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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look what I did LOL

Okay, the swap here is to alter a pair of glasses. (The swap was from artforthecreativemind.yahoo ) The minute I read about this swap , a picture popped into my mind...I always see the eyes as the portholes to the soul. I love looking at eyes behind glasses, because you can see them bigger and more clearly. So portholes were a must. Thought about a fabulous scene, but it wouldn't be viewed through portholes, so I went for "Under the Sea"...I have two pair of men's large lens glasses, both prescription made of glass...HEAVY!
I decided to remove the sun glass lens' simple because they would cost more to mail...HEAVY..and they were too dark to see the scene. I always save those Hard bubble pack covers that the seal electronics in..so I made the lens' from that...worked out great.
I made the portholes out of antique gold primo...they aren't perfect (not how I saw them in my mind) but life isn't perfect and this is "art". I had to design a bridge to bring them together, so I just did a little steam punkery thing.
I also save (yes I am a saver, but not a hoarder) those little cups from Crystal Lite. They make great little mixing cups for apoxies and paints and glues etc.... In this case they made great little holders for the scenes I had in mind...
I had green foam Christmas Trees so I cut out some background grass (I like dimension)I had some tiny real shells and this pretty mermaid button...Some craft sand helped give it just the right touch. You'll note the glasses waiting over to the left.

So there she is. Then for the other lens I had this cute little octopus......

Doesn't she look like she is waving at us? There are lots of shells and things going on in there that you can't see. But the over all affect is one I'm happy with.

Perhaps we are looking into the soul of a fisherman or a deep sea diver? Or maybe just into the window of my imagination. Ya know what's even funnier????
My friend proving they can still be worn LOL This was a great project. I've got more happening in the wings. Simply because I have several swaps going on. Not being able to see clearly is inhibiting me a great deal so things aren't getting done as fast as I'd like. But I'm still on schedule...Christine, unable to send you e-mail...write to me please.
Wishing you all a FABULOUS day!!!!

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