and a very colorful one in the center with a quote "Dare to be different" mid way I got this flash. There was a piece of puzzle that I had put together and it just reminded me of a fish...Did I mention this swap had to be a 4X4 ? So this is what I came up with:
Kinda cute huh? I get in these silly moods and no matter how I try I just can't do serious.
Now for my friend Rainer in New Zealand. You asked to see miniatures  so this pic is for you...

I'll show you the really amazing part tomorrow.....

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I've noticed a lot of talk lately in my different groups about people getting their studio's organized (Me too), about going through boxes of swaps received and wondering what to do with all of them. Lets face it we can't display EVERYTHING. Who has that kind of room? There are also those talking about burn out, too many rules, too many swaps , too many everything. There are those of us who have our favorite List and we enjoy being there and participating  in swaps. I know I do...but there are questions that people have that very often do not get answered for one reason or another. there are links people would love to share but they don't pertain to that group.
Anyway, I've heard enough about it to feel there was a need for a list/group that was more of a share group then a swap group. A list that if you run into a problem with a technique or have a question or need a link, that someone will answer. Of course the group has to be large enough and have enough people in all different mediums to be able to make this happen.
Some of you know Corinne and her fabulous art journals. She and I thought it might be fun to start such a sharing group. We didn't intend it to be a swap group or a gab fest although it goes without saying that there will be Challenges, contest and swaps along the way..but it isn't a goal. the goal of this group is to just come and relax. See whats happening. Display your art work, run idea's past us, tell us when you have developed a new technique or pattern. No one has the time to hit ALL the sites available, check on every Blog or hit FB and Etsy and Pinterest EVERY DAY. But if you do find something interesting in one of you visits, you can post it to the Share group, so we can all enjoy the find. Every Sunday you will have a chance to advertise your etsy shop or Ebay store or just tell us what you have for sale. Remember this is a SUNDAY event only. WE may have a BLOG day where special happenings on BLOGs will be announced. It is sure to be fun once it gets going so I hope you will all check it out...

As for me, I just finished another book lay out. The theme is Hearts and Roses...I had the perfect background paper and being a "quote" person. I had a great deal of fun with the layout.
Sure hope Bev likes it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did Ya Stay tuned??Huh Did ya??

Well anyone who can stand to come back to my drivel deserves to know what I'm up to, so let me not make you wait any longer...drum roll please.....
Well what the heck??? That's what you're thinking right??? I've gone over the edge and there  is no help for me? Well this is what evolved from a great deal of thought. At one point in my life I made sugar eggs for a charity. they brought in lots of $$ and I enjoyed making them so much. So my first idea was to make a fake sugar egg. The egg grew in size and then the idea changed when I found bronze hammered spray paint.
I like steampunk..sort of...I like the industrial look of some things and I like gears and sprockets of any kind.
So the idea went from fake sugar and a cute little bunny, to a steampunk egg with a moon scape inside and a little alien....But then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to put a peacock inside (seemed to fit the EGG theme and besides as one friend said "Peacocks are a bit alien to most people.
So I made a peacock LOL I was pondering a tail when a friend of mine wrote "whats this thing you sent me that looks sort of like a peacock something"...I couldn't remember what the heck it was that I sent her until she described it. It was a Ginkgo leaf that I absolutely love...and thanks to her I had found the perfect tail.
You couldn't see the castle behind the tail so I removed it.

There is no red on the egg, that's a reflection of my sweatshirt, but Spring is written out in interesting papers. Those top caps are actually light holes, so if the egg is displayed under a light you can see the peacock.
It was a fun project and I can only hope the person getting it is as happy I  was making it......

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As Promised

I have had some very interesting mail days. Did you ever have one of those days where you just feel blah? Nothing is really wrong, or what is wrong seems way bigger or harder than it really is? I recently had one of those days. One where I was feeling a bit battered both by health and by people and then happiness just walked right through that door.
People can say what they want about "all those groups" I belong to. I really cut back on my groups and only have 4 now. One dealing only in ATC, One dealing in mixed media, one dealing only in dolls and one dealing in Fabric arts. I truly like swapping, no matter what I get, it's always an experience to see what others make and to own art by other people. Then you have those people who send RAK just to make you smile.
I saw something June made and just thought it was a wonderful decoration...little did I know I would get one in the mail. It's a POP UP BALL, delivered flat and then becomes a ball when hung...How can I look at this and not smile?
Then I mentioned to Brenda how much sequin waste we threw away at the florist when it closed shop...Who knew it would be reborn in mixed media. The same day I got the Ball, I received some different pieces of sequin waste from kind hearted Brenda

Even Trudi's little dolly things it grand!!
Then to really top off my week...Wendy  hosted a Bunny Swap...I was delighted when she asked me if I'd be willing to have a Partner outside the USA. I was even more tickled when I found out it was Chris' first doll...well first swap doll. She confessed to me that she had "no idea" what was expected... I hope I set her mind at ease when I said just go with it. I love seeing what people come up with and let me tell you, I was over the moon when I opened this Bunny. This does not look like a "First" doll. Chris used some technique that called for  coffee, cinnamon, wax....it all sounded new to me...but look what she did. meet Sweet Betty Bunny.....

Don't you just want to hug her? She came with her own little hand quilted quilt (which I stole for my table) some hand died thread, beautiful shell buttons, a little tin fairy purse (which I collect and she didn't know)...done in purple yet and a Koala key chain. Chris really paid attention to detail with a hand sewn heart, a cute little scarf...Betty is just a sweetheart and will  be treasured. So for all who managed to make this week a very happy one...Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Now what the heck could that mess be? Stay tuned.....

Crazy times

After losing a day in Syracuse getting a shot in my eye ( we won't discuss it) and then losing a few more days because of pain and a terrible headache. I have really fallen behind in picture taking.
I know some of you check here to see what I'm up to....so check back later or tomorrow because I have some fun things to show you.
Spring has sprung and it is difficult to work inside...but....see ya later.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm so Blessed

I truly am...I have the dearest , sweetest friends anyone can hope to have...Sweet cards always make me smile and I got  lots for my BD, I also got some very thoughtful gifts. Even though my BD was last month, people are still remembering me...Pretty much how I work BD's...I send BD gifts when I finish them, which isn't always on a persons BD...Sorry :-( But when the shoe is on the other foot I just LOVE it.
Yesterday my friend Sue gave me a hat and gloves she finally finished knitting...guess what color?? PURPLE!! Yay me! Today I thought one of my 'orders had arrived' asked Rich to open the box for me while I prepared lunch. He just cut the tape. I couldn't figure out why my order would be sent in red tissue paper...What a surprise to open it and find a lovely card and a doll made for me by Norma...The doll has beautiful beaded Butterfly Wings and has a Butterfly in her hand, She wears a heart around her neck and even has a bracelet on her arm.... Norma is one of those people that just send things now and then, just to brighten someones day and make them smile. This was a BD surprise that was obviously made with a lot of love. The doll told me her name was Tippy, I figure it's because she stands on Tippy toes. Hey, when my dolls talk, I listen...
And then we have this...What the heck??? A rotted Ostrich egg? Misshapen bowling ball?

Guess you'll just have to check back and see now. Won't you?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Recent swaps

I know I have been dragging my feet with posting pictures of what I'm working on.....I am sure I am not the only artist (using that term very loosely ) who needs to be inspired. Perhaps there are people who can wake up every day and get right to creating. That would not be me. I have to take walks, sit by my pond and watch nature in action, take a twig in my hand and close my eyes and feel it, see it in my minds eye and then see what it can become.
Lately I have been so consumed with swaps that I feel I am relying on idea's I have seen in other places. Not that I copy. It is not my intention to copy  the work of other people. But if I am stressed or worried about something and fail to take my walks or meditate up at my pond (and yes I do it even in winter providing I don't have to sit in 3 feet of snow) I feel stale, uninspired and drained.
So now that I feel back in control, managing to fit "Me time" into my day. I hope my work will become more involved, more artsy, more "me".
My ATC group has a few swaps going on. I like ATC's as little mini canvasses ...but I would prefer more art work. Hope that improves in time...but for now I have my St. Patty's Day exchange and my Steampunk cards..(I don't really have them but I do have pictures)

The steampunk cards do actually have gears on them, aside from the stamp. Like most pictures, the actual object is better to look at. I notice my little Shamrocks look black in the picture, when in fact they sparkle and are Kelly Green. I did manage to find the sleeves (Thank you Dear SIL) so at least the cards look a bit more professional.
Wendy over at Ravenwoodwimzies recently had a Bunny Hop swap. I really agonized over this Bunny. My partner lives far away and I wanted it to be special (I guess I like all my swaps to be special because I agonize over every one LOL) My Partner is a Quilter, not a doll maker. Taking that into consideration , I went for my Quilted Bunny...a Bunny I actually designed on my own a million years ago. I had an antique quilt of my Grandmothers and wanted a little something I could share with members of the family. That Bunny was small...This swap required me to make a bigger pattern but I was so happy to work with my well loved and well worn  "Nana" quilt. I also found what I felt was the perfect button from my antique collection. It is metal and has all these adorable little Spring flowers. I wanted to use antique lace but the quilt is so bright and un stained..I had to go with new lace. I wasn't going to post a picture because my partner didn't get it yet...but I realize the REAL doll is nothing like the picture LOL so I'm going to post it anyway. Even if she does follow my Blog, she will be surprised with the contents.

The quilt pattern was originally a Dresden Plate. I hope it makes her smile.
In an effort to get my life back in order I have to turn my computer off. So if some of you have noticed that I'm not quite as fast as I once was at answering. That is why...The computer sucks the time right out of my life and my art is being influenced by it...I don't like that. Not that I don't like learning, sharing and enjoying other peoples work...I do..but I feel like I've been submerged in a pool of other peoples thoughts and kind of left my own on the surface. I need to spend more time with ME... How about YOU? Do you ever feel a bit lost in your world of creativity?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Recent Happy Mail and a project

As you know there are lots of swaps over at Artforthecreativemind@yahoo.com  I can not sign up for all of them but I did show you things I made for the Jane Austen Heart tag and the Mardi Gras mask.
I recently  received Happy mail from those Two swaps

I am also involved in a spool bird swap. My idea is to make some kind of Mobile for my studio when I receive mine. It was a 5 for 5 swap. I made mine according to the pattern. Some did some embellishing. I think if I could see better, I would have done that also...but I think spool birds at cute all by themselves...

Now, in one of my groups it was mentioned about someone painting a Koi pond. There was some concern about how it would withstand the weather. 4 or 5 years ago I painted a Koi pond. I have a real pond, but it huge and has Bass in it. This little Koi pond is right outside my studio. I gave it several coats of spray lacquer and that's all I did 5 years ago...This year I will repaint the one large Koi only because  I never quite liked him...  as you can see, the pond itself holds up very well. It is in the heat of summer as well as the bitter cold of below zero temps.
The turtle has also weathered quite well and he is free standing,made from 7 rocks. Water lilies are also removable.