A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Sunday

I hate this time of year. I feel like I'm in a war zone...The deer are all close to my house, I guess they know they are safe. Oh now don't be going getting all mad because you hunt or your hubby hunts. Some of my closest friends hunt. It doesn't mean I have to like it. I see no sport in killing anything that can't fight back.
Maybe 200 years ago men had to provide for their families...it wasn't a sport to kill, it was survival...So I tell my friends, instead of buying guns, ammo and expensive scopes and clothes..Just buy MEAT. Nature will take care of her own, she doesn't need your help. The farmers here have to kill them when they get destructive...I get that, and the feed their families with the meat. I don't get these week-end warriors...Forgive me...I'm shell shocked......

I have no pictures of my finished "flowers" or card/ornament//I'm too busy ducking bullets (only kidding)..I just thought it was more important to get stuff packed up to mail. I'll finish everything tomorrow.

I'm in this swap in one of my Mixed media groups. We were supposed to make up an envelope of "extra" things in out stash...Useful things not junk...Of course some people view Mix media as "those who create art from junk" LOL So I just went with stuff I'd like to get in my package...Some strange fabric I use for all sorts of texture, coins, jewels, beads, buttons, bells...different textural yarn. Jewelry finding, colored pencils ( don't we all  have extra's to replace those lost in our studio...someplace?) Watches to be pulled apart for steam punk..oh and yes those laminate tags to be made into all sorts of fun stuff. Most of it fit into a neat cigar box that can be used as a purse or memory box...So I'm hoping my partner will be happy with her gift..it was fun gathering. We were limited to a 9X12 envelope or I could have filled a box... a BIG box with so much more.

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