A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well not really an oops....but it appears I have a way's to go to understand the workings of a mixed media group LOL It seems that the little sack can be paper (the preferred medium) or even store bought..Which of course I do have a template for a paper bag, since it was something I designed for miniatures many moons ago. A grocery bag LOL Lord knows where that is and a paper bag can be made exactly like I made the fabric one. I like fabric so my sack will indeed be made of fabric ....TG, the leader of our group wanted us to "do our own thing" and that's exactly what I'll do LOL BTW that little tutorial ? With a little thought you can make that into a great handbag.
So onward and upward I go. There are many swaps to catch up on and I like to dedicate time to each of them. My motto (in fact I should make a sign for my studio) is "If I wouldn't want to receive it, I won't send it"...Now that doesn't mean it's the PERFECT swap present...it just means I try my very best to make the recipient happy.
Speaking of which I just sent my latest PC out...tried something a bit different and I'm hoping my partner likes it...I thought it was pretty cool.
I've also received some wonderful little gifts from the Santa Swap I joined. Funny, so far I have gotten 6 out of the 10 and they are all so very different in look and in purpose...I will have to take a picture of all my goodies when the swap is over.
I also got the most beautiful charms from Mary from my "Art for the creative mind" group. Talk about a talented and busy group...They keep you hopping...I think I should have joined that group in January LOL
But then I would have missed the RR. It's an Altered Book RR and I am very excited.
I must find time for my Aunt today...it's been a long time...so lunch it is! Some mail has to go out. Saturday is Catch up day and  Peacock house cleaning ugh! Sunday a group will be here to make ornaments for the "Butterfly Project"...and life just keeps happening.....
Wishing everyone an Artful day.....

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