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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another tale of the Forest

I never paid much attention to the goings on in the Enchanted Forest after the sun went down... I see the little lanterns being carried about by the night fairies (you call them lightening bugs) I hear the sounds of chatter among the tiny spirits of the night (sounds a lot like crickets, but it's not)...but I never looked beyond a few feet from the house.
When I joined the Goth doll challenge I had no idea...I mean I've seen GOTH humans but really had no clue. Nixie my little water sprite said that there are "spirits of the darkness" , who knew? So off I went into the night to see what they are all about. I met Leila (meaning dark of night) and she explained that the spirits of darkness are  spirits of protection. They carry with them "dream catchers "made of silver and when ever a nightmare tries to make it's way into the mind of a sleeping human they catch it and destroy it (98% of the time, as I was told...nothing is fail safe) They travel with their animal spirit guide and they disappear deep within the forest during the day. No one ever sees them because they are dark and few people know they exist. I told Leila about my Goth swap and she smiled..it seems they started the Goth trend when a teenager happen to catch one. She offered to model for the doll and give me some insight along the way.
I tried to get some names translated by Kai because I wanted her doll to mean something in her culture...But Kai is a busy woman and this doll has been done and waiting to be sent for over a month... So Leila said I should seek a name within my own heritage. Ciera was born (name meaning Dark in Gaelic)..Since Kai liked the little fox who lives here in the Forest with me, I gave Ciera , Sionnach (mean FOX in Gaelic) Sionnach has a tiny little friend that flies with him...a Butterfly, that represents me. Leila provided me with the special fabric that the spirits use to make their cloaks...this is done to cover the sparkle in their clothing. The fabric does, itself, have sparkle...but it is moon dust and does not draw attention. During the day the cloak is reversed because no one knows where the spirits are and they are safe to play.
Ciera has taken on a life of her own. She is just full of mischief but soon she will be boxed up and go to live with Kai...so for now she can just be silly and enjoy the life Leila and I gave her....
I do not think I should have opened my Happy Mail in front of her however....she thinks someone sent HER a gift and she is on the run...I snapped this pic as she ran past me...Full pictures of Ciera  are coming soon...

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