A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Darn Camera

Where is that thing. Every time I need it, it decides to take a hike and go into hiding...either that or one of the little fairies that dwell near by came in a took it. It's kind of big, but they have a magical way of getting what they want.
I want to take pictures of all the wonderful HAPPY mail I got yesterday. Gosh when it rains it pours...
Mean while I'm very,very busy. I can't tell you ALL that I'm doing but I can tell you the doll for the Bunny Hop is almost done..The Valentine Doll is well on her way as are the Jane Austen tags and the ATC's for the atcfamily.yahoo So I have been a busy one. I'm also making a few surprises for some really nice people in my life...I can't post them just yet but I will once they get them :-)
I'm trying to stay busy. It's how I cope. My one Lab, Punkin needs surgery on her other knee. I hate seeing her in pain. My eyes are getting worse by the day and I am actually looking forward to my visit to John Hopkins...Hoping they will work a miracle. I believe in them as some of you know. So for now I will just keep busy with happy things and not worry about tomorrow until it gets here. Even then I probably won't worry, it's such a waste of time. I'd rather be productive and do something that makes me smile...So stay tuned...sooner or later that faerie will cough up the camera LOL

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I feel like a Butterfly

Or maybe just a bug, skittering about and not getting much accomplished. Maybe that's not true either. I am getting stuff done but not what I want to get done.
Trying to find a flat surface to work on seems to be impossible. I refuse to allow my messy studio to spill out into yet another room of the house LOL So it's clean or play, I can't do both, or so it seems.
We've been told that there will be a cigar box swap...Guess who has a lot of them? Friends have told me to sell them on Ebay. Believe it or not people LIKE empty cigar boxes. I'm one of those people who find lots to do with cigar boxes, so I've never entertained selling them. Now I'm glad I didn't because people I like, need them. I've been told them while some smoke shops will sell them, most don't, evidently even the boxes come under some kind of ATF law. How silly is that?
I do have to get a mailing fee...I wish I was as rich as I am generous. It cost about $6 give or take, but I am looking into "economy" mail. So for those of you who need a cigar box, let me know what kind. They come chunky or slim... Put you preference in e-mail and let me know.
There's some chunky ones on the left there and a slim one on the bottom right....

There's some different kind of chunky....

And there's some slim's...Have fun picking, they are all wood...stainable or paintable

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Mail

Other then going back and forth to doctors, I haven't been doing much and who wants to talk about doctors ugh!!
I am looking for the charger to my camera so I can show you some pictures of recent happy mail..I was able to steal two pictures LOL and since I don't have my own work to share at the moment, let me share some things that made me happy.
I showed you pictures of my altered eye glasses. The mailing date isn't even due yet, so imagine my surprise when I opened these from Cherie (swap from artforthecreativemind.yahoo.com)
I love them. That black wheel on the left, actually
spins. It is a computer fan. Is she a hoot or what? I was thrilled when I saw them and they are one display on my end table.
My next surprise came from Tole Granny  from the same group. The swap was a flip flop card..
She does some beautiful work and I was delighted to get this card, celebrating the New Year.
I also got a "Thinking of you " card from Norma...she is aware of my health problems and just wanted me to know I was on her mind. It made me feel very special.
I am presently working on a bunch of stuff all at one time. There were so many other swaps I wanted to join, but between doctors and  not being able to see as well as I'd like...I just couldn't commit to any more. I love the swaps and the Happy Mail they bring. It's like Christmas all year around when you  hang with all these fabulous ladies and gentlemen...Oh yes we do have men who are creative as well.
So stay tuned, I'm hoping to at least have my valentines completed over the week-end...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Cover

I may have mentioned several hundred times (or at least twice) that I'm doing a RR with artforthecreativemind@yahoo  we were finally split into two groups of 6 which I think is more manageable and nothing stops us from sending the book onto other friends after the swap is over. My group has some interesting titles: Bliss, Forest,trees and leaves, Artifacts, My Home Town, Butterflies and Me with Winged Fantasy. The idea is for each person to add their own art using your theme (to your book of course) So I will have the art of 5 other people, plus those I send it to afterward. Doesn't that sound fabulous?
This is my first ever Altered Book so I'm sure I've made some mistakes...But I have had some encouragement from some of the ladies and one person in particular has been a Huge help (she knows who she is)...I don't want to overload you with pictures...I haven't really done all that some people have done to their books. I did want the cover to say what I wanted and I think it does. I've also included a note of Do's and Don't..it is after all MY book...but I didn't do MY art just yet because I want the art of my partners...that's what this swap is supposed to be about...an altered book with my title but the interpretation of others. At least that's what I want...If I wanted a book of my art, why join a RR...I'd make my own book, which I will do because I love this concept...but this one is about how my fellow Altered Artist envision my Title...so it should be fun. What would you do with these titles? Butterflies are my favorite subject so I know what I will do...the same with Leaves and Trees...another favorite of mine. My Home Town shouldn't be a problem since I live in a small town but one steeped in history. Artifacts (I'm not sure if she wants old or art facts, with a play on words...so I'll wait for the  book) Bliss, I have an idea, but we will see...
You will all see because I plan to post a pic before sending each book on it's way...For now, here is my cover:

The bubbles contain Winged Fantasy critters. The trim on the spine is actually beaded leather, hand made. I have be dying to use it and this seemed like the perfect place. If sure it tells my partners how much I LOVE Bling. I used the drunken Scotch technique , then used some angelina for the hair and some glitter paint on her shawl. It may be all wrong...but it's right for me and it's being sent tomorrow. I can't wait to get Butterflies from Sheryl.
Meanwhile I have the Bunny Hop to work on as well as the Valentines Doll .Oh and lets not forget some little surprises I'm working on. So come back soon ya hear!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Day of Beauty

No silly, not for me. There is no hope for me LOL The day itself was just beautiful. Early this morning it looked like more snow. It was gray and gloomy, but then suddenly the sky was pink and I knew there was hope. Once the sun showed her pretty face, the snow on the pines twinkled and the sugar maples looked all frosty...Mother nature had a ball with a big jar of snow glitter (or so it seemed) there was just sparkle everywhere. It was just a wonderful day to be alive. Not that I got much done LOL
They day seemed to just drift by...I looked for stuff, found other stuff and just made more of a mess. I do that you know ? I clean and the place is worse then when I started. The one comfort I have is that the rest of my house doesn't look remotely like my studio LOL
I did work on my book today. The RR altered book I've spoken about...I have been dreaming about the cover. Those that know me , know that I give a great deal of thought to projects. Some might even call it procrastination , I don't. I think that if you do something, it should be the best that you are capable of. It should not be rushed and the "I don't give a damn attitude" doesn't work for me...I care about everything I do and I care about the person it is going to. I want them to like it, to enjoy it and be able to display it with pride, not hide it in the garage or under the bed. This is my very first altered book, so I suspect I will make some mistakes along the way. I will try and make them small ones <g>
I am still troubled by my loss of sight, but I can see with one eye if something is working or not...So far my book cover is a pretty Angel blowing bubbles, the bubbles will contain Fantasy winged things...You know, like fairies, dragons with wings, Pegasus etc. It's what I want to see in my book...not airplanes or man made stuff that flies...It doesn't fly with me. I want beautiful things with wings...So I'm setting the stage and as soon as I've completed the cover, it will appear here....
Now I'm off to make bubbles...oh stop laughing...I know what you're thinking LOL

Friday, January 20, 2012


I found out something about my altered glasses. I moved them yesterday and the day light actually  made them seem like they were lighted (or is that lit) anyway, what a bonus. When I make mine (and you know I will because I love them) I will display them where light will shine through them .

Yesterday, after company left I decided to strip the guest bed,clean their bathroom and ignore everything else so I could play.
My next project (swap) is a Mardi Gras mask. I've never made one before but I've seen enough of them to know what direction to move in. I had some beads that actually came from last years LA. Mardi Gras... I had some hand made purple paper, some glitter, sequins and organza flowers. I also had a blank plastic mask, not sure why I ever bought it but it sure came in handy.
Years ago I made a dummy, life sized and named her Geraldine...I use to move her around the house and scare people. Hey, it's what I do...I'm playful, what can I say. Now I wish Geraldine wasn't being repaired because I sure could have used her head to display the mask so the beads and ribbon would have fallen correctly, but you'll get the general idea.
Please note that no peacocks were hurt in the making of this mask. He gave them up willingly LOL The mask is glittery and you can't see that it's outlined in sequins. It really does sparkle  A LOT....
WE are doing a RR Altered Book swap in one of my groups. There are six members to my group and the idea is for each person to do art work in the book and pass it on. I have my cover all laid out but I need some things to make it happen...So I'm hoping over the week-end to  post my progress on that and some other ditty's..... Gosh I wish I could be this organized in ever aspect of my life LOL
Have a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look what I did LOL

Okay, the swap here is to alter a pair of glasses. (The swap was from artforthecreativemind.yahoo ) The minute I read about this swap , a picture popped into my mind...I always see the eyes as the portholes to the soul. I love looking at eyes behind glasses, because you can see them bigger and more clearly. So portholes were a must. Thought about a fabulous scene, but it wouldn't be viewed through portholes, so I went for "Under the Sea"...I have two pair of men's large lens glasses, both prescription made of glass...HEAVY!
I decided to remove the sun glass lens' simple because they would cost more to mail...HEAVY..and they were too dark to see the scene. I always save those Hard bubble pack covers that the seal electronics in..so I made the lens' from that...worked out great.
I made the portholes out of antique gold primo...they aren't perfect (not how I saw them in my mind) but life isn't perfect and this is "art". I had to design a bridge to bring them together, so I just did a little steam punkery thing.
I also save (yes I am a saver, but not a hoarder) those little cups from Crystal Lite. They make great little mixing cups for apoxies and paints and glues etc.... In this case they made great little holders for the scenes I had in mind...
I had green foam Christmas Trees so I cut out some background grass (I like dimension)I had some tiny real shells and this pretty mermaid button...Some craft sand helped give it just the right touch. You'll note the glasses waiting over to the left.

So there she is. Then for the other lens I had this cute little octopus......

Doesn't she look like she is waving at us? There are lots of shells and things going on in there that you can't see. But the over all affect is one I'm happy with.

Perhaps we are looking into the soul of a fisherman or a deep sea diver? Or maybe just into the window of my imagination. Ya know what's even funnier????
My friend proving they can still be worn LOL This was a great project. I've got more happening in the wings. Simply because I have several swaps going on. Not being able to see clearly is inhibiting me a great deal so things aren't getting done as fast as I'd like. But I'm still on schedule...Christine, unable to send you e-mail...write to me please.
Wishing you all a FABULOUS day!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's play time again!!

After dealing with some pesky health issues that took me away from my messy studio and all that I love.
I'm baaaack and sassy as ever. I thought my swaps would get away from me, but so far I'm on target. Some people are so relaxed with swaps. If they are a tad late (even by a month or so LOL) it's all good. Thanks to my dear friend I keep this book (I used to be so disorganized) I write the date of mailing and the address of the person I sent it to. Helps me keep track although I do try and mail early...
I've got a Round Robin coming up. That will be an altered book and have no fear I will post all the beautiful art work when it is completed. Some of the swaps due soon are  a triptych, which is a three part ATC...oh you'll see, I have to take a pic of mine. Then we have altered eye glasses which I'm very excited about..I have an idea that I absolutely love (stay tuned on that one), then there is the Mardi Gras mask, I have some thoughts and I think it will be pretty, I may even give up a strand or two of my Mardi Gras beads, straight from last years Mardi Gras, we'll see. Over at Ravenwood Whimzies Wendy has a Bunny Hop swap, I just made up a new pattern for a Bunny I created 100 years ago LOL So that's on the drawing board, then on Sherry Goshens list Innerchild, we have a Valentine swap going on. I've met my partner and we've decided what to do so stay tuned for that....My biggest event is Jean Bernards class. I am so excited to be taking a class with her...Her work is just gorgeous. It is a tree woman she calls "Gen" when mine speaks to me, I'll tell you what her name is. I didn't even start her yet so it will be a while. My Valentine doll said her name is
Harris Mae Hart (Here is my heart, just in case you didn't get that) So as you can see I am surrounding myself with good karma. All things that bring happiness and joy to me.....Oh I almost forgot I also joined a lottery at artforthecreativemind@yahoo. It's just a fun thing...winner takes all and sends the runner up what ever she made. Random drawing so you know who WON'T be winning...but it's fun. It's pretty much a paper group, so it's an "Anything But" Lottery. No cards, ATC's etc. so this is what I came up with.
Wired Woman LOL Does she look like me or what?She's a pin..
Have a great day and don't forget to smile at someone.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I LOVE Happy Mail

Especially when it is a surprise!! Yesterday I was expecting a swap to arrive but instead I got a complete surprise from my friend Norma. This is the kind of person who always seems to know when a friend needs a "little pick me up"...I have some on going health issues that I haven't really spoken too much about, but sometimes I feel a little blue. Yesterday was one of those days...When I opened my little gift tears started to well up in my eyes, but I quickly started laughing at her adorable New Years card (she drew just for me), then I opened the little gift box. That woman never ceases to amaze me...she just sits in her studio and creates the most amazing things. This is an angel made from beach glass, his head is a little bubble...and as you see, it's a little kitty. It just cheered me up and served as a reminder that I am a very, very lucky lady...I am surrounded by real live angels I call "Friends"..it is impossible not to be happy, knowing they are there and thinking of me....Thank you Norma for everything you do and thank you to my other special friends (you know who you are) for always being there  not just for your thoughtful little gifts (you all know how I go bonkers over happy mail) but for always finding the right words to say, for being so supportive and for genuinely caring. You are all a treasure in my life.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I See lots of new things!!!

I love it when I see so many new things happening on BLOGS Over the past few weeks I haven't gotten to visit to many..When I wasn't dying from some unknown illness I was busy trying to catch up on swaps that I slowed up on while dying... So I have high hopes to be able to catch up on all of you...If I don't comment, it's because I can't. Some Blogs will not recognize me, which is disturbing because I like you to know I visited.
I'm busy working on other swaps (they just keep coming)  as well as trying to organize my studio so I can take pictures and show it off. It really is very nice (A bit messy but nice) and there isn't one window that doesn't have a spectacular view.
I consider myself so lucky when I can be a "Swap Angel"...That is Tole Granny's name for volunteers. See , unlike some group owners who don't seem to care if you get your swap or not, she  will not allow it and will ask for volunteers to make  up for the person who let her partner down. Now I know there are other group owners or swap hostess' that do the same thing...but this is the one I'm talking about at the moment.
Someone didn't get the stocking in a Christmas swap we had. It could be made from anything (paper or fabric) and if possible add some goodies. So since it was after Christmas I decided to use some very unique fabric I have to make a stocking. I made sure everything I added to the stocking could be reused in another project (this is a mixed media group) and then I put some beads, button's, jewels, glitter and ribbon inside...
I hope it's well received...it was mailed last  Friday....
Now I better get back to this "Project Organization"...Oh and read some of these BLOGS

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swaps and hops and lots of fun

I have always been happy being alone. I mean I appreciate my friends and the time we spend together, but I enjoy my time alone just as much. It seems there is always a song in my head as I stay busy creating  or working on swaps. I suddenly realized, even though I spend a great many days alone in my studio, I'm really not alone at all. I look around me at all the past swap items I use to decorate my space. I try and spend a few minutes each day connecting with friends and groups over the computer...so my day is pretty full of some form of communication.
Today I am wrapping up my Steam Punk doll and adding her to several other swaps already for the morning mail. Then I will be busy working on some up coming swaps...one I'm really excited about is altered eyeglasses. I can't wait to see my idea come to fruition, what a fun swap. I'd also like to finish up my Triptych today. That would be an accomplishment. One thing I do have to do is take a pic of my lottery item.
I have the Bunny Hop over at Wendys and the Valentine pin/doll swap over at Sherry's. It's no wonder I feel very busy...I am LOL
When I was thinking about the Bunny Hop I suddenly remembered a doll I created about 30 years ago. I originally designed the pattern for a friend who collected Bunnies...she had a BIG heart which was my inspiration. The first one I made I fell in love with so I had to make another for my friend LOL I very rarely keep anything I make...but this little gal captured my heart...Funny things is, she comes and goes...gets lost, gets found and then hides again. She has gone through 2 moves and still manages to show up when I need her. I was thinking about her for the Bunny Hop and ta da! I was able to put my hands right on her. If you saw my studio, you'd know that in itself is a miracle. Wouldn't she make a great Valentine Bunny...smaller I think she'd even make a cool pin...This one was made from an old quilt but there are tons of possibilities.
Guess if I ever plan to make all these swaps without stressing I better get my tail moving. Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Hate the P.O.

It's never been my favorite place. Not sure why people use the term "Postal" and talk about stress. Have you ever seen a postal worker rush to do anything? I haven't. A line could be a mile long and they will work at a slow and steady pace..often chatting with people they know. In my old P.O. they were just as slow and laid back, but they did have a bell, so if you had a PO box you didn't have to stand on the long line just to get something too big for the box. In this tiny little country PO they kind of play by their own rules. If you have a card indication there is a large box being held, you can show it to anyone you want...you'll still wait on that same long line, along with people paying bills with money orders (those are my favorite) Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just think there should be a separate window for that since it takes so long.
If you are a postal worker , or you know a postal worker please don't send a nasty note. I also have family members and friends in the postal business. Sorry, I just don't see it as a high stress job...I go to the PO a lot and I've never seen them in a stressful situation. They have one speed...SLOW. Then we have the tiny P.O. that close to go to the bathroom or deliver mail (special delivery) That's just the way it is....Now you know why I have that cute little sign about "Big girl panties" LOL It's what my postal friends say to me all the time...
Sometimes you just have to rant in order to feel better. Especially when you missed a mailing dead line through no fault of your own. I know it isn't a big deal in the GRAND picture, but it's a big deal to me...I'm usually way ahead of schedule.
Today is cleaning day first and then play time ugh! I did join Wendy's Bunny Hop swap and Sherry's (Linda's) Valentine swap and I'm working on a Triptych for Art for the creative mind....So I'm busy...I also have a few gifts laid out which I will post when done...For today, all I have is my full figured mannequin that is all packed up with her additional goodies ready for her new home. Wish everyone a fantastic Saturday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Day

Happy to say after seeing the doc yesterday, I'm feeling a bit better health wise. Not sure I like going blind in my right eye. Hopefully I'll get a positive answer Monday. mean while life moves on and I continue to ponder some swaps I'm in. I love swaps...they tease my brain. Not that I don't have a studio to organize and clean or a house to take care of for that matter. I have this sign "My idea of house cleaning is sweeping the room with a glance"..I use to think it was funny, now it's fact LOL Not that I don't like a clean house, I'd just like someone else to do it...Oh why couldn't I be born rich instead of cute?
Hope everyone is checking out some of my followers. There are some very talented people out there...some great Blogs as well as swaps and give- aways. Wendy is having a Bunny Hop swap...check it out!
Tolegranny also has a lot going on in her Yahoo group Artforthecreativemind .
For those of you who may get a "lemon" car in the future (Not the color silly, the car) Here's what happened to me (the short version) New Jeep 2010, 5 months old summer, can't turn heat off...cooking as I drive. back to dealer. 5 months later cold outside can't turn off AC, back to dealer new mother board. 6 months later heat cooking me again, can't turn off..threaten lemon law. Car is suddenly Okay they didn't have to fix anything (my  ass they didn't) must have hit a magic bump, can't use "lemon law". 4 months later No fan, no heat back to dealer.
Three strikes your out. Lemon law states 3 related  problems...ALL problems related to heat /ac panel.
Oops' no 2010 available. Car has to be same make, model , color etc. No 2011 anywhere have same packages...I don't want a white car, been there done that ..twice. Solution (since I couldn't hit that magic bump again) make me a new car. Okay so it has to be another Jeep (I really hate Jeeps) thanks to the Devils Driveway (locals name for mine) which leads to God Knob (another Local name for where I live). So I wait and as promised I now have a brand new  deep cherry red Jeep, exactly the same as the 2010 only it's 2012 and a different color...Hey I just said I didn't want white. Who ever fought for that "lemon law" hats off to you. Car's are just too expensive today to get stuck with a lemon.The real happy ending? The heater stopped working the day before I gave it back to them...let them go find a magic bump....That's my story for today.
Got a little dirty on the way home poor baby.....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How sick can one get???

Do I really want to know? I thought yesterday was bad. If I  do some simple thing I feel like I need a nap.
No don't send any cheese I'm done with the whine and ready to share. Please understand I am NOT a card maker...This is all new to me..It's fun and I'm sure I'll improve...I first made a New Years one with a New Years theme pretty much because I wanted to use an Antique New Years card sent to my Grandmother. Once it was finished I realized the fold was wrong (does it really matter?) So I went to my original thought of a New Beginning with my favorite subject..Okay, one of my favorite subjects..It's a draw ,Butterflies, Fairies and Angels...oh then we have animals and....back to the cards. So I made a new one with the fold in proper place..I pushed the envelope with a BD card as well... So take a look and don't laugh...

okay, so they probably aren't the best of pictures but you get the idea. Then we have the Mannequin swap.
This was something my dear friend Norma brought up way back when...It was supposed to be done in Dec. but Norma took pity on all who weren't finished, some who never started and extended the date. Mine was done and needed doodads. The thing was supposed to depict our personalities...Oh my...I'm somewhat complex LOL So I went superficial and just added a smile, my precious need of TIME, my love of the Fall and winter season, sewing/quilting, my love and belief in Angels, the symbolism of the Butterfly and just my over all love of life. Of course she is very sparkly...I am after all the Glitter Queen and Queen of Bling, two titles bestowed on me by group members back in the day. Mean while as I finished her, I wasn't thrilled with the base...it was too big and thick...so Rich had to cut a new one, so since Norma wanted a picture  I had to take one without the base being done...But that can be another surprise for another day LOL

There's a pet paw on my BIG heart LOL Did ya notice? How about the full figure ? So that's it for me today...I made me some fabulous chicken soup and once I  have a little more of that it will be time to go back to bed and read. I really do feel awful. Hopefully there will be more surprises tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Okay so I'm a bit late...3 days...shoot me .LOL We were visiting the kids on Long Island and had a fabulous time. As always my kids spoiled me rotten among my many gifts were an Ipad and a gorgeous Angel pin (of the kind I collect...a fabulous find). I've been totally enjoying my Ipad with the ability to talk to the DGK's face to face. It will take me a while to learn all the In's and outs but I love the thing.
I came home sick...but of course. Today is the worst..sore throat, earache, coughing, stuffy...I'm a mess.
However, on a happier note. It is snowing and I am living in a picture post card...all of my swaps are completed. I will post a few things but wait for my partners to get the rest before I spill the beans LOL
I ventured in to ATC's. I have always viewed them as adorable little works of art that are easy and fun to display. I'm not sure about what I'm doing or if they are even acceptable...but they were fun.
The top left has 3 D butterflies and glittered berries. Top right has an angelina nest and a flourish and the bottom one just has 2 glittered flourishes.
You may remember I was working on a Steam Punk doll. When I realized that most people in my group (artforthecreativemine@yahoo.com) were doing paper dolls (it is somewhat of a paper group) I stopped working on my fabric doll and headed toward some chipboard. Actually I used a large "Goldfish box" probably shouldn't have, chipboard would have been better...but...The owner of the group says not to "over think and just go with it" so that's what I did and this is the result.

She's a girl with time on her hands<g> and a spring to her step. Wire hair was fun and the doodads on her dress are made from a mold from an antique mirror in my home. Someone will either hang her in their studio or take her apart for steam punk pieces...either way, she's fun and she's done.
I made two (actually 3) Flip Flop cards, another first for me. I haven't decided which one to send yet.
Besides if I show you everything...There won't be any surprise tomorrow LOL
Actually, I have finished my Mannequin for another swap that my dear friend Norma hosted...I should have posted a pic of her a while ago...but she wasn't totally done...So maybe that will be tomorrows Blog Post.
The mannequin was supposed to be US...show our personality...I found myself far too complex LOL (I crack me up) So stay tuned and have a fabulous day..................