A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Okay so I'm a bit late...3 days...shoot me .LOL We were visiting the kids on Long Island and had a fabulous time. As always my kids spoiled me rotten among my many gifts were an Ipad and a gorgeous Angel pin (of the kind I collect...a fabulous find). I've been totally enjoying my Ipad with the ability to talk to the DGK's face to face. It will take me a while to learn all the In's and outs but I love the thing.
I came home sick...but of course. Today is the worst..sore throat, earache, coughing, stuffy...I'm a mess.
However, on a happier note. It is snowing and I am living in a picture post card...all of my swaps are completed. I will post a few things but wait for my partners to get the rest before I spill the beans LOL
I ventured in to ATC's. I have always viewed them as adorable little works of art that are easy and fun to display. I'm not sure about what I'm doing or if they are even acceptable...but they were fun.
The top left has 3 D butterflies and glittered berries. Top right has an angelina nest and a flourish and the bottom one just has 2 glittered flourishes.
You may remember I was working on a Steam Punk doll. When I realized that most people in my group (artforthecreativemine@yahoo.com) were doing paper dolls (it is somewhat of a paper group) I stopped working on my fabric doll and headed toward some chipboard. Actually I used a large "Goldfish box" probably shouldn't have, chipboard would have been better...but...The owner of the group says not to "over think and just go with it" so that's what I did and this is the result.

She's a girl with time on her hands<g> and a spring to her step. Wire hair was fun and the doodads on her dress are made from a mold from an antique mirror in my home. Someone will either hang her in their studio or take her apart for steam punk pieces...either way, she's fun and she's done.
I made two (actually 3) Flip Flop cards, another first for me. I haven't decided which one to send yet.
Besides if I show you everything...There won't be any surprise tomorrow LOL
Actually, I have finished my Mannequin for another swap that my dear friend Norma hosted...I should have posted a pic of her a while ago...but she wasn't totally done...So maybe that will be tomorrows Blog Post.
The mannequin was supposed to be US...show our personality...I found myself far too complex LOL (I crack me up) So stay tuned and have a fabulous day..................

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  1. Hi Kathie,
    So sorry to hear you came home sick. Please take care and get better soon. Your ATC'S turned out nice but love your Steampunk Paper Doll. :) I am sure the person who gets her WILL NOT take her apart. She will be very happy to have her.
    I uploaded the Snowmen earrings you sent to me on my blog. Thanks again my dear friend.