A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Mail

Other then going back and forth to doctors, I haven't been doing much and who wants to talk about doctors ugh!!
I am looking for the charger to my camera so I can show you some pictures of recent happy mail..I was able to steal two pictures LOL and since I don't have my own work to share at the moment, let me share some things that made me happy.
I showed you pictures of my altered eye glasses. The mailing date isn't even due yet, so imagine my surprise when I opened these from Cherie (swap from artforthecreativemind.yahoo.com)
I love them. That black wheel on the left, actually
spins. It is a computer fan. Is she a hoot or what? I was thrilled when I saw them and they are one display on my end table.
My next surprise came from Tole Granny  from the same group. The swap was a flip flop card..
She does some beautiful work and I was delighted to get this card, celebrating the New Year.
I also got a "Thinking of you " card from Norma...she is aware of my health problems and just wanted me to know I was on her mind. It made me feel very special.
I am presently working on a bunch of stuff all at one time. There were so many other swaps I wanted to join, but between doctors and  not being able to see as well as I'd like...I just couldn't commit to any more. I love the swaps and the Happy Mail they bring. It's like Christmas all year around when you  hang with all these fabulous ladies and gentlemen...Oh yes we do have men who are creative as well.
So stay tuned, I'm hoping to at least have my valentines completed over the week-end...

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