A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did Ya Stay tuned??Huh Did ya??

Well anyone who can stand to come back to my drivel deserves to know what I'm up to, so let me not make you wait any longer...drum roll please.....
Well what the heck??? That's what you're thinking right??? I've gone over the edge and there  is no help for me? Well this is what evolved from a great deal of thought. At one point in my life I made sugar eggs for a charity. they brought in lots of $$ and I enjoyed making them so much. So my first idea was to make a fake sugar egg. The egg grew in size and then the idea changed when I found bronze hammered spray paint.
I like steampunk..sort of...I like the industrial look of some things and I like gears and sprockets of any kind.
So the idea went from fake sugar and a cute little bunny, to a steampunk egg with a moon scape inside and a little alien....But then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to put a peacock inside (seemed to fit the EGG theme and besides as one friend said "Peacocks are a bit alien to most people.
So I made a peacock LOL I was pondering a tail when a friend of mine wrote "whats this thing you sent me that looks sort of like a peacock something"...I couldn't remember what the heck it was that I sent her until she described it. It was a Ginkgo leaf that I absolutely love...and thanks to her I had found the perfect tail.
You couldn't see the castle behind the tail so I removed it.

There is no red on the egg, that's a reflection of my sweatshirt, but Spring is written out in interesting papers. Those top caps are actually light holes, so if the egg is displayed under a light you can see the peacock.
It was a fun project and I can only hope the person getting it is as happy I  was making it......