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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More play time

Whew! I joined a new group that is one fast moving , busy bunch of ladies. I love it and you all know how I love swaps...but this group is like none I've ever belonged to before. The owner of the group is tough in a fun sort of way...she means business, but she is a gentle leader in a stern sort of way. I like her!
Anyway I jumped right in as usual. Only I would join a group like this right before the busiest time of the year..Those who know me would expect nothing more LOL
I will be taking pictures of the latest swaps...Hopefully by the end of today. Ceil is coming over to work with the Cricket and to emboss some papers, so I have a fun day planned.
I am almost done with my PC for my one group, my Santa Swap for another, Charms and a sidestep card for another...so as you can see...I've been busy LOL I love being busy...but it isn't getting my studio any more organized :-( Maybe tomorrow LOL)
Years and years ago (I think one of my students follows me Blog) I used to make Kandy Korn from wood..They were actually pieces that were left over shapes from another class project...So that was my Oct freebie. The ladies loved them and used them to decorate..One year they just had faces another I put legs on and still another had arms and legs.
This year I saw an adorable little doll that Sherry Goshen made for Halloween...she strongly resembled my wooden Korn...(I even silently wondered if perhaps she hadn't bought one of mine many moons ago) I loved the face Sherry drew...she is such a fabulous doll artist. so I drew a similar face on my Kandy Korn this year.
My Kandy always had comical faces...I liked the idea of this kind of face...what do you think?
I also made some cute little pumpkins for friends...which reminds me...I have to ask Norma if she ever got my package...Are you there Cutie?
So by days end I am hoping to have a BD card for my  Dear  SIL (who is more like a son), The Winter Wonderland card swap, as well as my PC swap for another group...Oh and my charms in an envelope ready to mail tomorrow...If that can all be accomplished I will be a very happy Lady...So here's some pictures of Kandy and the pumpkin...

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