A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Darn Camera

Where is that thing. Every time I need it, it decides to take a hike and go into hiding...either that or one of the little fairies that dwell near by came in a took it. It's kind of big, but they have a magical way of getting what they want.
I want to take pictures of all the wonderful HAPPY mail I got yesterday. Gosh when it rains it pours...
Mean while I'm very,very busy. I can't tell you ALL that I'm doing but I can tell you the doll for the Bunny Hop is almost done..The Valentine Doll is well on her way as are the Jane Austen tags and the ATC's for the atcfamily.yahoo So I have been a busy one. I'm also making a few surprises for some really nice people in my life...I can't post them just yet but I will once they get them :-)
I'm trying to stay busy. It's how I cope. My one Lab, Punkin needs surgery on her other knee. I hate seeing her in pain. My eyes are getting worse by the day and I am actually looking forward to my visit to John Hopkins...Hoping they will work a miracle. I believe in them as some of you know. So for now I will just keep busy with happy things and not worry about tomorrow until it gets here. Even then I probably won't worry, it's such a waste of time. I'd rather be productive and do something that makes me smile...So stay tuned...sooner or later that faerie will cough up the camera LOL

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