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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shadow Walkers

I truly did enjoy making my Goth doll. Didn't think I would because I didn't have a clue. Okay, maybe I had a little clue because my niece likes Goth, so I knew I could use black nails, pale make up and basically black and not go wrong. But I'm a happy person, I don't even own much black...my closet looks more like a grape vine then a mortuary. A few clicks of the old mouse and research began on the Goth culture...wow!! What a lesson. Nothing really applied to the enchanted forest...we all know that fairies and sprites are happy little critters.... However, if you've ever gone into the deep woods during the day, you know it's pretty dark in there.
I walk the woods in the morning sometimes and I could imagine in the deep early darkness, there very well could be "life" other then the usual fairies, wood spirits, trolls etc. This Goth swap opened up a whole new world for me in the Enchanted Forest. They are called Shadow Walkers and there are LOTS of them.
I'm sure they will come into play with each new tale that is told...beyond the storybook.
Ciera was very shy today and told me she may show herself to you tomorrow..Too late ...she will be in a box tomorrow, going to live with Kai. So she allowed me to take some pictures of her, which I will post tomorrow. I just read on Kai's blog that she is taking a break from e-mail so I doubt she will have time to check here and ruin her surprise...Actually I think Ciera is much prettier in person anyway.....
So look for her tomorrow..I am eager to see what you'll think of her. She is a first for me...but she won't be the last....

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  1. Shadow Walkers...very real stuff there in Enchantment Land, for sure. I'm looking forward to your reveal! Hey, you've a better picture than I have on my blog, but just know I love it! The jar is broken, but the candies are still being eaten!!! Thank you very much...hope you approve of my post!!!