A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Day of Beauty

No silly, not for me. There is no hope for me LOL The day itself was just beautiful. Early this morning it looked like more snow. It was gray and gloomy, but then suddenly the sky was pink and I knew there was hope. Once the sun showed her pretty face, the snow on the pines twinkled and the sugar maples looked all frosty...Mother nature had a ball with a big jar of snow glitter (or so it seemed) there was just sparkle everywhere. It was just a wonderful day to be alive. Not that I got much done LOL
They day seemed to just drift by...I looked for stuff, found other stuff and just made more of a mess. I do that you know ? I clean and the place is worse then when I started. The one comfort I have is that the rest of my house doesn't look remotely like my studio LOL
I did work on my book today. The RR altered book I've spoken about...I have been dreaming about the cover. Those that know me , know that I give a great deal of thought to projects. Some might even call it procrastination , I don't. I think that if you do something, it should be the best that you are capable of. It should not be rushed and the "I don't give a damn attitude" doesn't work for me...I care about everything I do and I care about the person it is going to. I want them to like it, to enjoy it and be able to display it with pride, not hide it in the garage or under the bed. This is my very first altered book, so I suspect I will make some mistakes along the way. I will try and make them small ones <g>
I am still troubled by my loss of sight, but I can see with one eye if something is working or not...So far my book cover is a pretty Angel blowing bubbles, the bubbles will contain Fantasy winged things...You know, like fairies, dragons with wings, Pegasus etc. It's what I want to see in my book...not airplanes or man made stuff that flies...It doesn't fly with me. I want beautiful things with wings...So I'm setting the stage and as soon as I've completed the cover, it will appear here....
Now I'm off to make bubbles...oh stop laughing...I know what you're thinking LOL

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