A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun Sunday

As some of you know  On line groups are not the only groups I belong to. My one group is having a Christmas Gathering and I wanted to come up with a very fast ornament, with a little artsy flair to it. I was also inspired but a small stocking idea we had on my "Art for the Creative Mind" group, so I thought they might also make a fun give away. With everything else I have to do I enlisted the help of two friends...also in the group. Butterflies are the symbol of the group so I needed to fit that into the ornament...
I did a simple Perfect Pearls glass ornament and made a 3D affect with Butterflies....
The stockings were another story LOL Who knew that one of my helpers never sewed a stitch...Watching her with a sewing machine was hysterical...My other helper sort of made things a bit inside out...but I was laughing on the inside...Art should be fun...right? Not sure they had a great deal of fun, but the work got done and as payment I fed them Turkey soup and biscuits LOL
I then made wire ornament hangers for each ornament...so check it all out...now I can get back to my dolls
<Big smile>

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  1. Hi Kathie,
    You have been really busy my friend! Love how you painted the heart ornaments and how the little stockings turned out.