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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I've noticed a lot of talk lately in my different groups about people getting their studio's organized (Me too), about going through boxes of swaps received and wondering what to do with all of them. Lets face it we can't display EVERYTHING. Who has that kind of room? There are also those talking about burn out, too many rules, too many swaps , too many everything. There are those of us who have our favorite List and we enjoy being there and participating  in swaps. I know I do...but there are questions that people have that very often do not get answered for one reason or another. there are links people would love to share but they don't pertain to that group.
Anyway, I've heard enough about it to feel there was a need for a list/group that was more of a share group then a swap group. A list that if you run into a problem with a technique or have a question or need a link, that someone will answer. Of course the group has to be large enough and have enough people in all different mediums to be able to make this happen.
Some of you know Corinne and her fabulous art journals. She and I thought it might be fun to start such a sharing group. We didn't intend it to be a swap group or a gab fest although it goes without saying that there will be Challenges, contest and swaps along the way..but it isn't a goal. the goal of this group is to just come and relax. See whats happening. Display your art work, run idea's past us, tell us when you have developed a new technique or pattern. No one has the time to hit ALL the sites available, check on every Blog or hit FB and Etsy and Pinterest EVERY DAY. But if you do find something interesting in one of you visits, you can post it to the Share group, so we can all enjoy the find. Every Sunday you will have a chance to advertise your etsy shop or Ebay store or just tell us what you have for sale. Remember this is a SUNDAY event only. WE may have a BLOG day where special happenings on BLOGs will be announced. It is sure to be fun once it gets going so I hope you will all check it out...

As for me, I just finished another book lay out. The theme is Hearts and Roses...I had the perfect background paper and being a "quote" person. I had a great deal of fun with the layout.
Sure hope Bev likes it.

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