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Friday, May 30, 2014

I Bring you flowers

What a beautiful sunny day. It's cool and just the perfect day. I couldn't figure out why my computer was doing all sorts of weird things. I'm sure Yahoo is still acting up but this went beyond, then I get a call on my cell from a friend who wanted to know what was wrong with my phone. Turns out my modem was slowly dying and then it did. When it did I lost computer and phone. I asked cable guy why I still had TV and was told it is a different line. Who knew??
I had to ride to Binghamton to get a new modem (wasn't happy about that). My swaps are still in different stages of completion so no pictures for you. But I did get some pretty awesome pictures of my flowers. So what better way to  say "you're special to me" then to share my flowers with you.
aren't they pretty? I love this time of year. Actually the only season I'm not crazy about is summer. Fall up here is Gorgeous, Winter is pristine and Spring is colorful and happy.
I made two tippy pots for my garden. It's pretty simple in case you've never done it. Bang a rod or dowel into the ground..I used rebar. Put it in deep enough that the pots won't pull it over. I left about 3 feet above the ground and purchased 8" clay pots. Clay pots are perfect because the have that neat hole already where it's needed. Slide a pot down the dowel (which comes up through the hole) and tilt the pot to the right, fill it part way with dirt, add the flower and then fill with more dirt. Slide another pot down and tilt to the left and do the same with the dirt and flower. Slide another down and tilt again to the right...you get the idea. Make it as tall as you want. I used 7 pots.
when I first made these
everyone asked if they could "copy" the idea. Like I had a patent on it LOL It does look pretty in the garden. So make one and think of me. Thanks for stopping by.

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