A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How sick can one get???

Do I really want to know? I thought yesterday was bad. If I  do some simple thing I feel like I need a nap.
No don't send any cheese I'm done with the whine and ready to share. Please understand I am NOT a card maker...This is all new to me..It's fun and I'm sure I'll improve...I first made a New Years one with a New Years theme pretty much because I wanted to use an Antique New Years card sent to my Grandmother. Once it was finished I realized the fold was wrong (does it really matter?) So I went to my original thought of a New Beginning with my favorite subject..Okay, one of my favorite subjects..It's a draw ,Butterflies, Fairies and Angels...oh then we have animals and....back to the cards. So I made a new one with the fold in proper place..I pushed the envelope with a BD card as well... So take a look and don't laugh...

okay, so they probably aren't the best of pictures but you get the idea. Then we have the Mannequin swap.
This was something my dear friend Norma brought up way back when...It was supposed to be done in Dec. but Norma took pity on all who weren't finished, some who never started and extended the date. Mine was done and needed doodads. The thing was supposed to depict our personalities...Oh my...I'm somewhat complex LOL So I went superficial and just added a smile, my precious need of TIME, my love of the Fall and winter season, sewing/quilting, my love and belief in Angels, the symbolism of the Butterfly and just my over all love of life. Of course she is very sparkly...I am after all the Glitter Queen and Queen of Bling, two titles bestowed on me by group members back in the day. Mean while as I finished her, I wasn't thrilled with the base...it was too big and thick...so Rich had to cut a new one, so since Norma wanted a picture  I had to take one without the base being done...But that can be another surprise for another day LOL

There's a pet paw on my BIG heart LOL Did ya notice? How about the full figure ? So that's it for me today...I made me some fabulous chicken soup and once I  have a little more of that it will be time to go back to bed and read. I really do feel awful. Hopefully there will be more surprises tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear...another sicky...I have had this darn sinus cold since Christmas. I spent two days in bed which I never do. My family kept on checking to see if I was still breathing. LOL

  2. your tree is beautiful looks like a chandlier i love it