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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Cover

I may have mentioned several hundred times (or at least twice) that I'm doing a RR with artforthecreativemind@yahoo  we were finally split into two groups of 6 which I think is more manageable and nothing stops us from sending the book onto other friends after the swap is over. My group has some interesting titles: Bliss, Forest,trees and leaves, Artifacts, My Home Town, Butterflies and Me with Winged Fantasy. The idea is for each person to add their own art using your theme (to your book of course) So I will have the art of 5 other people, plus those I send it to afterward. Doesn't that sound fabulous?
This is my first ever Altered Book so I'm sure I've made some mistakes...But I have had some encouragement from some of the ladies and one person in particular has been a Huge help (she knows who she is)...I don't want to overload you with pictures...I haven't really done all that some people have done to their books. I did want the cover to say what I wanted and I think it does. I've also included a note of Do's and Don't..it is after all MY book...but I didn't do MY art just yet because I want the art of my partners...that's what this swap is supposed to be about...an altered book with my title but the interpretation of others. At least that's what I want...If I wanted a book of my art, why join a RR...I'd make my own book, which I will do because I love this concept...but this one is about how my fellow Altered Artist envision my Title...so it should be fun. What would you do with these titles? Butterflies are my favorite subject so I know what I will do...the same with Leaves and Trees...another favorite of mine. My Home Town shouldn't be a problem since I live in a small town but one steeped in history. Artifacts (I'm not sure if she wants old or art facts, with a play on words...so I'll wait for the  book) Bliss, I have an idea, but we will see...
You will all see because I plan to post a pic before sending each book on it's way...For now, here is my cover:

The bubbles contain Winged Fantasy critters. The trim on the spine is actually beaded leather, hand made. I have be dying to use it and this seemed like the perfect place. If sure it tells my partners how much I LOVE Bling. I used the drunken Scotch technique , then used some angelina for the hair and some glitter paint on her shawl. It may be all wrong...but it's right for me and it's being sent tomorrow. I can't wait to get Butterflies from Sheryl.
Meanwhile I have the Bunny Hop to work on as well as the Valentines Doll .Oh and lets not forget some little surprises I'm working on. So come back soon ya hear!!!

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