A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peaceful Morning

The sound of silence. That is the sound of this morning up at my pond. It was a misty morn, perfect for the enchanted forest...Kind of a Halloweeny feeling :-) As FALL draws closer you can feel it coming, you can smell it in the air. It's my favorite season of all...Not that winter isn't wonderful with all it's frosty beauty...but you just can't beat the colorful quilt laid over the land.
My visiting family has headed home and I will miss them. I always have a delightful time  when they are around. Karen and I had a wonderful day shopping and singing our hearts out to ABBA and Krista was a big help with the animals as well as making me beautiful with nails and hair :-) My nails now glow in the dark and can light the path into the forest at night.
Please note the side bar of my blog there are some extraordinary give-a-ways, by some talented artistic crafters. I'm working on a give-a-way that I hope to post soon in an effort to get some more Bloggers and some interest in the Enchanted Forest of the Hidden Angel...It it my desire to bring some of the fantasy and beauty I see every day, into the lives of others...
I've been a little slow at it LOL but it's coming....So please keep coming back and sign up as a follower.
Happy fairy following.....

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