A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to get with the Program

I think I've celebrated my BD long enough....first with friends, then family, then more family....Meanwhile I was getting some swaps at least started, some mailed off but totally neglected my BLOG and that just isn't right.
Not that I suspect people check all that often but I am hoping to fix that...maybe by having a  give-away. Now to just think of something you all may like...Perhaps a goodie basket...I'll have to think a while but I will have one.
Meanwhile let me share this Happy Mail. I was so surprised to open a pretty decorated package and find a PC and this dolly pin. The package appeared to have been submerged in water (we all know the PO and how careful they are with stuff marked "fragile") So my "funny girl" got some color where I don't think Norma meant to have it...Since I am a big fan of tie dye I thought it was perfect. She was on my coat for a week and now she is hanging right here next to me at my computer. Thank you Norma for your card, pin and caring about a friend.
Then we had this ATC swap "What's behind the door"...I  first found doors that I liked.

Cut them carefully so they would open...and then thought of "Serenity" and "Freedom"

Then we have the RR Altered Book. We've known the "Themes" for a while. Unfortunately when I got my first book, my idea flew out the window because I had no pages to work with. We are all so different in what we want to see and in the books we chose. I was going to create a niche, but instead I decided to  go with a moderate 3D effect so that other people could create 3D as well....This picture is one I took while still working on my layout...I added to it and then neglected to take a picture...but you can see where I was going.

So that is some of what I've been doing. I didn't take a picture of the Paper beads I already mailed to TG
I do have some ATC's I'm working on and will probably show them tomorrow. I also want to share my painted Koi pond with you...Those of you who claim to want to paint one may like what I tell you...
Stay tune.

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  1. Hi Kathie,
    Love the door ATC'S and the journal pages. Thanks for uploading the pin doll.