A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So much for "Tomorrow"

I guess in the broad sense of the word it is "Tomorrow"..okay so it is actually today which was yesterdays tomorrow. But I told you several days ago I'd see you tomorrow. So how does that work?
As you can see I am not in my right mind. Was I ever? I don't really think so...or perhaps it is the rest of the world and I am the only normal one. I have been spending too much time in the glue again. LOL

So what have I been doing. Well for one, I have been looking for my second batch of 100 ATC envelopes. They are missing. I am sure they will be in the last place I look, I just haven't looked there yet. I did manage to hit "Full Circle" which some of you know is my favorite junk shop. I found a bunch of old bottles which Anna, the owner, felt needed a new home. They have been there forever. She knows I like bottles and I do things to them...bad things when you consider I am about to take away their antique value. Who cares, no one wanted then as antiques anyway.
My next Challenge in  CDA has to do with bottles. I love bottles so this will be fun. I have a swap going on  which is an Altoids Tin mingle , the ladies seem to be having fun with that. One of the challenges in another studio within CDA was a New Years Baby doll. That's what I have been working on...so here she is.

My kids say she looks like me, so I named her Katie. I was going to name her Nova because my friend Cherie said that is the Hopie tribe name for  Butterfly Chaser, but then I had another doll in mind for that so Katie it is.

So while I have been doing more, I can't really show you any of it at the moment..maybe tomorrow...when ever that is...