A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You can tell when I'm busy Huh?

Try as I may to keep up with this Blog, I just get so involved with what I'm doing, time passes. I know I'm not alone with that. Things take longer these days..it's harder to see stuff and that broken pinkie is  getting old and grouchy.
Unfortunately the things I've been working on are surprises for some friends, so until they get them those pictures have to stay hidden.
However, I do have some pictures to share. I was signed up way before Christmas for a mannequin swap. people got lost in the holiday moment and needed more time so they weren't mailed until Jan. Everyone got theirs, but mine was  not to be found. Turns out my partner unknowingly put the wrong zip on the package..so it ended up in Saginaw MI. Now one would think a postal employee would just change the error in zip and move it on, especially since my partner notified them of the mistake.
We waited and wait some more. I felt so bad for Peggy (my partner) she felt so reresponsible, but I understood and told her it would eventually find one of us (although I've had packages disappear never to be seen again) Finally Peggy made another mannequin, she just couldn't stand it LOL
Low and behold I got both of them on the same day. Now the problem is which do I keep? In this swap we were supposed to represent OUR personality (remember my BIG smile on the purple body?) It seems Peggy and I share some common threads. Please note the angel on one, the garden fairy on the other...The spools of thread, the flowers, the bling. If anyone saw either of them, they would think I captured MY personality LOL So which would you pick?

Aren't they both lovely? Aren't they both "ME"? See what I mean about picking one over the other?
Along with the mannequins came goodies, buttons, a little frame and a thread cutter I've wanted for a long time.
Do you love that paper doll? Please note that she made not one but 2 postcards...Poor lady..she has so many other things on her life to worry about. Peggy is the personification of what a responsible swapper is all about. Not like some who say "Well I mailed it, what else can I do?" Thank you Peggy for restoring my faith.

Also received this week was the RR Altered Book.It's the first RR of it's kind for me and the first book I've received. One of my favorite subjects too...

Please note the little Butterfly pendant. She made one for each of us in the swap. Now the bad news...

I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to make a shrine. Unfortunately I needed pages to cut into that I don't have, so I will have to go to plan "B". Sheryl obviously left plenty of room for the book to "grow" in thickness. So now I have to challenge my wee little brain for another idea LOL
As far as "What's happening in my Studio?" like I said, I've finished a lot of things...my latest (that I can show) is my ATC's for a swap in the ATCfamily.yahoo. The swap was 3 for 3 and the theme was Fairies (at least the one I joined) This group only does ATC's so there are always swaps going on, but because artforthecreativemind.yahoo keeps me so busy I have to pick and chose carefully swaps I am able to handle.
So these are my Fairie ATC's

Needless to say they are much nicer in person LOL My rule of thumb is : If I'd like to receive it, I'll send it. I like the way these turned out.
What's on the table for today? Well, that's another story. The swap is for a Valentine doll over at Sherry Goshens group. I have all the pieces cut, stuffed and ready for assembly to make a cone doll. Along comes Sherry's new pattern BooBee and my whole idea flies out the window and is replaced by another picture in my mind. It probably won't look anything like BooBee when I'm done...I don't copy well...but I'm hoping for a worthy doll for my partner. Stay tuned....

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