A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh What a busy time

There are some weeks that just linger like a hazy summer day, then there are others that are so busy you feel like you are caught in a whirl wind. This past week was filled will worry (Rosie) Gift Preparation (graduation and BD) and travel plans ...not to mention all the usual...Housework, animals, doctor visits and swaps...Breathe ...take a deep breath.
 Rosie continues to hold her own. Sleeps a lot and always hungry when awake. But bless her heart she is doing well. Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes and support. Rosie says "thank you for all your positive energy and love".

 I had sent a check to my son for his BD, but wanted to bring something to the party. I decided to make him Fortune Cookies out of $5 bills. Don't ask. The free instructions  sucked. I paid for instructions I then could not figure out (done in origami ) Finally filled a Chinese take out container..with a really cool label I made up. Then in all my hurry forgot to take a picture <sigh>
It was also Kristas Graduation from  middle school..I've made so many money roses I wanted to do something different..this is what I came up with...Note the graduation cap with Orange and black tassel.

She loved it. Great way for her to save money because she won't undo the flowers LOL

How cute are they? That's Krista to the left and David to the right. The lights of my life. My grandson used to worry because he was so much shorter than Krista. Suddenly his hormones kicked in. I don't think he is worried anymore.
I did manage to finish two swaps as well. Julys Banner was "Blue Christmas"
That's what I came up with. I wanted something simple, but elegant. Then I had an 8x8 collage to do. Really got stumped on that one. Finally I found a stamp that said "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"...I have always loved those illusion pictures. The ones that look like something but when you look close it isn't what you think it is? So I decided those were a perfect twist for that saying.
Not sure you can see the pictures but they aren't what they seem. The skull is actually two people kissing.
If nothing else, it's interesting. If I got something like it, I'd frame it, but that's me. My partner may think it is just weird LOL It's a fabric collage and that's what they asked for in the swap.
The ceiling fan in my studio stopped working, so add that to the "to do " list <sigh>
I can't get any hotter in here. It's like sitting in the fires of hell LOL The fan is quickly moving to the top of the list. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hope that things quiet down a tad for you now that Rosie is better and last month's swaps are on there way. Brilliant idea to use the money to make the origami flowers, too bad that the fortune cookie didn't work out :O( Love your newest banner, very elegant and your fabric collage is wonderful, great images to use with that saying! Hope the fan gets fixed soon so you don't melt, it's hotter than Hades here too but I'm not complaining!