A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to get with the Program

I think I've celebrated my BD long enough....first with friends, then family, then more family....Meanwhile I was getting some swaps at least started, some mailed off but totally neglected my BLOG and that just isn't right.
Not that I suspect people check all that often but I am hoping to fix that...maybe by having a  give-away. Now to just think of something you all may like...Perhaps a goodie basket...I'll have to think a while but I will have one.
Meanwhile let me share this Happy Mail. I was so surprised to open a pretty decorated package and find a PC and this dolly pin. The package appeared to have been submerged in water (we all know the PO and how careful they are with stuff marked "fragile") So my "funny girl" got some color where I don't think Norma meant to have it...Since I am a big fan of tie dye I thought it was perfect. She was on my coat for a week and now she is hanging right here next to me at my computer. Thank you Norma for your card, pin and caring about a friend.
Then we had this ATC swap "What's behind the door"...I  first found doors that I liked.

Cut them carefully so they would open...and then thought of "Serenity" and "Freedom"

Then we have the RR Altered Book. We've known the "Themes" for a while. Unfortunately when I got my first book, my idea flew out the window because I had no pages to work with. We are all so different in what we want to see and in the books we chose. I was going to create a niche, but instead I decided to  go with a moderate 3D effect so that other people could create 3D as well....This picture is one I took while still working on my layout...I added to it and then neglected to take a picture...but you can see where I was going.

So that is some of what I've been doing. I didn't take a picture of the Paper beads I already mailed to TG
I do have some ATC's I'm working on and will probably show them tomorrow. I also want to share my painted Koi pond with you...Those of you who claim to want to paint one may like what I tell you...
Stay tune.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is stress spelled with a capital S ?

Yup and that's what I need...LOTS of dessert. I should have lots of pictures to share. I have none :-(
Why you ask? Spending too much time trying to get doctors offices to do what they are supposed to do. I find it so hilarious I hear one story from John Hopkins blaming the new doctors office and the new doctors office blaming John Hopkins...Hellooooo This is the patient speaking, 'I don't give a rats patoot  who's fault it is, get on with it, fix it and get my record where they belong'. Unbelievable the amount of time I have wasted fighting with the medical profession.
My son, DDIL and DGD were here for 4 days so that slowed me down a bit...The kind of slow down I enjoy :-) For my Birthday  I was taken on a spending spree to 3 of my favorite Craft stores. Like a kid in a candy store I was....I found so many things I would never buy for myself, but as a gift? WooHoo ALL MINE!! I also got  lots of Kcups (we had to return the holder they got because I already had one). So now I sit here looking at beads that are done but should have already been in the mail, two ATC's that should also be in the mail. Half finished birds that are due in a few days and 3 gifts waiting to be finished. Are you getting a clear picture yet? Oh and let us not forget the RR altered book...I had to can my first Idea once I saw the book I was working with, came up with a new idea but ran into a snag...but it will be mailed out on time. If nothing else I try to  get things out on time or ahead of time. It's been a while since I came down to the wire like this...But there has been a lot going on in my life.
One happy note: Some of you know about the Butterfly Project I started at Cooperstown Hospital...simply stated, I gathered a group of volunteersrs to sew Butterfly pillows (shaped like butterflies) we depended on a raffle that was held once a month at a large meeting. It was working well until surgeries increased and money decreased. The economy affects all of us. I found out yesterday that a woman group connected to the hospital is going to take over our funding, which means I don't have to stress about the raffle anymore...That was the very best news ever...what a load off my shoulders.
So now my daughter, my DSIL and my DGS will be here this afternoon. My BD will be extended for another 4 days...Hopefully my daughter is into watching me complete my swaps...because that's what I MUST do....
Have a creative day and keep smiling.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Lucky am I?

I love swaps. I join things I think I will enjoy doing. Men don't really get swaps, some women don't either.
How often have you opened a swap package and heard "You spent all that time creating (blank) and that's what you got in return?" They just don't get it...No  one makes a promise that your swap partner is going to make the same effort you do...You are going to give it everything you have. You are going to  rework it over and over in your head until it's perfect and then you will make it, you will be proud to send it and your partner will be thrilled (you hope). That's what a swap is all about. I am sure there are people out there that just join for the heck of it, make something real quick and send it on it's way...Not really giving much thought to making it special. For them, that's what swapping is...Just making something that meets the spec's and it's done. I bet they are far less stressed then those of us who ponder it forever and worry about every little detail. In the end we all have fun, we enjoy the surprise, getting happy mail and seeing how other people viewed the same challenge we did. Swaps definitely show us that we are all very different in our thought processes...
Every once in a while you get a swap partner that truly gives it everything they have. One that obviously cares not only about the quality of her own work, but about the pleasure she bestows on her partner. She wants everything to be perfect and then some. I have had several such partners along the way and consider myself very Blessed...a few of those partners have gone on to become treasured friends.
Recently I was lucky enough to have just that kind of partner. I was in a swap at itallstartedwithaclothdoll@yahoogroups.com If you love dolls, check it out..
We had to make a Valentine pin or doll. When I wrote to my partner we decided to do both (neither one of us wanted to make a choice LOL
I pondered this Valentine doll for a few weeks...had her all made in my head. She was a cone doll, done in a full silk skirt of red sparkle with a velvet over skirt..The top was a heart pattern that matched the velvet...In my head she was beautiful, but after making the body it just didn't look balanced, something was missing...So I did what every  "artist" does...I started over with a whole new design..One that when finished I was pretty happy with. I certainly gave it 100% of myself... and prayed my partner would see how much love and thought went into both the doll and the pin. I knew nothing about Trudi, my partner. I certainly didn't know she was an accomplished doll maker. When I found out I was beyond scared ..but I had done the very best I could so off she flew.
Yesterday I opened the box from Trudi and was completely blown away by what I saw. This was one of those partners we all hope to get. The kind that gives it everything she has....I need to share...Understand, it isn't so much that the doll is gorgeous or that the pin is adorable or that she included an angel trinket box and candy (although all that was noted and appreciated) It was the fact that she cared, the thought showed, the pride showed, she went out of her way to make her partner happy, and that's exactly what she did...
She is called "The Queen of Hearts"

Note the attention to detail

Beautiful face huh?

The pin

Pin face, is that adorable?

Thank you Trudi for making this swap one to remember and for making me feel like one lucky lady...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm baaaack

The news from John Hopkins medical Center was not what I had hoped for...but I have always appreciated every day as a gift to be lived and enjoyed and that's what I intend to continue to do.
So let me tell you about the happy mail I got today from my friend Norma...She sent me a Valentine surprise which consisted of a PC and a doll pin...I have to find my camera so tomorrow will have to have a picture of the surprise package.
I had sent her the owl I posted the other day and this ornament. Norma has a Valentine tree in her studio and I thought she would enjoy this little ornament to go along with the owl.
I also made her these Valentine earrings....

The black pair were sent to another dear friend who is nontraditional when it comes to Holidays...so I think she will enjoy them LOL
Also completed is my Valentine doll HarisMae Hart (hey I didn't pick the name, the doll did) she carries a basket full of hearts to give away and the Key to unlock your heart and make you love her LOL
With me there is always a story...There is just a bit more bling to add, but as with most dolls, she is much nicer in person.
So now that I am home, while I am not done with doctors I'm afraid, I am going to concentrate on finishing up my smaller swaps and getting on with organizing my studio. So stay tuned if you enjoy seeing new projects...because I have a few in mind :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whats happening....

Well I have more happy mail. It came last week  and I finally took a picture of it...First there is the Steam punk doll
Is she fun or what. I keep changing her position and I move her around, from place to place in my studio. She has taken on a life of her own.
Then we have ATC's from an owl exchange
How's that for cute? Three different people, 3 different idea's. I love it....I've also been busy messing with owls. I made a little Valentine...what do you think?

He's all about hearts :-) I've done other things, but I'm on my way to John Hopkins...Keep a good thought for me that they can figure out why I'm losing my sight. Would be nice if it's fixable.
I'll have more to share when I return so keep checking...I'm thinking about having an Easter give away so stay tuned for that as well. Do you think I'd be able to hit the 50 followers mark by then? That's not asking a lot , is it? Se ya all when I get back.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You can tell when I'm busy Huh?

Try as I may to keep up with this Blog, I just get so involved with what I'm doing, time passes. I know I'm not alone with that. Things take longer these days..it's harder to see stuff and that broken pinkie is  getting old and grouchy.
Unfortunately the things I've been working on are surprises for some friends, so until they get them those pictures have to stay hidden.
However, I do have some pictures to share. I was signed up way before Christmas for a mannequin swap. people got lost in the holiday moment and needed more time so they weren't mailed until Jan. Everyone got theirs, but mine was  not to be found. Turns out my partner unknowingly put the wrong zip on the package..so it ended up in Saginaw MI. Now one would think a postal employee would just change the error in zip and move it on, especially since my partner notified them of the mistake.
We waited and wait some more. I felt so bad for Peggy (my partner) she felt so reresponsible, but I understood and told her it would eventually find one of us (although I've had packages disappear never to be seen again) Finally Peggy made another mannequin, she just couldn't stand it LOL
Low and behold I got both of them on the same day. Now the problem is which do I keep? In this swap we were supposed to represent OUR personality (remember my BIG smile on the purple body?) It seems Peggy and I share some common threads. Please note the angel on one, the garden fairy on the other...The spools of thread, the flowers, the bling. If anyone saw either of them, they would think I captured MY personality LOL So which would you pick?

Aren't they both lovely? Aren't they both "ME"? See what I mean about picking one over the other?
Along with the mannequins came goodies, buttons, a little frame and a thread cutter I've wanted for a long time.
Do you love that paper doll? Please note that she made not one but 2 postcards...Poor lady..she has so many other things on her life to worry about. Peggy is the personification of what a responsible swapper is all about. Not like some who say "Well I mailed it, what else can I do?" Thank you Peggy for restoring my faith.

Also received this week was the RR Altered Book.It's the first RR of it's kind for me and the first book I've received. One of my favorite subjects too...

Please note the little Butterfly pendant. She made one for each of us in the swap. Now the bad news...

I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to make a shrine. Unfortunately I needed pages to cut into that I don't have, so I will have to go to plan "B". Sheryl obviously left plenty of room for the book to "grow" in thickness. So now I have to challenge my wee little brain for another idea LOL
As far as "What's happening in my Studio?" like I said, I've finished a lot of things...my latest (that I can show) is my ATC's for a swap in the ATCfamily.yahoo. The swap was 3 for 3 and the theme was Fairies (at least the one I joined) This group only does ATC's so there are always swaps going on, but because artforthecreativemind.yahoo keeps me so busy I have to pick and chose carefully swaps I am able to handle.
So these are my Fairie ATC's

Needless to say they are much nicer in person LOL My rule of thumb is : If I'd like to receive it, I'll send it. I like the way these turned out.
What's on the table for today? Well, that's another story. The swap is for a Valentine doll over at Sherry Goshens group. I have all the pieces cut, stuffed and ready for assembly to make a cone doll. Along comes Sherry's new pattern BooBee and my whole idea flies out the window and is replaced by another picture in my mind. It probably won't look anything like BooBee when I'm done...I don't copy well...but I'm hoping for a worthy doll for my partner. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comfort in Words

I know I am not alone in my love of words and their meaning. I could sit and read quotes forever. Some I can relate to, others make me down right angry, but I love to read them. I find comfort in knowing that other people can put into words the things that I cannot. Oh I've been quoted, some have even been published...usually with someone else taking credit LOL But that doesn't matter to me, because someone, somewhere is saying "Wow! Someone knows how I feel" and that's the comfort that comes with quotes. So I decided that when I have no pictures to add, no new news to share...I would share a quote. Some may make you think or ponder. Some may make you laugh. Some may even make you appreciate what you have...I hope all will touch you in some way...so stop back often. Not just to see what I'm up to, but to see if I posted a quote that may make you smile and say "Wow! She knows how I feel"...
(Taking pictures today so stay tuned)