A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I just got done reading some of the postings on other BLOGs...everyone is just so busy and getting things done and here I sit :-( Well I'm not really sitting. I'm running around like a whirling dervish, just not accomplishing anything.
So  I visited my Aunt who decided to clean out her basement. Oh you know where this is going don't you?
She used to work in the garment district in NY city, need I say more? She spent her lunch hour in all sorts of neat places. The one I like best is her stash from a button company. What great buttons she picked up, some one of a kind because they were samples for clothing manufactures. She had everything stored in these fabulous vintage tins. What a haul.
Of course Hubby isn't happy LOL "More Crap". I don't say that about his tools and screws and nuts and bolts and stuff...in fact when I'm in the Steam punk mood, I sort of like his stuff. I look at it as recycling.
Some things smell musty so unless I can get the smell out..I'm thinking Landfill contribution. Makes me sad but...
Mean while I continue to work on my studio and try and finish up gifts I started before Christmas. I was supposed to finish a gift a month. Lousy start :-( Oh that was for next year BTW.
So no pictures...unless you want WIP which I'm not inclined to share. So no pictures. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm still missing my Susan. Her son sent me this photo shopped picture. Susan loved them, there was a place in her Mall that made them. This one has her face on this trim body and a bubble on top saying "Finally a diet that works!" That was Susan and a perfect remembrance . She struggled with weight her whole life and together we tried every diet imaginable, she always gave up when I lost my first 20 pounds and she gained 3 . She would actually sit there eating cake and say to me "I don't know why this diet isn't working for me"..That was Susan. Someone recently suggested I make a fairy house dedicated to Susan..great Idea..it will have lots of books and lots of 45 records, totally decorated in red and for sure some diet books laying next to a bag of chips and some cake LOL Oh, did you not know I make custom fairy houses?

So Kai made a lovely Frog hat for her grandson..It's a beauty Kai, lots of cards and stuff at jingles, Norma and Mary also have been busy...Sheesh I feel like such a failure. Congrats to Raeven...which reminds me..with all this spare time I have I decided to join a gym so if you can't reach me on Tues. and Thus. from 4 to 6 that's where I am. Felt good to get back on a treadmill, I truly love exercise and I've missed it. Maybe I can knock off this baby fat...oh my, now I sound like Susan LOL ah the memories.
Also I think I asked this in my groups but let me ask here. My friends daughter is having some serious surgeries regarding a very touchy spinal situation close to her brain. She has been in lots of pain and I think some extra prayers might help...so if you can give the name of Alison Bird up to whom ever you pray to..There is only one power so they will get to where they need to be.
Find your happiness in art today....

Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Day

I took a long meditating walk this morning and one quote kept running through my mind "Do not cry because it's over, rejoice because it was". As I recalled all the special times I spent with Susan, even once we were separated by distance, we still managed to visit in person or on the phone. She was only here last year for a visit . We were up all night laughing about old times. Death can not rob me of my happy memories, so I dried my tears and hold her in my heart until "later" comes.

I think, hope, I found a way to by pass this picture issue so let me see if it works. I really want to share my Risque Santa (Susan almost wet herself) Of course I can't show you all the pictures, there are some friends I fear may take offense , but you all know me as being a bit crazy so you'll just have to accept what I DO share.

Oh stop it!! You never saw a hind end before? Susan said it was like looking in a mirror.<Big smile>
All the pic's that Raeven chose were fabulously funny.
I have a dark side that I truly love exploring. I've come to find out many of us have a side that is "strange or weird" by some standards. Tough...I enjoy that side of me that  seeks witches and goblins, spells and mystery...Fairies and wood sprites..My inner child is playful and I love her.

I would like to share all the pages Raeven made for this book. They are fabulous. So much work. So much attention to detail and so appreciated. Each thing I receive from on-line friends just brings them closer. I treasure all my little surprises and they bring me comfort each day I enter my studio or look around my house. Oh yes, some of you are on display in my living room, kitchen, walls, end tables. Your work is admired by many people.
We have this meandering book going around. I recently completed 4 pages (each of us were to do 4 pages) in one of the books. I know this person and she likes owls, she also is intrigued by Steampunk so this is what I did:

My little steam punk Owl appears to be in love.
The heart says "Not what you see, but how you see it" The owl is made of watch parts, my first attempt and I loved it.
My Steampunk lady "she walks in beauty" is very 3D
although it doesn't show that way. Lots of texture
So those are my pages and I think that's enough show and tell for one day. I have many things almost completed so stick around. Has anyone checked out CDA yet. I have a Challenge on there. A book made of CD's that I think you all may enjoy. It doesn't cost anything to join CDA. You get to keep what you make unless you WANT to swap and it truly challenges the brain. There are 4 Challenges going right now so go check them out. I'm still doing a slow burn over the swap partner I had that totally ignored me on AFTCM so I've been quiet. I love that group and it is truly a shame that a few can spoil things for so many.
Wishing you all a very happy day!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 14 Day Flu

YIKES!! Has anyone else had to deal with this "Flu from Hell"? I thought I had the start of a cold, stuffiness, achy, scratchy throat. Then Bang, it was like being hit by a truck, a truck that backed up and ran over me a few times.
For the past few days I have felt alive again, but still tired.
I was notified this morning that one of my oldest and dearest friends pasted away. Only last week we were making plans for me to fly down to see her. She was going to Europe and I was going to stay and watch her elderly dog..Perhaps get to visit some  friends I have made on line that live in the area. She was in the very best of health. I have made it a rule in my life to never pass up the opportunity to tell people you care about how you feel. Tomorrow sometimes may be too late. So while I am shocked and saddened , I am also happy that when we spoke, we parted as always with, I love you girlfriend and we never said good-bye , "see ya later", never good-bye.
Susan, my sweet friend, was always interested in my art groups. She admitted to having no talent at all (trust me she wasn't fibbing )when it came to art. However, that woman could sit at a piano and play any song she had every heard. never had a lesson in her life. It was a gift I envied. Over 40 years of friendship and never an argument, cross word or misunderstanding. I will Miss you Susan.

I played Secret Santa to Raevan (in AFTCM group) making sure she got boxes of goodies along the way and books off her wish list. Raeven in turn made me two of the most outstanding books. I had set up a Secret Santa e-mail so I could find out things and one thing we realized along the way was that we shared a bit of a dark side, both books reflect our commonality of liking "different" things. I couldn't wait to share these with Susan (my friend who passed). I always share my gifts and swaps with her and the more unusual, the bigger kick she gets out of them. Imagine her delight when I shared my 'rique' Santa album...
Well I just tried to add pictures and that little picture icon doesn't work the way it once did. Now I only have a choice of PHONE, BLOG, WEBCAM etc. So I guess I will be looking for a new BLOG venue. If I can't share pictures, I'm not staying on this one thats for sure. I also wanted you to see the fabulous "Spine Tingler" Book Raeven made up. A ton of work and talent that should be shared.
I will also have several projects that are near completion that I wanted to share. So unless I find out whats going on...this Blog will be history very shortly.
For now I will get back to work. I missed the Greek Christmas too. So I guess I will just have to depend on the understanding of friends and family. At least it will be a surprise LOL

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 of the New Year

Hi Everyone,
I had hoped to have some pictures of some gifts that are due to go out. Yes I know Christmas is over..At least for most people, but it is at this time of year I decide to be Greek Orthodox , they celebrate Christmas on Jan 7th. I should have it all done and gone by then.
You see in order to be my friend that's the one thing you have to "get" about me...I'm either very late with gifts or very early, depending how you look at it LOL But it's only because I like to make special things for special people and don't always have the time I think I have. Sounds like whining and excuses. It's just the facts folks!!!

I did manage to drop everything and make sure my CDA challenge was ready..My poster pictures gathered, my instructions written etc. For those of you who have written wanting to know whats up..I can only tell you , "None of the Studio's". leave it to me to state the obvious LOL Kat and Connie have been working none stop to try and bring you a New and exciting CDA. I think everything should be up and running today.
Now with all this interest, I do hope I see  everyone signing up for my challenge.
You will need at least 3 CD...new or old doesn't matter. I'm hoping some of you can get rid of  those old AOL CD's we just knew had a purpose. We all seemed to save them. Same with scratched or chipped ones. WE knew they would come in handy for something.
If you are going to join CDA please keep this in mind: Swappers are  confused in the Challenge concept because you don't swap, you just make and show off your pictures. What I do is think of someone who would enjoy the challenge as a BD gift or next Christmas even. I find that it helps to personalize the gift and gives me an incentive to get it done.
I am going to ask Connie if she would mind me keeping a list of people who would like to swap. This is a very large international group and swapping could be difficult. Perhaps it can be worked out, I'd like to try for those of you who really like to swap things. On the flip side, I know there are some that more often then not wish they could keep their swap item rather then take a chance on what they may get.
Some of you know about the small group I inherited . I'd like to invite you to take a look. We are not a chatty group, but we do have swaps and those that do swap are talented and dedicated. This week-end I will be putting up a swap that Patricia is hosting...it is Pin Dolls..the kind you would wear on a name tag or jacket just for fun. Check out the site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SharingOurMixedMediaArt/
For those of you who have groups of your own, please write to me. I will certainly post your group here.
I am not the slightest bit competitive and believe there is room for everyone. I belong to several groups, some I'm very active in and others not so much, but I love the people and I participate when I can. I'm just not one of the "chatty" ones. No time....
I need to take a picture of a surprise I received yesterday. I had Raeven  to play Secret Santa to and I had so much fun. She had a book list on Amazon and I was able to fill part of that wish list for her along with other fun gifts. She seemed very happy, now I know she was, because no one would put this effort into someone they weren't happy with. She made me two books that are incredible and once I take pic's I will share them with all of you.
I'm just sitting here looking at a spoon doll Norma made me in 2008...this is what Internet sharing is all about.The memories we create together..Now I feel like I have to explore my studio and look at dates.
I have Mary's beautiful BINGO card here that has no date...Please remember to date anything you make me...as you can see I keep everything LOL I see Cherie dates hers, Peggy dates hers, I have a goth doll here from Jingles with no date...Tina dated hers, Monica dates hers...well you all get the picture. I treasure everything that is sent to me because I value your time.
Wishing everyone a very happy day!!!!