A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm baaaack

The news from John Hopkins medical Center was not what I had hoped for...but I have always appreciated every day as a gift to be lived and enjoyed and that's what I intend to continue to do.
So let me tell you about the happy mail I got today from my friend Norma...She sent me a Valentine surprise which consisted of a PC and a doll pin...I have to find my camera so tomorrow will have to have a picture of the surprise package.
I had sent her the owl I posted the other day and this ornament. Norma has a Valentine tree in her studio and I thought she would enjoy this little ornament to go along with the owl.
I also made her these Valentine earrings....

The black pair were sent to another dear friend who is nontraditional when it comes to Holidays...so I think she will enjoy them LOL
Also completed is my Valentine doll HarisMae Hart (hey I didn't pick the name, the doll did) she carries a basket full of hearts to give away and the Key to unlock your heart and make you love her LOL
With me there is always a story...There is just a bit more bling to add, but as with most dolls, she is much nicer in person.
So now that I am home, while I am not done with doctors I'm afraid, I am going to concentrate on finishing up my smaller swaps and getting on with organizing my studio. So stay tuned if you enjoy seeing new projects...because I have a few in mind :-)

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  1. Kathie,
    I know I had thanked you but thanks for the adorable heart ornament with all the dangles pictured here.
    You are the best!