A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playful Mood

As you can see I have been doing a bit of redecorating..One of these days I will have the time to do all I'd like to do on this blog, but for now I'm just having some fun and adding some interest.
AS far as what I'm doing hmmmm. Trying to catch up mostly. I have a mini journal (swap) that is made but not written in so I have to do that. I have my New Years dolls for CDA that I have to complete so there's that. The Mystery Muse has to go out today so I guess I better take care of that first. Then I have Norma's Easter Post Card to do and the charms to finish. Oh and let us not forget those who are still waiting for Christmas gifts LOL
In the past few days I have gotten 4 request for a Passwordd Book, so I put them on the list and gave them a number.
Jeannie who owns ATC_Fun mentioned a square punch to calm the anxiety of cutting out perfect squares..Talk about a DUH moment. I got one so now I can fix my Teabag fold ATC's or make new ones. I hate when things don't turn out exactly how I wanted them.
My shoulder is not doing well so there is that. Boy! That's the last time I go body surfing down THAT driveway :-( I can think of better ways to get hurt. Like burning my fingers with a torch while making jewelry or sewing my fingers together or better yet gluing my fingers together, that's always fun. They should invent a glue that sticks to EVERYTHING except fingers...seems to me it works the other way around for the most part. That little silver heart refuses to stay glued to the one ATC so I will have to find something else.
So for today there are no pictures. Plenty on the drawing board and there will probably be pic's tomorrow.
But for now just Happy wishes to you for a productive day....

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