A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is stress spelled with a capital S ?

Yup and that's what I need...LOTS of dessert. I should have lots of pictures to share. I have none :-(
Why you ask? Spending too much time trying to get doctors offices to do what they are supposed to do. I find it so hilarious I hear one story from John Hopkins blaming the new doctors office and the new doctors office blaming John Hopkins...Hellooooo This is the patient speaking, 'I don't give a rats patoot  who's fault it is, get on with it, fix it and get my record where they belong'. Unbelievable the amount of time I have wasted fighting with the medical profession.
My son, DDIL and DGD were here for 4 days so that slowed me down a bit...The kind of slow down I enjoy :-) For my Birthday  I was taken on a spending spree to 3 of my favorite Craft stores. Like a kid in a candy store I was....I found so many things I would never buy for myself, but as a gift? WooHoo ALL MINE!! I also got  lots of Kcups (we had to return the holder they got because I already had one). So now I sit here looking at beads that are done but should have already been in the mail, two ATC's that should also be in the mail. Half finished birds that are due in a few days and 3 gifts waiting to be finished. Are you getting a clear picture yet? Oh and let us not forget the RR altered book...I had to can my first Idea once I saw the book I was working with, came up with a new idea but ran into a snag...but it will be mailed out on time. If nothing else I try to  get things out on time or ahead of time. It's been a while since I came down to the wire like this...But there has been a lot going on in my life.
One happy note: Some of you know about the Butterfly Project I started at Cooperstown Hospital...simply stated, I gathered a group of volunteersrs to sew Butterfly pillows (shaped like butterflies) we depended on a raffle that was held once a month at a large meeting. It was working well until surgeries increased and money decreased. The economy affects all of us. I found out yesterday that a woman group connected to the hospital is going to take over our funding, which means I don't have to stress about the raffle anymore...That was the very best news ever...what a load off my shoulders.
So now my daughter, my DSIL and my DGS will be here this afternoon. My BD will be extended for another 4 days...Hopefully my daughter is into watching me complete my swaps...because that's what I MUST do....
Have a creative day and keep smiling.

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