A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, May 30, 2014

I Bring you flowers

What a beautiful sunny day. It's cool and just the perfect day. I couldn't figure out why my computer was doing all sorts of weird things. I'm sure Yahoo is still acting up but this went beyond, then I get a call on my cell from a friend who wanted to know what was wrong with my phone. Turns out my modem was slowly dying and then it did. When it did I lost computer and phone. I asked cable guy why I still had TV and was told it is a different line. Who knew??
I had to ride to Binghamton to get a new modem (wasn't happy about that). My swaps are still in different stages of completion so no pictures for you. But I did get some pretty awesome pictures of my flowers. So what better way to  say "you're special to me" then to share my flowers with you.
aren't they pretty? I love this time of year. Actually the only season I'm not crazy about is summer. Fall up here is Gorgeous, Winter is pristine and Spring is colorful and happy.
I made two tippy pots for my garden. It's pretty simple in case you've never done it. Bang a rod or dowel into the ground..I used rebar. Put it in deep enough that the pots won't pull it over. I left about 3 feet above the ground and purchased 8" clay pots. Clay pots are perfect because the have that neat hole already where it's needed. Slide a pot down the dowel (which comes up through the hole) and tilt the pot to the right, fill it part way with dirt, add the flower and then fill with more dirt. Slide another pot down and tilt to the left and do the same with the dirt and flower. Slide another down and tilt again to the right...you get the idea. Make it as tall as you want. I used 7 pots.
when I first made these
everyone asked if they could "copy" the idea. Like I had a patent on it LOL It does look pretty in the garden. So make one and think of me. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Holiday Over...

I do hope everyone had a nice long week-end and enjoyed the Holiday. I also hope you took time out and remembered what the holiday was for. I don't know of too many people that aren't touched by some war along the way. All of us have had Fathers, Mother, brother, sister, friends...someone in battle and many that did not return home.I think each day a moment should be set aside to remember those who fought for our freedom.
Needless to say I haven't done much. Certainly not what I had hoped to accomplish but.....
I know I'm not alone.
I did finish up the Pendant Spools (one set anyway). I decided to use Vintage one of a kind buttons, some vintage trim that I accented with Swarvoski crystals and a crystal bead to top it off.
So that's the first set of 6. The next set will be way different. These look a bit Victorian, no? I'd wear it.
I also got my little tiny mini album from my partner, along with a great stamp I REALLY wanted. The universe must have whispered in her ear. Either that or she just knows how wild I am about Steam Punk.
Isn't the album just darling and so tiny. I can't wait to make my first card with that stamp.
So that's pretty much it. Flowers got planted today , it's so beautiful out. I hope everyone had a sunshiney day...Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 23, 2014

So High

That's what I often tell people. I live so high up in the mountains that very often the clouds are below me.
Sometimes the clouds are so thick I feel like I'm suspended in cotton. Yesterday was a perfect example of clouds being lower then I am.
I am always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me here. I have lived in many places, visited many, many places and while each place I've been has a certain charm that captures my heart. there is no place in this country, that has the ever changing beauty or the peace and serenity of this place IMHO of course.
I managed to unpack several boxes I had stored in my studio. WOW! What a treasure trove of goodies I found. It pays to clean LOL
Then I worked a bit on several projects to bring them closer to completion. I did manage to finish the Wearable Notions charms.
I thought of many things, but I wanted to make a charm from some of my "Vintage" stash....not little charms of scissors or spools of thread I have that are new.
About 50 years ago I was given a bag of small spools. Someone found them behind a factory that made samples of something. There were thousands of the little things, so they were shared among many. I had forgotten I even had them until just recently. They seemed like a good base for a charm. I've been wanting to use this vintage trim I got from my aunt. She bought a roll of it in the late 40's/early 50's(she couldn't remember) since it is my favorite color she shared some with me when she gave me bunches of antique, one of a kind buttons she acquired .(not used in this project) So I painted the spools gold and wrapped the trim around the center. It fit perfect. Then I got out my Grandmothers button tin. I've been hording these things since I was a kid, it's time to let go. I managed to find some pretty clear buttons to use on the bottom of each spool and then I sized some out small, med. and large (lg being about dime size) some are made of bone, some of shell or mother of pearl, while others are plastic. Since all buttons fascinate me, I just staked them according to size and fed them onto copper wire which I then twisted and formed into a loop.
AS I always say, I never swap something I wouldn't be delighted to receive myself. It's a rule I have and trust me, there have been swaps that ended up in the trash because after seeing it and living with it a few days, it just didn't make the cut. Everyone I swap with may not be all 'party hats and horns' about what I do, but at least they know it wasn't thrown together in an hour and was given a great deal of thought in the process. I spend days thinking about a swap. More time sketching out what I think I might like to do, then time selecting the elements I hope to use. Putting it together is usually the easiest part.
Like I said, I've got a lot on the drawing board, 12 spools close to being done (they are pendants and much different then the charms) My initial...well someones initial LOL and the latest 4X4 chunky with the theme:
There's a WHAT in my garden? Already have some idea's on that one I think will be really cool so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by......

Monday, May 19, 2014


Well this is what it looks like
ROTFL!!! You are looking at 5 projects. I mean it isn't like I have nothing better to do LOL
But when I work on swaps and challenges, my mind is busy and I don't think of too much else.
People say the reason I only sleep 2 hours a day is because I don't shut off my mind. If that's the case, I've had a busy mind since I was about 5. Didn't sleep then either. I figure one day I will sleep forever, that will make up for lost time.
So I did manage to finish up that little book you see in the upper left. That's really only the center of the book. It was sitting there waiting for a cover so before I did anything....okay, I had breakfast, dusted, vacuumed,fed the animals and did some laundry..but before I started my REAL day, I finished the book.
It spoke to me and said "simple" You all know I love BLING and Lots of embellishment, but this little thing said 'simple' and I like it.
The inside pages now have a home right along with the tags in the pockets. It was a fun project. I must say , I've made easier books, but I did enjoy doing this one.
It's a bright sunny day, which of course means my studio is dripping with sunshine. A great day to work (a bit cool) in here and try to organize some things. Is that even possible? I keep telling people, I saw a sign that says "A neat studio is the sign of a sick mind"...BOY!! Am I healthy!!
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, May 16, 2014

And the Tree's ROARED!!!

Well that's a silly title isn't it ? You're thinking 'she has really lost her mind'...
And why is she posting a picture of trees? Looking at big tall pine trees and grass with no real focal point is like looking at a blank canvass. What is she trying to say?
If I knew how to make a sound bite, you'd know what I was trying to say. For the past two days it has done nothing but rain. Very stormy with record breaking winds. The reason the picture appears a bit blurry is because the trees are moving and the howl of the wind is deafening. The roar that is produced by those trees is constant. When the trees whisper in the wind it can be rather soothing.  I like that sound. Right below those trees is my pond and it is a peaceful place to meditate. But when the tree's roar, to me, it is the sound of "Anger" if anger had a sound. So no I haven't lost my mind. I'm just venting at Mother Nature to knock it off. I want cool summer breezes and whispering pines..Oh yes and some SUNSHINE please. It's been a looooong, cold, gray winter.
I had hoped to have a bit more done today, but as always, life got in the way. Phones ringing, scanning paper work for a lawyer, just the usual stressful BS that keeps me from playing. The older I get the more play time I need and the more I resent anything standing in my way.
So all I managed to finish were the bird shaped book pages. I joined this mini album group to support a fellow member of Jeannies group ATC-Fun. The idea of this album group is to make different shaped books and swap pages for those books. So I'm thinking once I get my pages I will make covers and dress it all up and use it for perhaps a BD card or R.A.K. While I do keep swaps and put them on display, some swaps are made to share mini books and charms come to mind. I love my charms and tend to hoard them, but every once in a while I will use a few to decorate a card, bookmark or album. They are just to beautiful not to share. At the moment I am working on a method to display my charms and give them purpose. If that works, I may never share a charm again LOL Don't worry, I will show you what I've done once I do it.
So here are my book pages.

 I will send one bird to each person in the swap, there are 6 of us. When I asked about embellishments, I was reminded that they had to be mailed and I might consider weight. So they are simple (considering what I usually do) I used glitter type paper and ran it through my embossing machine (hearts)
dry brushed the hearts with gold. Added a little jewel for the eye and I cut wings from CD's and then crackled them. I love the affect don't you?I cut glitter ribbon for the top of the wing and the base of the tail and of course peacock feathers The little bird seems to call for a bow so I added it and called it done...The back is a pretty card stock with my info. I outlined the bird in 18K gold leaf and gave him a beak of the same.(If you looked earlier, your not dreaming, I did change the picture, I just needed to add a little something. You know me and my bling  and my embellishments. I just can't do "simple")
That's pretty much all I managed to totally finish. But y'all come back ya hear...I have more.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two Days in a row...WOW!!

AS you can see, I'm trying LOL
It is nothing short of a miracle that I managed to finish my "doll" . Remember, I told you about the I Dare You to make a doll from a plastic container (it could be anything as long as it was plastic. Any size)..
I had several different things in mind and decided to go with this one.
It started out life as a plastic nose spray bottle.
I first primed it then painted it in my favorite metal paint, Metal Effects Iron Paint. It actually has bits of metal in it and when sprayed with an activator it truly rust.
The arms and legs came from an old typewriter, his eyes from the mother board of a coffeemaker. His switches are a digital watch face, some watch gears and bigger clock gears. His mouth is also a watch part.
AS you can see, he can stand very well.
He also sits. Note he is highlighted now with a silver paste to define him a bit more.
He can even run when he has to. My next projects in line are a Mixed Media Initial, and some charms made from spools. I'm also working on some bird shaped pages for a mini album exchange. It just never ends around here. Add to that a former tenant getting on my last nerve and I'm needing a vacation LOL
I'm sure to have more to show you tomorrow, so come on back ya hear?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Monday

Seems like Monday is the magic day for getting here. Try as I may, every day just doesn't seem to work.
But I'm going to keep working at it. I'd love to blog each day. I'd like to show others how I do stuff like so many other BLOGs I see. Mine seems so boring in comparison.
I once saw a sign that said "A neat studio is the sign of a sick mind"...I laughed at the time and thought to myself ' well no sick mind happening at my house'...Now as I look around, I compare it to that Hoarders show. Now THAT'S a sick mind!!! There has to be a happy medium. I need to know I am not alone. Please write me and tell me I am not alone. I know  people have been unable to leave comments (not complaining,  love the e-mail) but please keep trying. Deb I see that you have no problem...Thank you for being so supportive.
Okay so here is what I have done:
In my group  mixedmediastudio@yahoo.com we also have a paper studio run by Robyn. She has a book page thing going on. I thought that might be fun so I joined.
That was fun. I think she draws a name and sends all to one person. Nice start to an art journal.
I did manage to finish my Banner.
The theme was "Winter song" so I thought the carolers were appropriate and the Christmas carol is curled on the ends of a torn sheet. It was the first time I made my own paper trim and I kind of liked it. Then I topped it with some copper trim. One day I will lay out all the ones I got...they are all so different. They should make a lovely winter display hanging from my shelf in the dining room.
I also did some work on my "doll". My monthly challenge is I dare you to make....this month is a Doll from a plastic container. All sorts of idea's ran through my head but the one I liked best was a plastic nose spray bottle. Oh stop laughing...wait until you see it LOL Then laugh.
For Mothers Day I got to spend time with my Goats. Cleaning their pen is always fun...NOT. But they are just so darn cute, it's hard not to enjoy them.
Jake ran to the fence when he heard me coming. "It's about time woman where the heck have you been?". That's what he said...really.
Harley said "YOu don't really expect me to help clean up that mess do you?". He is my quiet, shy boy.
Jake, However, is not shy and decided that helping would be fun. For him perhaps but for me hmmm I think it would have been faster without him. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful Mothers Day. Every one of my kids and grand kids remembered to send a card ON TIME. That's a first LOL They always remember but I often get them after , not before. I even won $25 (they all sent me scratch off lottery tickets. So it was a profitable Mothers Day too! Stick around and let me know what you think of my "doll". Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 5, 2014


You can tell Spring is Sprung. It is still rather cold and it rains a lot but I try and get out and play as often as the sun shows her pretty face. I have some more garden art up my sleeve but I have several projects to finish first.
I did manage to get those charm ATCs finished.

I had been working with the coral beads and they just seem to go nice with the brass Cat. It's a cute charm, a cat with a heart, held onto the card with a paper clip.
My fairy cards charm are pearls holding a fairy charm held onto the cards with a star brad. I like them, hope the girls do.
I had a BD gift to make. Remember those little mini books? This is what I came up with.
I've got a ton of pretty charms. My friend likes yellow and green and she also likes Cats, so this seemed perfect. Another one of those "better late then never" situations.
I also made some angel earrings.....
Kind of cute huh? Hey it keeps me out of trouble.
The last thing on my to do list for last week was to get the color palette charms done.This was the colors for May..
I found these coral and turquoise colored beads that seemed perfect. Normally I would have made something out of clay, perhaps more beachy. Considering all I have to get done, I had to take the easier road this time.
Twenty of anything is a lot.
When you are pressed for time, you do the best you can. It's a perfect color match and that's what this swap is all about, the color.
So, for this week coming I have a Banner due, an Initial swap, a mini album swap, a bird page swap and I might as well start working on my spools...I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 2, 2014

You know how it is

LOL or at least I hope by now you do . Life just has a way of screwing up my good times.
How dare these animals of mine need care and food and baths and exercise , not to mention love and affection. Where do they come off demanding such things?
Of course I jest. I get as much pleasure out of my animals as I do playing in my studio. Unfortunately, I can't so both. Then there are doctor visits to fit in along the way. It's what happens as we age...Them's the facts.
I do find myself saying "there but for the grace of God..." a lot, so I am luckier then most when it comes to health. No sense whining about it...Now if whining helped, you bet I'd do it...A LOT!! Since it doesn't, why waste the energy?
I have managed to get somethings done...or part done.
I did manage to bake 4 loaves of Irish soda bread...
Oh come on now, that's a craft in itself. As you can see by the time I got my camera, part of a loaf was already gone. Making bread helps me relax. What can I say?
I think I told you about the Charm ATC's

One group will have a Kitty kind of charm and the other a fairy charm. I'll post a pic of each when they are ready to mail. I found that Kitty on line and stuck a feather in his mouth. Does he has a cute face or what?
Heaven forbid I should sit still and do nothing while watching a class on line..Actually it's more listening then actual action at this point, so I made myself a friend.
One animal I don't have to feed...YAY ME!!! His name is Bud.
So that's about it for me. Hardly what I see as a weeks worth of work, but I've got a real clean Barn, a clean Peacock house and some well groomed goats, so that counts. I should have more to show tomorrow so come on back ya hear? Thanks for stopping by today.