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Friday, August 5, 2011

Goth Doll Swap

So it's Friday...I had some minor surgery yesterday and I'm sitting here having a pity party. It's been a painful few weeks and yesterdays surgery was no exception. Minor as it was it involved two toes, one on each foot...local shot didn't work on one toe (shot often hurts worse then the procedure, so I say.."just do it"..I had my husband in tears. I opened my big mouth so I had to suck it up and deal...OUCH!!! Felt like the doc was tearing part of my toenail out by the root...Oh wait, that's what he WAS doing.
Anyway I'm sitting here, longing for some contact with the outside world...I mean living in the Enchanted Forest with wood sprites, trolls, fairies etc....is fun and very interesting...but I'm cranky with pain and I want Happy Mail.
Suddenly Rich walks in and hollers "Special delivery", I sprang from my seat...too heck with the painful feet...Happy Mail rules!!! Inside I find this Beautiful card from Jennifer saying "when I think Goth, Zombie came to mind"..the box was filled with little treasures; two fat quarters, a doll hat, two doll faces, a delightful little altered jar and yes...a little Zombie. Hubby looked and said "what's with you gals and dead dolls?"
Thank you Jen, the timing was perfect and thank you Kai for an interesting  doll swap...oh ...wait.. what the heck??? Ciera is on the move and she has the Zombie in her arms.....stay tuned.....
Below is a picture of the treasures and a close up of the Zombie...

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