A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Mail!!

Those of you who know me, know I get super excited over Happy Mail. I'm like a kid at Christmas. No, really. I know some people open  their mail (swaps), look at the item , smile and say.."how nice" or "It's about time. This is really well done". Trust me, I've witnessed people opening stuff and I'm always far more excited then they are. Even when I see other peoples stuff it's OMG!! OMG!! That gorgeous!! I've had people hand me swaps in person, because they live close or are visiting and I'm sorry to say, even when I LOVE something (which is almost always), I never get excited as I do when I get mail. Hey! It's lonely on this hill and mail is the high point of my day (why do you think I order so much? Yup, just to get mail)...
But before I show you what I've gotten, let me show you what I've done. Little by little things are getting out of here.
Can you guess the Theme? LOL I found that cute little guy in the middle and the minute I saw him I said to myself  "looks like he is about to go in a pie"...so I circled him with 'Cinnamon, sugar and pie crust...Oh My!!!' I was also amazed while looking for apples to see how many had hearts carved in them. Seems like a good alternative to flowers.. I love making 'exploding' anything, so I did it to the apple. I sort of like it. What about you?
We continue with the banner. The whole series is titled Vintage Winter but each month they have a sub title that is optional. This month was "Jungle Bells"..I made the "lace" trim from glittered card stock in silver, added silver trim on top. Used my die cut on a vintage picture of a kid in the snow and silvered the edges. The bling up in the corner is made from that sparkle mesh and was a lot of fun to do (aside from the blisters on my fingers), Of course I had to include the song sheet of "Jingle bells" and finish it off with silver jingles as my dangle. I'm happy with it. I'd be happy to get it. So it goes out today...the cards are long gone.
So far that's all I've totally finished but there is more to follow.
On with the swaps:

This altered clock
was made by Robyn -MixedMediaStudio swap. It's all punked up and even has lights. I just love it.
This beautiful initial was made by Cherie- Mixed Media Studio swap- Obviously people know what I like.The pictures never do justice. This is absolutely beautiful in person and certainly says Kathie with a capital "K". I'm thrilled with it.
This was made for me by Holly -ArtFor TheCreativeMind- it is a 4x4 and the theme was There's a What in My Garden? How hilarious is this ?
These ATC's are the last project of my group SOMMA. I have combined both mixed media groups.
The theme was Apples and these were made by Teri. The Zen tangle one is my favorite, but they were all well done and  a great addition to my collection of ATC's
The battery died in my camera so there will be more tomorrow. I'll leave you with the beauty blooming in my garden. I love Poppy season. Short lived but FABULOUS!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great ATC's Kathie and love the new banner. The clock from Robyn is amazing and love the 'K' from Cherie, perfect! The 4x4 is hilarious and the apple ATC's are fun. Enjoy your poppies, mine are about to come out here too, love the extravagance of those big, beautiful blossoms! Deb