A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

I can't say that I am sorry to see 2012 leave. It has been a hard luck year. Between losing animals  and struggling with health issues I truly didn't think it could get much worse. It did when we were notified that my cousin Scott was killed on Thanks Giving Morning. Of course this entire Nation went into mourning with the Sandy Hook Killings...so I'd say there are many people happy to see this year coming to an end and hoping that 2013 brings more joy and less sorrow to all of us.

I may not have BLOGGED since losing my dear sweet Red but I have been busy. There were challenges and swaps that needed attention. Just because my life has some bumps in my personal journey, doesn't mean other people should have to pay. I'm sorry to say that not all people feel that way. WE had a swap on
Artforthecreativemind@yahoo.com and it seems that the person who had me just didn't care. I was told she had health issues...sorry but I had to laugh considering all I've faced this year. Yet I still managed to get all I had to do, done. Meanwhile months have passed and the person didn't even have the decency to write me a note and apologize. I can live without the swap. I can't condone ignorance ...

I hope to redo this Blog, perhaps start adding some tutorials along the way. Let me bring you up to date on some of the things I've done.
card front

card back
This is a card I made from a child's flash card the tags on the back were attached to notes and a check.
I'm afraid I'm not the best card maker, but I have fun altering things.
We had a Spooky 4X4 swap, so I made this up with a little envelope of gifts.Also wrote a little poem for the back.


This was a fun swap. I happen to like spooky which made it even more fun. I painted a pumpkin patch on canvas , then put an overlay of tulle that had spider webs on it. Then of course it needed a spider and a black cat I punked with a small watch.

In another group I belong to we had to make ATC's the theme was TIME
Then we had that Spool exchange. The one my partner didn't seem to think was worth the bother.

They certainly Had some sparkle to them. I often wonder if you get something in a  swap and you don't give anything, do you feel guilty? I would.

In another group I belong to we had a potion bottle exchange. That was different. The bottles are flat so I put little stands on the back to make them stand. These were fun.
Then in CDA we had a soft animal challenge.Just like the cat I did, only this was a dog pattern so I decided to make a "Watch" dog.
Another Challenge in the same group was a primitave stocking with a doll and candy cane. I don't do "prim" real well, but I made the stocking from an antique quilt, and the doll was tea stained. I included the soft candy cane and button tree.

Also in CDA was a challenge for a Gourd Santa. I drilled holes in him and cover the front with stars. Add a light and he looks cool in the dark.

So what do they do with those huge light bulbs when the burn out (street lights) this is what I did with one.
I had 2 left so I made one for two friends of mine...A little different..

My nutcracker pin doll for another challenge

a KINDNESS postcard for someone in the group (Tristan)

Probably should have flipped this one , but it is a PC with a single slide mailer. Open it to reveal another key.
My daughter-in-law loves Penguins and challenged me to make her ones from  water bottles.
They were fun to make and she fell in love....So as you can see, I do stay busy and even though I didn't get much time for the computer or my Blog. When I wasn't sitting in some doctors office, or being poked by needles (what a waste of time) I was busy getting ready for a Happy Christmas.
Christmas Eve dinner with friends was my way of ending this year on a happy note. We weren't sure if it would happen this year. Considering many factor, but I think the best way to ward off sadness is to bring laughter into your life. I was going to do a Christmas tree fold, but these red napkins just begged for a flower. So that's what I did to each plate.

Happy New Year!!! I hope to revamp this Blog, get rid of the old and bring in the new. I will have a studio at CDA this year and invite all of you to join us there. I'll write more about that later.
For now I end this Blog for 2012 saying good riddance and I welcome 2013 and wish you all a very safe and healthy New Year.