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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finding 'STUFF'

It's not like I need other peoples junk. Actually I have plenty of junk of my  own...some people would say too much LOL Sometimes I wonder if I don't keep junk just to piss people off. It's a great conversation starter LOL

So I see this "Community " Garage sale. I fight the urge to stop, slowing down just to look at all the glass twinkling in the sun. I see antique tables and my urge grows stronger. I love to refinish furniture.
Finally I can't stand it. I have to stop at one because I see a wonderful lantern I can alter.
Is that cool or what? Then I see this cradle with some old dolls and those little ugly ones in the picture. I snap up the uglies and ask the guy what he wants. he says "the cradle and all the dolls is $3"...but I only want the two uglies, so he tells me 25 cents each. I'll take their heads off and make them into something wonderful.
Then I stop and get the most wonderful corn in the world, fresh picked (now in my freezer). Suddenly I see something I've been looking for but do not want to pay thrift store prices.
SHOES!!! Thrift stores sell shoes for $4 or more. I  don't wear other peoples shoes and when I'm done with shoes I don't save them so when I had an idea, I had nothing to try it out with. I've been hell bent on finding cheap shoes..They don't get much cheaper then 50 cents a pair. Right next to the shoes was two games with all the pieces. Even the game boards can be cut up to use for 4x4's or 8x8's so at 25 cents each they were a wonderful bargain.
Never saw this set up before. It's called 'Game Night" and it had 5 different games...two game boards. I was very excited. Look at those game pieces. It's amazing the fun one can have with a few $$. What treasures!!
Okay, back to the shoes. No I'm not telling you what I'm doing. You know I love surprises. You will just have to keep checking back...however, for those of you who like a challenge...pick up a shoe...turn it around in your hand, flip it over...REALLY look at the shape and form and tell me what you see. Then maybe you too will be stopping at garage sales looking for cheap shoes.
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  1. Love how your mind works LOL! Those games were a real score, so many possibilities with the game pieces and boards. Shoes, hmmmm, have to go peruse one and see what I see ... can't wait to hear what YOU see :O)

  2. LOL Oh you'd be surprised at the things I see. If only I could make my beautiful world a reality...What a nice place to live :-)
    I better get over and check on what you're up to...

  3. Love how the reflection in the shiny black shoe on the right looks like the moon over the city landscape at night :)