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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!!!

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the compost pile. yesterday I gave the peacock house a good cleaning. Shoveled out all the old wood chips, pooh, eggs, hay, food that was on the floor, and feathers. I ended up with two large plastic buckets of stuff. AS usual I loaded up the MULE and took it over to the compost area..Not really compost but animal pooh mixed with hay and other stuff (not food from the house). AS I emptied one of the buckets I heard a low rumble, like a growl. My first thought was a bear since I was up in the area I've seen them before, but I dismissed it. It happened again when I dumped the second bucket, a growl followed by a sort of sneeze. I looked around but the brush is thick and all I saw was black, shadows, figured it was some animal.
This morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day, look what I saw headed for that very same place I was yesterday.
Yes, that be a bear folks, a rather large black bear. It's hard to tell size but ya know those little "smart cars"? Yup, that be about the size LOL We've had bear before, since we do not kill things here, nor do we allow others to kill on our land, critters tend to stay around. They know they are safe here. We have come face to face with bear, coyote and many other critters. There seems to be a mutual respect. Of course we don't play with the things or attempt to befriend them. But we do enjoy sights like this over early morning coffee.

Meanwhile I finished up my last set of spool pendants
Lots of sparkle. Here they are wrapped and ready to go...
I also finished up my Initial for my partner. Her name begins with an 'S' and I discovered she liked shell art.
I enjoyed making this. It was something different then my usual.
It's on a drift wood type base and most of the shells came home with me from New Zealand. The Paua shell, native to NZ is very high luster and looks lovely when the light hits it. Unfortunately, pictures never seem to do justice to work like this. There's even a real pearl..How about that?

Last but not least is my Toilet paper card holders. They each have a floral tag...I used handmade paper..again a bit different from what I normally would do.
So now I have a banner to do, a 4X4 that's on my table, a coaster pad and butterfly charms whew! I thought I was taking a wee break but it doesn't look that way does it? It's a sickness I tell you.
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  1. Oh my, that was a bit close for comfort! Bears and all other critters are safe on our property too but when they 'harrumph' I listen and head the other direction, especially when the Momma deers start stamping and whistling .. time to slowly walk away! Wonderful finishes as always, your initial is stunning! Time to get my roller skates on and get working on mine too.