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Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Day

Happy to say after seeing the doc yesterday, I'm feeling a bit better health wise. Not sure I like going blind in my right eye. Hopefully I'll get a positive answer Monday. mean while life moves on and I continue to ponder some swaps I'm in. I love swaps...they tease my brain. Not that I don't have a studio to organize and clean or a house to take care of for that matter. I have this sign "My idea of house cleaning is sweeping the room with a glance"..I use to think it was funny, now it's fact LOL Not that I don't like a clean house, I'd just like someone else to do it...Oh why couldn't I be born rich instead of cute?
Hope everyone is checking out some of my followers. There are some very talented people out there...some great Blogs as well as swaps and give- aways. Wendy is having a Bunny Hop swap...check it out!
Tolegranny also has a lot going on in her Yahoo group Artforthecreativemind .
For those of you who may get a "lemon" car in the future (Not the color silly, the car) Here's what happened to me (the short version) New Jeep 2010, 5 months old summer, can't turn heat off...cooking as I drive. back to dealer. 5 months later cold outside can't turn off AC, back to dealer new mother board. 6 months later heat cooking me again, can't turn off..threaten lemon law. Car is suddenly Okay they didn't have to fix anything (my  ass they didn't) must have hit a magic bump, can't use "lemon law". 4 months later No fan, no heat back to dealer.
Three strikes your out. Lemon law states 3 related  problems...ALL problems related to heat /ac panel.
Oops' no 2010 available. Car has to be same make, model , color etc. No 2011 anywhere have same packages...I don't want a white car, been there done that ..twice. Solution (since I couldn't hit that magic bump again) make me a new car. Okay so it has to be another Jeep (I really hate Jeeps) thanks to the Devils Driveway (locals name for mine) which leads to God Knob (another Local name for where I live). So I wait and as promised I now have a brand new  deep cherry red Jeep, exactly the same as the 2010 only it's 2012 and a different color...Hey I just said I didn't want white. Who ever fought for that "lemon law" hats off to you. Car's are just too expensive today to get stuck with a lemon.The real happy ending? The heater stopped working the day before I gave it back to them...let them go find a magic bump....That's my story for today.
Got a little dirty on the way home poor baby.....

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