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Monday, May 19, 2014


Well this is what it looks like
ROTFL!!! You are looking at 5 projects. I mean it isn't like I have nothing better to do LOL
But when I work on swaps and challenges, my mind is busy and I don't think of too much else.
People say the reason I only sleep 2 hours a day is because I don't shut off my mind. If that's the case, I've had a busy mind since I was about 5. Didn't sleep then either. I figure one day I will sleep forever, that will make up for lost time.
So I did manage to finish up that little book you see in the upper left. That's really only the center of the book. It was sitting there waiting for a cover so before I did anything....okay, I had breakfast, dusted, vacuumed,fed the animals and did some laundry..but before I started my REAL day, I finished the book.
It spoke to me and said "simple" You all know I love BLING and Lots of embellishment, but this little thing said 'simple' and I like it.
The inside pages now have a home right along with the tags in the pockets. It was a fun project. I must say , I've made easier books, but I did enjoy doing this one.
It's a bright sunny day, which of course means my studio is dripping with sunshine. A great day to work (a bit cool) in here and try to organize some things. Is that even possible? I keep telling people, I saw a sign that says "A neat studio is the sign of a sick mind"...BOY!! Am I healthy!!
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