A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playful Mood

As you can see I have been doing a bit of redecorating..One of these days I will have the time to do all I'd like to do on this blog, but for now I'm just having some fun and adding some interest.
AS far as what I'm doing hmmmm. Trying to catch up mostly. I have a mini journal (swap) that is made but not written in so I have to do that. I have my New Years dolls for CDA that I have to complete so there's that. The Mystery Muse has to go out today so I guess I better take care of that first. Then I have Norma's Easter Post Card to do and the charms to finish. Oh and let us not forget those who are still waiting for Christmas gifts LOL
In the past few days I have gotten 4 request for a Passwordd Book, so I put them on the list and gave them a number.
Jeannie who owns ATC_Fun mentioned a square punch to calm the anxiety of cutting out perfect squares..Talk about a DUH moment. I got one so now I can fix my Teabag fold ATC's or make new ones. I hate when things don't turn out exactly how I wanted them.
My shoulder is not doing well so there is that. Boy! That's the last time I go body surfing down THAT driveway :-( I can think of better ways to get hurt. Like burning my fingers with a torch while making jewelry or sewing my fingers together or better yet gluing my fingers together, that's always fun. They should invent a glue that sticks to EVERYTHING except fingers...seems to me it works the other way around for the most part. That little silver heart refuses to stay glued to the one ATC so I will have to find something else.
So for today there are no pictures. Plenty on the drawing board and there will probably be pic's tomorrow.
But for now just Happy wishes to you for a productive day....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy, busy

Oh aren't we all ? Between my BIG BD celebration (my children all feed my addiction BTW) and all the swaps and challenges my head is spinning (more then usual).
So let me share what I have been up to so you don't think all I do is play with my animals all day.
I belong to an ATC group (I really need to post a link to Jeannies group). While I haven't been up to very involved swaps, those that require sewing and  clay..I've fed my addiction by making ATC's which I totally enjoy and find relaxing.
Jeannies group has had A LOT going on...These were for an embossing technique. Trick was to emboss the paper and then use embossing powder on just the raised design. The pictures don't really do justice to the twinkle.
These next ones are teabag folds. I could have used easier folds or even round ones (which are easier) but I like these  .
I know, they aren't the best..but with one eye and bandaged fingers they look okay. I used alcohol ink to do the background. BTW the two larger ones are the papers I purchased and I had to make them smaller..the purple one which I think turned out much better, was FREE paper off the Internet..much better and you can print the size you need.
This last set is Iris fold. I've done this many times on cards...never small enough for an ATC OMG!! I ended up sewing the card for fear it would pop open along the way..I used thin paper but it was still bulky..the end result looks okay, don't ya think?

Then we have the BD girl asking for an ATC swap that says "Surprise me" I decided on doors with a surprise fairy behind. I was going to make these little surprise envelopes I make, but if the person didn't fold it back up correctly the card would be a mess, so I went with the doors.
Then in my group we have a little mini book exchange. I asked that it be 2 and a half by 3 and a half or smaller. I made mine smaller. Cover is leather and I used my metal stamps to stamp the copper "Passwords"
Just added the little brass Kitty because I liked the look. The pages are parchment, there are 12 of them.
The idea behind this book; In today's world everything needs a password..bank accounts, credit cards, all on line groups and chat rooms..if you are like me you can never remember them or get them confused. I figure if someone writes their pass words in pencil, the book is small enough to be hidden near the computer for quick reference. Rich liked the idea so much he asked me to make him one....That's a first!!
So that's what I have been doing in ALL my spare time. Tomorrow I will show off my Book of Fairies. I am also working on a mini album for Jeannies group and two dolls for CDA. Then people wonder why I don't have time for the computer...or to organize my studio :-(
Wishing everyone a creative day!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where have I been?

Actually I have been right here. My family decided to turn my Birthday into a week long celebration which was great. I got to spend time with them . When Karen was here we worked on a scrapbook for her brothers 50th BD. Then they left after 4 days and Robyn showed up with her crew. She and I worked on some swaps I wanted to get done..She is great as cutting and antiquing while I "create".
Those pictures will get posted a bit later.
Just in case you think I live a quiet, normal dull life I want to tell you about yesterdays adventure.
I got a call from the Fed Ex guy saying he couldn't make it up the driveway, could he leave the package at the bottom of the mountain. I told him  I'd be right down and away I went...no problems. I did notice a drift but no big deal.
On the way back up I was doing fine until I hit the drift at the steep slope , the car came to a stop and proceeded to slide backward. I had absolutely no control , no emergency brake..nothing. So I just went with it. Once midway down I was able to stop and decided to try the grass. That never gets the amount of snow (because of drifting) that the driveway does. So off I went and all was going great until I once again hit that steep slope. Once again the Jeep came to a stop and proceeded to slide back down only this time, side ways..it picked up speed and I saw the tree line approaching rather fast. The tree line designates a cliff with quite a drop so needless to say I was happy when the car stopped. Whew!
Bound and determined to navigate the driveway from hell, I decided to go up the grass on the other side..Took off like a bat out of hell, thought I was going to make it too, but I started losing steam as I got to the steep slope and once again the Jeep rolled backward. Now that side of the drive is  lined with pine trees. With no control and the car heading for them I just turned the wheel as much as I could and prayed. The car turned to it's side and came to rest pretty much where I started from the  past 2 times...
I'm sure by now you think me some sort of idiot. I was thinking the same so I  decided to hike up the driveway and get the Jeep another time...Off I went plodding through the snow in slippers..Oh stop laughing... no gloves either. I was doing fine until I reached that steep slope...seems me and the car both lost traction at that point, so like the car, I too began to slide backward, totally out of control.
I didn't want to come down on my knees so I twisted and fell on my butt where I proceeded to fly down the driveway at warp speed..Didn't I say to stop laughing? I suddenly realized as my slippers flew off, that if I passed the car, I'd really be in trouble. The world was a blurr that was passing by quickly so I reached for a pine tree branch. I'm here to tell you, grabbing a branch at about 40 MPH without gloves is a big OUCH!!! But I did stop and only had to crawl a little ways up to retrieve my slippers. By then of course my feet were iced over, my hands were blue and I was soaking wet...I slid a bit more controlled back to the car at which point I saw the MULE cresting the hill at the top of the slope. The cavalry of one had arrived...20 min. later after the backhoe dug that drift out, I drove up that mountain like it wasn't even there.
THE END and how was your day? This picture makes the driveway look much tamer then it actually is. It only shows a third of the driveway, but the part you see, half way up is pretty much where all the action happened. The car as well as me would have been hidden by those trees in the front of the picture. Are you still laughing?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have to be the worst Blogger in History

I always have it in my mind to post here at least once a day. To share what I'm up to or a new technique I have found.
Unfortunately by the time I cull through and delete all the silliness, then answer mentoree's and mail from friends, then check on my own groups plus those I belong to...my day is half over and my projects await.

What roads to where are paved with the best of intentions?
So this is what I have been up to. I can't show you gifts in the works, but these are swaps:
Over at Jeannies group I did February (my birth month) ATC's, they are 3 D but it doesn't show very well.
The color was purple, but I guess you guessed that already huh? Also at Jeannies I joined the St. Pattys Day ATC swap
They were put in their little clear envies and sent on their way.
On my site we had a Post Card swap hosted by Norma, so this is what I did for that one which goes to Edwina.
The heart is a pocket and it's filled with Valentines plus heart shapes lollies.
Then on LuAnns group I decided to join the dotee doll swap. What fun that was. This was a Valentine dotee doll swap and I decided to give her a home. She is going to Belinda tomorrow.
She lives in the matchbox. I love her!! I also love the PC I got in return , plus the book I received. You remember the book made from one piece of paper, with pockets? This is the one I got in return...
cool huh? IT had lots of little goodies tucked in the pockets.
The my Valentine postcard from Edwina
Plus a beautiful hand made card..That's all for now folks. For those of you who know Cherie, check out the awesome doll she made for a swap. It turned out gorgeous.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BLOG gets nutty

Maybe it's me or maybe it's this Blog but nothing seems to be working today.
So I will carry on, keeping a positive  thought that it will publish like it is supposed to.

I had hoped to get a lot done yesterday. That didn't happen LOL What else is new?
So let me see if I can at least post some more pictures of what I've been doing.

WOW!! It actually worked.The top pic is a doll pin I got from Doll Street Dreamers (the pattern) I just liked it because it was crazy , I'm crazy and so is my friend Norma so I sent it to her LOL
I also sent her an altered spoon with a little baby sleeping. I love doing those spoons...not always with babies , but just playing with wire and beads. I think I may make some to take to Paducah.
I received a real sweet Post Card and Valentine book yesterday so maybe I'll take some pictures of those and share.
I do hope everyone has a lovely day.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Happens

And aren't we lucky that it does? Although sometimes I think I can live without the drama my life seems to attract .
I have not posted here because I had to return to the Island. I had some short term rental in there. Agents that came to assess the damage caused by sandy all over the Island. Thought I was doing a service but as it turns out, once again I am facing unpaid utility bills, cable bill etc. If one more person tells me "there is a special place for me in heaven" I will choke them. How saintly is that? No good deed goes unpunished has now become my mantra.
Still, I will continue to give and continue to help people. Why? Trust me, I ask that question every time I get  stepped on and ground into the pavement. Am I a masochist or just stupid? Maybe I just don't want the ugliness of this world to change who I am or what my heart tells me is "the right thing to do"...
So now I am back, once again to head out to my studio determined to get it organized or die in the attempt LOL
Yes it would probably go faster if I didn't join swaps or busy myself with my groups. However, they are all so supportive of me, it is very hard not to join them when they have a swap. So I will continue to try and fit it all in. I have given up some other things that took a great deal of my time. I had to prioritize and my art makes me happy, so that's what I will concentrate on. If anyone has a problem with that, I guess that would fall into the category of "who cares". It's time to keep Kathie happy ...<shudder> that's hard for me to even say without getting goose bumps. It sounds so selfish.
So what have I been doing in all that spare time I have LOL trying to finish up Christmas gifts along with swaps..Gifts are still a WIP but here are some finished swaps.

This was a Valentine swap. The book is made from one piece of paper that form the book plus little pockets. Also makes a great card. I filled the pockets with little cards and cut outs and charms and sent it along to my partner .

This is a "Healing Goddess" pin doll...another swap that I totally enjoyed. She carries a ribbon of HOPE.
I have other things to show, but my BLOG thing is not cooperating so perhaps tomorrow.
I just spent half a day  on the phone trying to straighten out some business so I think I will try and spend some time at play. That always lifts my spirits.
For those of you who have written me regarding Alison Bird. She is home, but her surgery did not go well and she is in a great deal of pain. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This is a darling person that would give you the shirt off her back. She certainly does not deserve all she is going through. Her family also expresses their thanks to all of you for your prayers.
I hope you all have a fabulous productive day!!!