A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I feel like a Butterfly

Or maybe just a bug, skittering about and not getting much accomplished. Maybe that's not true either. I am getting stuff done but not what I want to get done.
Trying to find a flat surface to work on seems to be impossible. I refuse to allow my messy studio to spill out into yet another room of the house LOL So it's clean or play, I can't do both, or so it seems.
We've been told that there will be a cigar box swap...Guess who has a lot of them? Friends have told me to sell them on Ebay. Believe it or not people LIKE empty cigar boxes. I'm one of those people who find lots to do with cigar boxes, so I've never entertained selling them. Now I'm glad I didn't because people I like, need them. I've been told them while some smoke shops will sell them, most don't, evidently even the boxes come under some kind of ATF law. How silly is that?
I do have to get a mailing fee...I wish I was as rich as I am generous. It cost about $6 give or take, but I am looking into "economy" mail. So for those of you who need a cigar box, let me know what kind. They come chunky or slim... Put you preference in e-mail and let me know.
There's some chunky ones on the left there and a slim one on the bottom right....

There's some different kind of chunky....

And there's some slim's...Have fun picking, they are all wood...stainable or paintable

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