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Friday, November 18, 2011

Again with the Tiny Bag

LOL AS I was getting ready to go to Aunties for lunch I was thinking about this tiny bag thing. I thought of all the reasons I joined that apricular group and why I love it so much. It's diversified. It forces me to leave my comfort zone, to explore and try new things...so when in ROME...LOL
Paper has never been my medium of choice, yet I enjoy what others do with it. I've designed things in paper before..including a paper sack, so why not go with the flow...
I quickly drafted a template this morning and it will be available to anyone who wants it...just e-mail me and tell me PDF is okay. All you need is some pretty paper, the template, scissors and about 5 min. of time. The one you see here is taped...Because like I say...I'm on my way to Aunties....but it's way easy!!
let me know....

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