A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun Sunday

As some of you know  On line groups are not the only groups I belong to. My one group is having a Christmas Gathering and I wanted to come up with a very fast ornament, with a little artsy flair to it. I was also inspired but a small stocking idea we had on my "Art for the Creative Mind" group, so I thought they might also make a fun give away. With everything else I have to do I enlisted the help of two friends...also in the group. Butterflies are the symbol of the group so I needed to fit that into the ornament...
I did a simple Perfect Pearls glass ornament and made a 3D affect with Butterflies....
The stockings were another story LOL Who knew that one of my helpers never sewed a stitch...Watching her with a sewing machine was hysterical...My other helper sort of made things a bit inside out...but I was laughing on the inside...Art should be fun...right? Not sure they had a great deal of fun, but the work got done and as payment I fed them Turkey soup and biscuits LOL
I then made wire ornament hangers for each ornament...so check it all out...now I can get back to my dolls
<Big smile>

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Is it just me or does it seem that once Halloween came, time just flew ? I do love seeing how all the BLOGs have switched to Christmas themes...Maybe I should consider decorating LOL
In my quest to get a box together for a friend over the week-end, I had to look high and low for things I had gathered to send her. One little guy was made a while ago...but every time I went looking for him, he had vanished (things like that happen in the magical forest) He seemed very excited about living with his new family...I still have no idea why he kept hiding, but now he is on his way. He just showed up Saturday yelling "Here I  BE !" While he was sleeping , I took a picture of him.. Fairy babies always sleep around humans...but at night time, while we're sleeping, they are very busy little things.
I see that my friend Kai is having a housefull for this Holiday...I love to read that... This is a Holiday to be shared. If you are not visiting family this year check with local churches who are having Thanksgiving dinner...They always need servers or some kind of help and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see so many people smiling in one place.
I'll probably be back, but if not...know that I am Thankful for each and every person that has touched my life. Many of you will dwell in my heart forever. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Sunday

I hate this time of year. I feel like I'm in a war zone...The deer are all close to my house, I guess they know they are safe. Oh now don't be going getting all mad because you hunt or your hubby hunts. Some of my closest friends hunt. It doesn't mean I have to like it. I see no sport in killing anything that can't fight back.
Maybe 200 years ago men had to provide for their families...it wasn't a sport to kill, it was survival...So I tell my friends, instead of buying guns, ammo and expensive scopes and clothes..Just buy MEAT. Nature will take care of her own, she doesn't need your help. The farmers here have to kill them when they get destructive...I get that, and the feed their families with the meat. I don't get these week-end warriors...Forgive me...I'm shell shocked......

I have no pictures of my finished "flowers" or card/ornament//I'm too busy ducking bullets (only kidding)..I just thought it was more important to get stuff packed up to mail. I'll finish everything tomorrow.

I'm in this swap in one of my Mixed media groups. We were supposed to make up an envelope of "extra" things in out stash...Useful things not junk...Of course some people view Mix media as "those who create art from junk" LOL So I just went with stuff I'd like to get in my package...Some strange fabric I use for all sorts of texture, coins, jewels, beads, buttons, bells...different textural yarn. Jewelry finding, colored pencils ( don't we all  have extra's to replace those lost in our studio...someplace?) Watches to be pulled apart for steam punk..oh and yes those laminate tags to be made into all sorts of fun stuff. Most of it fit into a neat cigar box that can be used as a purse or memory box...So I'm hoping my partner will be happy with her gift..it was fun gathering. We were limited to a 9X12 envelope or I could have filled a box... a BIG box with so much more.

Morning Play time

I haven't really had much play time. I've been trying to catch up with Christmas making and shopping and swapping...Plus what I normally do and I'm a pitiful failure...The more I hurry, the behinder I get :-(
I haven't been feeling well for a few days, so this morning I figured 'why not just play and relax for a few hours. So I made up some gift tags for the family and got out the Cricket to make backing tags, for the laminate tags so they fit into the toilet paper tubes (don't ask) which will end up being ornaments/Christmas cards...Then I'm sitting there talking to Rich playing with scissors and turned a toilet paper tube into a flower...Rich said if I painted and glittered them they would probably look cute on the tree. I finished my stocking, put goodies inside so it's ready to mail...So are my flowers, may little bag and my Christmas Treat swap. So in spite of not feeling all that great, I feel like I accomplished a lot today...Now I'm ready for a nap LOL

Okay so there are the "flowers" in the raw and the tag....I'll paint and glitter later

Well something is going on, I can't add any more pic's...so I'll try later.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Again with the Tiny Bag

LOL AS I was getting ready to go to Aunties for lunch I was thinking about this tiny bag thing. I thought of all the reasons I joined that apricular group and why I love it so much. It's diversified. It forces me to leave my comfort zone, to explore and try new things...so when in ROME...LOL
Paper has never been my medium of choice, yet I enjoy what others do with it. I've designed things in paper before..including a paper sack, so why not go with the flow...
I quickly drafted a template this morning and it will be available to anyone who wants it...just e-mail me and tell me PDF is okay. All you need is some pretty paper, the template, scissors and about 5 min. of time. The one you see here is taped...Because like I say...I'm on my way to Aunties....but it's way easy!!
let me know....


Well not really an oops....but it appears I have a way's to go to understand the workings of a mixed media group LOL It seems that the little sack can be paper (the preferred medium) or even store bought..Which of course I do have a template for a paper bag, since it was something I designed for miniatures many moons ago. A grocery bag LOL Lord knows where that is and a paper bag can be made exactly like I made the fabric one. I like fabric so my sack will indeed be made of fabric ....TG, the leader of our group wanted us to "do our own thing" and that's exactly what I'll do LOL BTW that little tutorial ? With a little thought you can make that into a great handbag.
So onward and upward I go. There are many swaps to catch up on and I like to dedicate time to each of them. My motto (in fact I should make a sign for my studio) is "If I wouldn't want to receive it, I won't send it"...Now that doesn't mean it's the PERFECT swap present...it just means I try my very best to make the recipient happy.
Speaking of which I just sent my latest PC out...tried something a bit different and I'm hoping my partner likes it...I thought it was pretty cool.
I've also received some wonderful little gifts from the Santa Swap I joined. Funny, so far I have gotten 6 out of the 10 and they are all so very different in look and in purpose...I will have to take a picture of all my goodies when the swap is over.
I also got the most beautiful charms from Mary from my "Art for the creative mind" group. Talk about a talented and busy group...They keep you hopping...I think I should have joined that group in January LOL
But then I would have missed the RR. It's an Altered Book RR and I am very excited.
I must find time for my Aunt today...it's been a long time...so lunch it is! Some mail has to go out. Saturday is Catch up day and  Peacock house cleaning ugh! Sunday a group will be here to make ornaments for the "Butterfly Project"...and life just keeps happening.....
Wishing everyone an Artful day.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tiny Bag Tutorial

The fabric I used for this bag was just so it would show up and it is NOT the fabric I will be using for the swap. Of course there are many ways to make a small bag and I am in a very talented group so I'm sure they have their own idea's. However, some people just like to get it done and then work on embellishing and adding their own personality...So this tutorial is for you. After you look at it for a while, you will see it lends itself to many idea's. My original idea was to create a small bag that would hold several ATC's.

1-Start out with a piece of fabric cut 4" wide by 9 " long (if you want a deeper bag cut it to 10 1/2)
Fold over each short end 1/4 inch- press- then fold over 1/4 inch again. This will give the top of your bag a nice finished look. If you'd like to add a handle now is a good time.Sew this seam. I measured in 1" from either side for my handle. My cord was cut to 5" but the handle can be short or very long  or no handle at all.
Fold the bag in half so that sewn tops are even and stitch along both sides.(Right sides together)
With bag still right sides together, bring side seams together so there are points at the bottom of the bag...Make sure both side seams are even and point seams are even, press the points. This can also be done with Paper only you would have right sides facing out and at this point, the points would be glued and folded under the bag.
Take a ruler and draw a line that measures one inch across the bag and sew on that line.

Leave about an 1/8 inch from sewn line and cut off point

Turn right side out and your little bag is ready to become a work of art. Fill it with trinkets, or candy or even several ATC's for your friend who collects them...It is limitless...as it is, depending on the embellishments on the ATC's this little bag will hold at least 5 or 6. Hope this helps.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

I give up LOL

I really need to quit trying to get here on a daily basis. All I do is stress myself out..Once I start working...either running or working in my studio, the time just flies and by night fall the computer is just a blur. I think until Christmas, every day postings are out of the question...but hey, it could happen so keep checking on me :-)
In one of the Mixed media groups I belong to we have a Santa Swap going on. It could be anything from an embellishment , to a card, PC, ATC, tag...what ever. Just a little token of friendship during this gift giving Holiday time of year. So let me share with you the happy mail I have gotten thus far...drum roll please:
The first piece of Happy mail I opened was from Donnalee...Look at all this darling stuff. She made a door hanger with a 3D base that went right on my guestroom door. She also sent some cool embellishments...little dresses shoes etc. Then in her Christmas card she also included trivia cards. What a fun package, Thank you Donnalee. I was so excited I couldn't wait to tear into Denise's envelope....look what I found..

Those of you who know me know it made me smile when I saw purple and those of you who really know me, know what my favorite combo is. Does this purple and green altered domino scream KATHIE or what ? I wore it the same day I got it and got two compliments..Thank you Denise Well lookie here...a surprise from Sandi...what could it be?
Is that a cutie or what? It is an altered matchbox that will hang on my tree..Inside was this cute little  snowflake and an adorable snowman charm that went right on my purse (now I'm decorated for Christmas LOL) Thank you Sandi...WOW!! another envelope...what could this be?
Unfortunately I need a better camera. From far away you really can't tell what it is and from close up it's one big blur of copper...It is a cooper embellishment that says LIVE....perfect for an altered book I'm working on...Thank you Cheryl
Was that fun or what? There are 11 of us in the swap, which means you get to oh and ahhh 6 more times with me...so keep checking. I am also waiting for my Steam punk charm swap and my step card swap...I'll post as soon as they arrive. Can you tell I'm having fun with my groups? Of course I have to work on Christmas in the mean time. This is a busy time of year...There is also coat and food collections and the toy drop and people devastated by the flood to worry about. Yes it is a busy time of year...
In between all the running around I am getting ready for other swaps coming due real soon... I'll give you a sneak peek at my stocking swap that isn't finished yet...Can't show you all my pictures at once or there won't be any surprises LOL I just Love this time of year.....

The stocking will be decorated with some 3D snow flakes and some Swarvorski crystals (you know me and my bling) I also have another idea...I won't say right now because I'm not sure it will work...but if it does it should finish it off nicely and simply....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Sunday

That was yesterday and boy was I busy. I made my first ever "Side step card". I have always made my own cards on the computer...I like personalized things. I graduated to premade cards that I could add things to and make them my own. But, I have never made a card from scratch. So out came the Cricut and all my fun papers (which I collected with no idea as to why) and I began to play. I had watched a video on card making and a friend of mine is very into it. Ceil makes beautiful cards. So between both I had some good advice on what to do and how to do it...It took me 8 hours LOL I'm sure they go faster then that, but I was pretty happy with the results. I then made my DSIL a BD card, he collects dragons :-)
I can't show you everything I have piling up on my finished table. But since I mailed the Card and the Charms out today...I will show you those. The charms are for a steam punk exchange. One was created from watch parts, some twisted copper wire and a bottle cap and the other was a piece of Citrine I had in my stash...I wired it along with some lock washers...sometimes less is more...You be the judge.
I don't think I've ever sent anything out that I wouldn't like to get myself, so you know I'm pretty happy with the results of both of these swaps...
Stay tunes <evil grin>

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More play time

Whew! I joined a new group that is one fast moving , busy bunch of ladies. I love it and you all know how I love swaps...but this group is like none I've ever belonged to before. The owner of the group is tough in a fun sort of way...she means business, but she is a gentle leader in a stern sort of way. I like her!
Anyway I jumped right in as usual. Only I would join a group like this right before the busiest time of the year..Those who know me would expect nothing more LOL
I will be taking pictures of the latest swaps...Hopefully by the end of today. Ceil is coming over to work with the Cricket and to emboss some papers, so I have a fun day planned.
I am almost done with my PC for my one group, my Santa Swap for another, Charms and a sidestep card for another...so as you can see...I've been busy LOL I love being busy...but it isn't getting my studio any more organized :-( Maybe tomorrow LOL)
Years and years ago (I think one of my students follows me Blog) I used to make Kandy Korn from wood..They were actually pieces that were left over shapes from another class project...So that was my Oct freebie. The ladies loved them and used them to decorate..One year they just had faces another I put legs on and still another had arms and legs.
This year I saw an adorable little doll that Sherry Goshen made for Halloween...she strongly resembled my wooden Korn...(I even silently wondered if perhaps she hadn't bought one of mine many moons ago) I loved the face Sherry drew...she is such a fabulous doll artist. so I drew a similar face on my Kandy Korn this year.
My Kandy always had comical faces...I liked the idea of this kind of face...what do you think?
I also made some cute little pumpkins for friends...which reminds me...I have to ask Norma if she ever got my package...Are you there Cutie?
So by days end I am hoping to have a BD card for my  Dear  SIL (who is more like a son), The Winter Wonderland card swap, as well as my PC swap for another group...Oh and my charms in an envelope ready to mail tomorrow...If that can all be accomplished I will be a very happy Lady...So here's some pictures of Kandy and the pumpkin...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh My

It certainly has been a while. I have been so very busy,plus there was a bit of stress along the way...I always slow up when stressed (A) because I think it shows in my writing (B) I spend more time in meditation then I do on the computer. Nothing stops me from playing though so let me show you whats new.
This is a Raven I have been working on (Frowning Francis pattern) ..Several years ago I made a bird for a friend. I named her Sandy, put shells in her hair ...My friend likes the beach...Since then they bought a Beach House and that's where sandy lives. I thought she could use a friend and what I've seen so far of the beach house, I felt some Steam Punk might fit right in so Edgar was born. He is made from muslin that gessoed and painted...Gears from old watches came in handy. I didn't have a propeller so I made one from an aluminum plate...his goggles are from a watch bracelet the nose piece made from the same paper plate then all were painted with rusting paint. When I make another, and I will, I will use heavier wire for his legs...but other then that he was a blast to create. I'll be back later...my brother just stopped in for a visit.

The crown charm has a sepcial meaningnote the K on the key and the shell is from Long Island NY...my friend lives on the West coast..and a butterfly because it represents me.