A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Forest returns to normal

It is difficult to be sad when surrounded by such beauty. Not to mention silly little creatures flying about and animals needing attention. To live in hearts we leave behind , is not to die. Emma lives on in all the hearts that knew and loved her.
Thank you Norma and to those who sent notes of sympathy. Your kind thoughts were appreciated.
The Forest has been a busy place..A bit fragmented but busy. There are fruits to can and gifts to make and a show to prepare for. Will I ever catch up? Does anyone catch up? It seems that most artsy type people are always involved in more then they should be....Oh  how I wish I could be as organized as my friend Norma...now there is a lady who seems to always have her act together. Not only does she keep her own stuff straight but she watches over all of us as well LOL Posting little reminders and lord knows I'd be lost with out her and Cherie keeping track of swap dates. I really do have to get more organized. I keep saying that and one day it will happen...Now where the heck is that purse pattern? Oh and did anyone see my camera battery charger...? I'd like to take some pictures of what I've been doing...Those little Trolls must be at it again...always hiding stuff on me. If I can get one of them to cough up that charger I may actually have some pictures ...soon...promise.

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