A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swaps and hops and lots of fun

I have always been happy being alone. I mean I appreciate my friends and the time we spend together, but I enjoy my time alone just as much. It seems there is always a song in my head as I stay busy creating  or working on swaps. I suddenly realized, even though I spend a great many days alone in my studio, I'm really not alone at all. I look around me at all the past swap items I use to decorate my space. I try and spend a few minutes each day connecting with friends and groups over the computer...so my day is pretty full of some form of communication.
Today I am wrapping up my Steam Punk doll and adding her to several other swaps already for the morning mail. Then I will be busy working on some up coming swaps...one I'm really excited about is altered eyeglasses. I can't wait to see my idea come to fruition, what a fun swap. I'd also like to finish up my Triptych today. That would be an accomplishment. One thing I do have to do is take a pic of my lottery item.
I have the Bunny Hop over at Wendys and the Valentine pin/doll swap over at Sherry's. It's no wonder I feel very busy...I am LOL
When I was thinking about the Bunny Hop I suddenly remembered a doll I created about 30 years ago. I originally designed the pattern for a friend who collected Bunnies...she had a BIG heart which was my inspiration. The first one I made I fell in love with so I had to make another for my friend LOL I very rarely keep anything I make...but this little gal captured my heart...Funny things is, she comes and goes...gets lost, gets found and then hides again. She has gone through 2 moves and still manages to show up when I need her. I was thinking about her for the Bunny Hop and ta da! I was able to put my hands right on her. If you saw my studio, you'd know that in itself is a miracle. Wouldn't she make a great Valentine Bunny...smaller I think she'd even make a cool pin...This one was made from an old quilt but there are tons of possibilities.
Guess if I ever plan to make all these swaps without stressing I better get my tail moving. Have a wonderful day!!