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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

She's Amazing

As I explained in my post the other day, Rosie has had an appointment at Rainbow Bridge twice before.
The day that I wrote that post, Rosie sat here watching me cry, she's deaf so I knew she couldn't hear me telling her how much she has meant, not just to me, but to all who have known her. I swear she reads lips.
About an hour later she cried to go out and down the steps she went, more amazing was when she came back up the steps. This is a dog who I had to lift with a sling for almost a week so she could walk up the steps. A dog that was so weak she would list over to one side as she walked.
I'm not quite sure it was me surrounding her with positive energy or all of you sending her energy and positive thought, but she is like a new dog. She has slept through the last two nights, she is eating and drinking normal and she is walking up and down steps. This morning she did something she hasn't done in weeks, she walked down to the barn with me to tend to the goats..Tail wagging and a look that said "I'm not going anywhere until I want to"...bless her heart. So thank you for all the well wishes and happy thoughts, something worked, that's for sure.

Mean while to keep myself busy I worked on some projects. I only took pictures of one, but I also finished up my seaside charms (two sets of 10), plus I sent out 10 R.A.K. to the mini album group. The owner felt it would be fun to send out RAK's  ...although she said we could send to whom ever we wanted, how can you do that? There are only 11 people in the group for Pete's sake. Making them up was fun. I shared some ephemera that I've accumulated. Things I believe they can use in on going projects.

WE are getting ready for the Mystery Challenge in the mixed media studio and I am very excited. I think those who signed up will be very happy with the finished project, which for most, will probably end up a Halloween display. I'll post some pictures here as we move along, but most detailed instructions and patterns will be sent  via e-mail for those who signed up.

For one swap we were supposed to make a Birds nest charm...any color we wanted. I must say I truly enjoyed making this piece and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
I used liver of sulphur to darken the copper wire, then turned wire into a woven birds nest,. I was so pleased to find natural pearls in my stash that actually looked like eggs. After the piece was complete I polished off some high spots and brought them back to copper. Added an antique copper chain and called it done. I hope my partner likes it. She said she wears mostly gold, but I made a shiny gold one and didn't like it at all, so she can wear something different for a change LOL I wish you could see the true luster of the pearls, they are just lovely.
So that's it for today. My Rosie is still with me, she seems happy and not in any pain so all is right with the world. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Kathie, I was in tears reading your post, what wonderful, wonderful news!! I was going to send you an email asking how Rosie was doing but to be honest I was afraid of what the answer was going to be. Dear sweet Rosie, I am so thrilled to hear that you are doing better. Healing energy still flowing to you, stay well sweet pup!
    Your birds nest charm is lovely! I have seen them made on YouTube and have a video bookmarked to make one or two as they are so pretty. Love how you've oxidized the metal and then buffed it back!
    So very, very, VERY happy to hear that Rosie is feeling better, hugs to you and to Rosie!!