A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Forest returns to normal

It is difficult to be sad when surrounded by such beauty. Not to mention silly little creatures flying about and animals needing attention. To live in hearts we leave behind , is not to die. Emma lives on in all the hearts that knew and loved her.
Thank you Norma and to those who sent notes of sympathy. Your kind thoughts were appreciated.
The Forest has been a busy place..A bit fragmented but busy. There are fruits to can and gifts to make and a show to prepare for. Will I ever catch up? Does anyone catch up? It seems that most artsy type people are always involved in more then they should be....Oh  how I wish I could be as organized as my friend Norma...now there is a lady who seems to always have her act together. Not only does she keep her own stuff straight but she watches over all of us as well LOL Posting little reminders and lord knows I'd be lost with out her and Cherie keeping track of swap dates. I really do have to get more organized. I keep saying that and one day it will happen...Now where the heck is that purse pattern? Oh and did anyone see my camera battery charger...? I'd like to take some pictures of what I've been doing...Those little Trolls must be at it again...always hiding stuff on me. If I can get one of them to cough up that charger I may actually have some pictures ...soon...promise.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sadness hits the Forest

As some of you know I am a very happy person...Even when I'm not feeling it, I can usually project it simply because I like to see people smile.
I've not been able to do that these last few days...all I feel is the need to cry. So why would I even post you ask? Trust me, I thought about it...but the only way I know to heal, it to try and get back into my daily routine.
This Blog is a part of what I do that I enjoy.
On Wed. August 24, 2011 I had to say good-bye to a beloved and cherished friend. My horse EMMA..
The details aren't important unless you're a horse person. Whats important to me is that she went peacefully and surrounded by love. She is out of pain but she left a void in my heart and took a tiny piece of me with her. When you treat your pets like children, like family, you have to expect this feeling of loss.
I am so blessed with the most understanding and supportive of friends...Not sure I would have been able to even come this far, had I not had the comforting words of so many.... I thank you  all (and you know who you are) for being there when I needed you most.
I've sat here looking around my studio (or the mess I call my studio) and while I know it needs to be cleaned and organized, all I want to do is play. I want to create something. I think my mind is hungry to dwell on something creative and less heart breaking...So who knows what I'll come up with .
My children live on Long Island. My daughter in a  flood zone (near the ocean) where evacuation is Mandatory and my son in Nassau County, the direct HIT area. Needless to say I am worried about all.
We are expecting some hard winds and rain from the event even up here in the mountain.
I pray Irene blows out to sea before she even sees Long Island.... See how cathartic writing is? All of a sudden there is a lot more then my grief to be concerned about.
Oh and then there are the fairies and such...Oh my, even a light breeze catches their wings and turns them up side down....You really didn't think I'd sign off without at least trying to make you smile?

My Angel Emma

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peaceful Morning

The sound of silence. That is the sound of this morning up at my pond. It was a misty morn, perfect for the enchanted forest...Kind of a Halloweeny feeling :-) As FALL draws closer you can feel it coming, you can smell it in the air. It's my favorite season of all...Not that winter isn't wonderful with all it's frosty beauty...but you just can't beat the colorful quilt laid over the land.
My visiting family has headed home and I will miss them. I always have a delightful time  when they are around. Karen and I had a wonderful day shopping and singing our hearts out to ABBA and Krista was a big help with the animals as well as making me beautiful with nails and hair :-) My nails now glow in the dark and can light the path into the forest at night.
Please note the side bar of my blog there are some extraordinary give-a-ways, by some talented artistic crafters. I'm working on a give-a-way that I hope to post soon in an effort to get some more Bloggers and some interest in the Enchanted Forest of the Hidden Angel...It it my desire to bring some of the fantasy and beauty I see every day, into the lives of others...
I've been a little slow at it LOL but it's coming....So please keep coming back and sign up as a follower.
Happy fairy following.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exciting time

Seems every day is exciting to me in some small way. Guess I am just one of those people who is always happy to see another day. Yesterday brought smiles when I heard Emma calling Red..she hasn't been all that interested in him..perhaps because of the pain..maybe because of the pain killers, but yesterday  her sweet voice was music to my ears. She is still very lame in the one hind leg, but she is trying to walk more and seems to enjoy those hot soaks. I think I might try some holistic methods, it certainly couldn't hurt...the first will be burdock since it is so available (I normally hate that weed) heating the leaves and wrapping arthritic joints helps people..reduces swelling...how could it hurt?
Then Happy Mail came...It was the last quiltie in a swap that has gone on for 26 months. How's that for a successful swap? For 26 months we have made quilties depicting the letters of the alphabet..The quilties are 6" square and  each one was a work of art. I hope to get them into a book/books for others to enjoy. I will have to take some pictures and post them.
I did manage to get Karen's purse cut out yesterday, well most of it. Never saw anything quite like this..darn thing has like 60 pieces. Hopefully I will get time to make it. I do not do well with distractions and let me tell you...My DDIL (Ilove her) plays a game that has all sorts of noise, ditto for my DGD. Then we have three phones going off most of the day...each has it's sound, then we have text messages each having it's own sound...Gosh I'm glad I'm not that important...I have my cell phone with in in case of emergency...when I hear a voice the next thing I hear better be telling me who died or who is injured...I can't even imagine people tracking me down while on vacation to "chat"...really?
Let me share a pic of my Leanna...The doll Cherie sent to keep me smiling...and she sure does.
I'm off to make some sausage gravy and biscuits...not the healthiest breakfast, but my sons favorite and it's his last full day here...Wishing everyone a great day!

Note the pretty face and the broach  with a Butterfly (you  know it's mine)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A wonderful friend

This past week has not been an easy one for me, an animal lover BIG TIME. I found out my one Lab, a Chocolate named Punkin needs surgery . Scheduled for Monday, this alone has me worried. I've got a 30+ year old horse named Big Red who's time has come. I have been nursing a bad infection in his face..Even having a dentist pull some bad teeth hasn't helped much as far as his breathing...He's laboring and I love him enough to let him go. Then two days ago my younger horse Emma began to limp, I suspected foundering because the pasture is lush and rich in carbs because of all the rain. The vet today treated her for pain, she has an infection in her hooves (rear) that we are hoping was caught on time...
Meanwhile my dear friend Cherie caught wind of all that's going on in my life and felt a surprise was in order. She knew that next week would be difficult.
Yesterday a box arrived and silly me thought I miss a deadline for the sewing trays (the box would hold a tray) I didn't even notice the return address...All that was on my mind was that I've been so caught up in life that someone wasn't getting their tray on time. Low and behold I open the box and inside was this beautiful doll...I know it was made special for me  for several reasons...Mostly  the underneath color LOL Bet you can't guess what that would be.
I have full intentions of posting a picture of the beauty whose name is Leanna (meaning  'graceful willow').
What touched my heart was the thoughtfulness. This is a very busy lady and yet she anticipated a friends grief and tried to compensate . I have been truly blessed with friends I have made on different sites and in doing swaps. I few have gone above and beyond what anyone would anticipate from an on line friends...to be so connected that a person touches your heart is what friendship is about. I am one of the luckiest ladies I know. Some people come into your heart and stay forever...Cherie is one of them...Norma, Kai, Corrine, Cathy and Stef are 5 other angels who have brightened my life along the way. Thank you all !
Have to get  back to my family (they are visiting for the County Fair)...what a week to visit huh?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Shadow Walker Goes Home

You may remember the other day I had promised to post pic's of Ciera (Gaelic for dark) the goth doll that is now living with Kai (the home she was destined for).
I would like to explain Ciera and her companion and spirit guide, Sionnach (Gaelic for Fox). Sionnach also has a friend who travels with him... a tiny Butterfly (which you all know is me in disguise LOL).
All were born in the Enchanted Forest into a life I knew little about. Ciera is a Shadow Walker a spirit of the night . Her mission, along with other Shadow Walkers is to catch nightmares before they invade the dreams of humans. They have a success rate of 90% I'm told. Ciera uses a dream catch like some of her friends , while others use nets fashioned from spiderwebs.. You never see them because they are fast and wear cloaks of black satin sprinkled with moon dust. During the day, they reverse their cloak to purple and then sleep among the purple flowers, totally unseen. Did you ever walk in the woods and think you spied something from the corner of your eye? A fleeting shadow perhaps? It could have been a Shadow Walker.
So let me describe Ciera.. she is about 13" tall, dressed in black with a small about of purple (so she blends with the flowers and the shadows) Her dress has small crystals to add that little twinkle of moon light. In her left hand she caries a silver dream catcher and in her right she holds a leash connected to Sionnach. She has black fingernails fashioned from carefully cut drinking straws. She wears a silver chain especially designed for her (clasp and all) She wanted something symbolic, so she requested a Butterfly (her maker) from that hangs a cross to symbolize Faith (plus it's very GOTH), a heart to symbolize Kai's love of life , the people who love her and those she loves back, and an angel (which is my trademark charm) that tells Kai, Ciera was made for and Angel. She is pictured with her purple cloak and also in her night time black side. Sionnach is at her side in his bed and sitting on his bed is his companion Kalina (the butterfly).
Kai seemed quite thrilled and said she loves her. I hope you enjoyed the adventure of her existence.
Okay I just went to add the pic's and it wouldn't work so I will try another way...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Trumping Ciera

Ciera's debut has been trumped by  Pam and her match box vacation...
I was feeling a bit blue this morning having to leave one of my Labradors for test regarding surgery.
When Rich gave me a rather big box I was surprised, when I opened it I giggled and all Rich wanted to know was "What size matches came in that box ?" LOL
There was a lovely card from the Philadelphia Museum of Art..Pam explained my "vacation" where I could stay and what I would see. I will try and list all that was in the box, just so you realize why there was no way  she could use a regular Match Box.  A little packet of 12 mini Prints, a packet of 12 postcards, colonial coin and bank note, a framable parchment. poor Richards Almanack 1773, Hard cover book containing the Declaration of Independence, 2 Liberty Bell thimbles, 3 pencil sharpeners of three favorite  attractions..The liberty Bell, The Betsy Ross house and Independence Hall, a key chain of  Ben Franklin getting fried (that is funny), Bill of Rights pencil,.. a bunch of brochures that I would collect while visiting and a map of the city of Philadelphia. The icing on the cake was a beautiful little Betsy Ross doll. Pam painted the outside of the box and showed the State Flag in the cover (as seen in the pictures). It was a fabulous surprise and Pam really outdid herself...Thank you Pam and thank you Kai for a fun swap....
Ciera is going to live with Kai, but I did take lots of pic's which I will share tomorrow...

Is she cute or what ?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shadow Walkers

I truly did enjoy making my Goth doll. Didn't think I would because I didn't have a clue. Okay, maybe I had a little clue because my niece likes Goth, so I knew I could use black nails, pale make up and basically black and not go wrong. But I'm a happy person, I don't even own much black...my closet looks more like a grape vine then a mortuary. A few clicks of the old mouse and research began on the Goth culture...wow!! What a lesson. Nothing really applied to the enchanted forest...we all know that fairies and sprites are happy little critters.... However, if you've ever gone into the deep woods during the day, you know it's pretty dark in there.
I walk the woods in the morning sometimes and I could imagine in the deep early darkness, there very well could be "life" other then the usual fairies, wood spirits, trolls etc. This Goth swap opened up a whole new world for me in the Enchanted Forest. They are called Shadow Walkers and there are LOTS of them.
I'm sure they will come into play with each new tale that is told...beyond the storybook.
Ciera was very shy today and told me she may show herself to you tomorrow..Too late ...she will be in a box tomorrow, going to live with Kai. So she allowed me to take some pictures of her, which I will post tomorrow. I just read on Kai's blog that she is taking a break from e-mail so I doubt she will have time to check here and ruin her surprise...Actually I think Ciera is much prettier in person anyway.....
So look for her tomorrow..I am eager to see what you'll think of her. She is a first for me...but she won't be the last....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another tale of the Forest

I never paid much attention to the goings on in the Enchanted Forest after the sun went down... I see the little lanterns being carried about by the night fairies (you call them lightening bugs) I hear the sounds of chatter among the tiny spirits of the night (sounds a lot like crickets, but it's not)...but I never looked beyond a few feet from the house.
When I joined the Goth doll challenge I had no idea...I mean I've seen GOTH humans but really had no clue. Nixie my little water sprite said that there are "spirits of the darkness" , who knew? So off I went into the night to see what they are all about. I met Leila (meaning dark of night) and she explained that the spirits of darkness are  spirits of protection. They carry with them "dream catchers "made of silver and when ever a nightmare tries to make it's way into the mind of a sleeping human they catch it and destroy it (98% of the time, as I was told...nothing is fail safe) They travel with their animal spirit guide and they disappear deep within the forest during the day. No one ever sees them because they are dark and few people know they exist. I told Leila about my Goth swap and she smiled..it seems they started the Goth trend when a teenager happen to catch one. She offered to model for the doll and give me some insight along the way.
I tried to get some names translated by Kai because I wanted her doll to mean something in her culture...But Kai is a busy woman and this doll has been done and waiting to be sent for over a month... So Leila said I should seek a name within my own heritage. Ciera was born (name meaning Dark in Gaelic)..Since Kai liked the little fox who lives here in the Forest with me, I gave Ciera , Sionnach (mean FOX in Gaelic) Sionnach has a tiny little friend that flies with him...a Butterfly, that represents me. Leila provided me with the special fabric that the spirits use to make their cloaks...this is done to cover the sparkle in their clothing. The fabric does, itself, have sparkle...but it is moon dust and does not draw attention. During the day the cloak is reversed because no one knows where the spirits are and they are safe to play.
Ciera has taken on a life of her own. She is just full of mischief but soon she will be boxed up and go to live with Kai...so for now she can just be silly and enjoy the life Leila and I gave her....
I do not think I should have opened my Happy Mail in front of her however....she thinks someone sent HER a gift and she is on the run...I snapped this pic as she ran past me...Full pictures of Ciera  are coming soon...

Goth Doll Swap

So it's Friday...I had some minor surgery yesterday and I'm sitting here having a pity party. It's been a painful few weeks and yesterdays surgery was no exception. Minor as it was it involved two toes, one on each foot...local shot didn't work on one toe (shot often hurts worse then the procedure, so I say.."just do it"..I had my husband in tears. I opened my big mouth so I had to suck it up and deal...OUCH!!! Felt like the doc was tearing part of my toenail out by the root...Oh wait, that's what he WAS doing.
Anyway I'm sitting here, longing for some contact with the outside world...I mean living in the Enchanted Forest with wood sprites, trolls, fairies etc....is fun and very interesting...but I'm cranky with pain and I want Happy Mail.
Suddenly Rich walks in and hollers "Special delivery", I sprang from my seat...too heck with the painful feet...Happy Mail rules!!! Inside I find this Beautiful card from Jennifer saying "when I think Goth, Zombie came to mind"..the box was filled with little treasures; two fat quarters, a doll hat, two doll faces, a delightful little altered jar and yes...a little Zombie. Hubby looked and said "what's with you gals and dead dolls?"
Thank you Jen, the timing was perfect and thank you Kai for an interesting  doll swap...oh ...wait.. what the heck??? Ciera is on the move and she has the Zombie in her arms.....stay tuned.....
Below is a picture of the treasures and a close up of the Zombie...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guess who is baaaack

WOW!! It seems like forever. I have been down on Long Island all this time. Of course it had to heat record breaking temps while I was there. That and the humidity grrrr I had to wear a head band  or deal with sweat in my eyes. Tripped over my own to feet , hit my shoulder and bent my pinky back...so I started my cleaning rampage as a wounded Kathie...Never let it be said that I allow things to get too dull. Early Sunday morning I got flipped out of my air mattress (don't even ask) while sound asleep...clobbered my head, full force on a 1950's chrome trimmed chair at the same time whacking my hip on an old claw footed table...aside from being wedged between the mattress and the only two pieces of furniture in the room...I've got knee's I can't put pressure on...Oh it was delightful and I'm sure quite the comical scene (I must admit to laughing at myself).. I came home to Rich with a split opened ear, a very large bump on the side of my head and a huge black and blue on my leg..other then that...I'm as perfect as always LMAO!!!
the good news is that I did a lot  while I was there..not just cleaning but also crafting. Amazing how much you can do when you have no TV, No computer and you leave your Kindle at home...I was reading receipts I was so desperate.
I made and redesigned a bunch of stuff that slowly I will share...Since I did not send out my doll yet...I was hoping on some translation (don't ask) from Kai...I really don't want to post a picture of her...However , I can show you her face because it's the entire doll that truly tells the story. I also finished  another swap...We were supposed to take and 8X10 picture frame and make a sewing tray...My frame ended up 10X13, I used spools but different from what others did and I added spool "feet" on the tray...I was looking for Shabby Chic and think it all worked...I worked a pocket into the quilt pattern to hold buttons and a cute gold scissor...Threads are tied on a ribbon and the strawberry pin cushion is also removable...It's crackle glazed and I'm happy with it.
I also finished my Match Box Vacation...I started the trip at my home where my partner got to have her own guest suit...bedroom, sitting room and bath. She explored my property and then we visited NY City and all it had to over...Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Wall Street...we even took a handsome cab...Then we went to my Long Island house, got an oyster shell from Oyster bay, saw the Long Island Duck and the Light house...She finished her vacation with a trip over Bear Mountain bridge, Niagara falls and a visit to a local goat farm (where she got goat milk soap from) and a local Maple syrup house (where she got maple syrup) It was a fun project to decorate the match box with the four seasons I love and then mag a fabric sack to hold  everything, including a matchbook picture book of her trip and an I LOVE NY candy jar filled with butterscotch. I will be posting my "vacation" as soon as it arrives...meanwhile I'll show you  a pic of what I sent.
So all in all it has been an exciting, if not a bit painful, trip. I'm back and looking forward to dedicating more time to this Blog as well as to the things I hope to make and or finish. Keep smiling :-)